Tesla's FSD and Autopilot are working without an internet connection, and it goes to show what Elon Musk wants for the future of autonomy, especially with it to need no sort of connections whatsoever. However, that being said, versions and updates are still distributed over the air, and it would be intended for that purpose only.

The Safety focus of Tesla is massive, and it has looked for options to look at possible changes that would improve its features, as well as bring its updates for online releases. The latest version, 10.2 of the Tesla FSD beta, has been distributed to the rightful owners with high-ranking safety scores, bringing the latest version of the feature.

Elon Musk: Autonomous Vehicles Need No Internet to Work

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that autonomous vehicles "must" work without an internet connection, and this says a lot about what he sees in the future of the vehicle industry. However, it also seems like a challenge or statement among those in the industry, as a lot have bordered on an internet connection, even outside the self-driving business.

Autonomous driving features like the FSD, Autopilot, Alphabet's Waymo, General Motors' Cruise, and other features should need no internet connection for it to work, in general. This was stated by Musk, and sure, navigation needs internet and, of course, hailing a ride from robotaxis, but the driving part of it should be independent of the connection.

This only shows that the CEO is concerned of the different trends in motor vehicles and its features as it gets integrated on the streets.

It may be so that he is talking about that the main system of autonomy like driving the car through the streets and traffic should need no internet for it to work, especially with it focusing on its sensors and control of the vehicle.

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Tesla FSD, Autopilot Working Without Internet?

For a car to be truly autonomous, it should not rely on any form of internet connection to help a vehicle move and go places, even without human intervention. GPS can be downloaded and updated through a car's infotainment system, but that does not mean that it needs to be reliant on an internet connection for it to work.

The Q3 2020 earnings report by Tesla, as presented by Elon Musk, has shared his initial opinions about autonomous driving features to have no internet. Here, the CEO said that it does not need it, as it navigates the streets and roads for a driver.

The Tesla FSD and Autopilot could work without the need for any network connections, may it be WiFi or cellular data (3G, 4G LTE, 5G).

Tesla's Autonomy for EVs

Autonomy for EVs has been two correlated things, as these EVs have electric motors that can easily be controlled using engineering that has massive correlations. Unlike traditional cars that are more mechanical with their engines, these EVs have motors and the latest technology for their functions.

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