Apple Drone Could be in Works After Patent Applications Spotted | 'Unmanned Aerial Vehicles'
(Photo : Image from Dose Media on Unsplash) Apple Drone Could be in Works After Patent Applications Spotted | 'Unmanned Aerial Vehicles'

An Apple drone could come to life as a new patent application was just spotted. As per the patent, Apple is applying for an "unmanned aerial vehicle" or UAV.

Apple Patent Application

A certain patent application that was published suggested that a new Apple drone could be in the works as per DroneDJ. It was noted that two further drone-related patent applications have just been revealed, with the original filings suggesting that Apple was trying to keep the project a secret.

According to the story by 9to5mac, patent applications are a matter of public record. Of course, it was noted that certain people are now making a habit of scouring those that Apple filed in an attempt to get a juicy new steer on the potential upcoming products.

Filing with the United States Patent & Trademark Office

As of the moment, it seems like Apple has tried to hide these applications. There are reportedly two ways that the Cupertino giant can achieve this. The first would be to possibly delay publishing a certain patent application until after it was finally made. The second way is to file for applications outside the United States.

As an American company, it was noted that Apple usually applies to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office or USPTO. This is usually where most people look for clues as to upcoming products. Just recently, Apple has decided to remove its Face ID disablement if iPhone 13 users choose to get third-party repairs.

Patents Filed in the US

However, patent applications that are made in other countries are a little less likely to be spotted. It was noted by Patently Apple that the company had initially filed for the Apple drone patent applications in Singapore instead of the U.S.

Both of the patents, however, have also been filed in the United States. The first patent relates to certain methods of pairing and unpairing certain drones to controllers. It was noted that it was written in the usual "past tense."

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Apple Drone Disclaimer

It still appears to be describing a method of control of a drone that is being handed from one controller to another potentially while still maintaining flight. The second reportedly relates to controlling the drone through the use of a cellular network.

The article by 9to5mac still included a disclaimer noting that some Apple patents that have been for a number of different products might still not make it to the market. It was stated that the company actually says no a lot compared to the rare occasion of it saying yes.

The publication noted that all and the same, it would be quite a fairly logical product category for Apple to be exploring. This is due to Apple's iPhones and Macs having a key focus on photography and videography. Apple has also hired ex-employees of Tesla to work on the upcoming Apple Car.

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