The U.S. hypersonic development program has arrived and is now planning to conduct a total of 40 tests. Now, the nation was able to successfully complete one of its tests for the country's new weapon system. 

Hypersonic missiles are already being used by the U.S. Navy, Russia, as well as China. Recently, the Asian country also tested its new hypersonic space nukes. However, it still denied this alleged defense activity. 

Because of this, many critics claimed that the nuclear-weapon activities of China might have triggered the sudden shift of the United States. But, this is still mere speculation.

"The Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) and the Army Hypersonic Program Office (AHPO) successfully conducted a High Operational Tempo for Hypersonics flight campaign on October 20, 2021," said the U.S. Navy via its official website

US Hypersonic Missile Program's Importance

According to The Defense Post's latest report, the U.S. Navy's latest test shows the capabilities, prototype systems, and other essential details of the advanced hypersonic missile tech in a more realistic environment. 

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Right now, most of these war weapons are designed to fly more than five times the speed of sound or Mach 5. Aside from this, hypersonic rockets are also more advanced compared to ballistic missiles since operators or military personnel can easily control them to reach their targets. 

This just shows that the United States is still enhancing the country's defense capabilities, especially since other giant nations are also improving their weapons. 

In other news, various experts said that the U.S. Navy's upcoming ray gun could arrive this 2023. On the other hand, Israel is also making defense efforts of its own, including the use of a remote-controlled AI-powered machine gun.  

U.S. Navy Hypersonic Missile's Other Details 

The Maritime Executive reported that the United States mounted its first hypersonic missile to the top of a booster to achieve the Mach 5 speed. 

During the recent activity, the advanced rocket had an unpredictable flight path after it returned to Earth. Since this is the case, the Navy still needs to do some tests to observe the development of its new weapons system. 

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