Apple allegedly tried to remove Facebook, as well as Instagram, from its official Apple App Store. Various critics claimed that the giant iPhone maker considered the popular apps' removal two years ago. 

Apple Tries To Remove Facebook, Instagram? New Leaked Documents Reveal FB Possibly Allows Maid Abuses
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Now, new documents were leaked, saying Apple allegedly wanted to ban FB and IG from its app platform because the giant social media platform of Mark Zuckerberg is accused of allowing human trades, especially with maids in the Mideast. 

As of the moment, Facebook is facing various issues with its platform service. This includes the claims of the recent Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, saying that FB's virtual ecosystem is toxic for teenage girls. 

On the other hand, another issue, which revolves around FB's failure to fight election interference from happening in some countries, arose after another Facebook whistleblower appeared. 

Apple Tries To Remove Facebook and Instagram? 

According to Entrepreneur Asia Pacific's latest report, experts were able to get access to some internal documents, which state that the giant social media platform was recently under-enforcing abusive activities around its users, especially with Filipina maids. 

Apple Tries To Remove Facebook, Instagram? New Leaked Documents Reveal FB Possibly Allows Maid Abuses
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One hundred cardboard cutouts of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stand outside the US Capitol in Washington, DC, April 10, 2018. - Advocacy group Avaaz is calling attention to what the groups says are hundreds of millions of fake accounts still spreading disinformation on Facebook. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP)

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Meanwhile, Associated Press reported the social media platform confirmed its crackdown against the maid trade posts on the website. 

However, AP also explained that FB's countermeasures are not enough since maid trading activities on the platform are still active. 

Experts claimed that some posts featuring various photos of maids being traded in the Mideast are still on the platform. 

Facebook Allows Maid Trades in Its Platform? 

AP explained that if consumers searched for the words "maids" and "khamida" in Arabic, they would see posts featuring some images of South Asians and Africans. 

Experts added that these images even have prices beside them, which hints that they are being traded off. 

"In our investigation, domestic workers frequently complained to their recruitment agencies of being locked in their homes, starved, forced to extend their contracts indefinitely, unpaid, and repeatedly sold to other employers without their consent," said one of the leaked Facebook documents. 

As of the moment, the accusations against Facebook are still rumors since FB hasn't released any statement about it. 

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