Rivian is a starting company, and this can be seen with the volume of its 2021 production that only lists 1,015 electric vehicles for users, and this already exceeded the expectation of the company. The famous EV company has an overwhelming order of more than 150,000 electric vehicles for its R1T electric pickup for 2022. 

Rivian's 2021 EV Production Brought 1,015 EVs Only

Rivian R1T
(Photo : Rivian)

Rivian's 2021 Shareholder's release reported only 920 vehicles to produce by the end of 2021 and it differs from the hundred thousand deliveries made by competing companies, including Tesla. However, a report from the company said that it exceeded expectations by producing 95 more vehicles, having a total of 1,015 cars by 2021's end. 

The figures may be small, but Rivian is already seeing this as a massive win as it aims to focus on its production this 2022 so that it may deliver on the promised dates stated in a forum. According to Tech Crunch, Rivian's initial target was at 1,200 vehicles, but certain challenges were met by the company on their manufacturing and other factors.

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Rivian 2022: Needs More Than Hundred Thousand to Deliver

Rivian's 2022 faces massive pre-orders from its supporters and fans, all those wanting the R1T electric pickup and using it for either family, adventure, or a personal vehicle. Rivian has at least 150,000 pre-orders on its website now, and the company initially closed it off due to the massive demands of the public wanting the said pickup.

2022 is a new year, and by this time, Rivian may be able to deliver on its promises. 

Rivian's Electric Vehicle Production, Reservations, and Popularity

In mid-September, Rivian already released its first electric vehicle to the public, and it is with the 2021 Rivian R1T pickup, one of the earliest electric trucks in the market. However, the catch then was that it was only available to pre-orders, and people wanting to purchase one would have to join the waitlist and a later date for its deliveries. 

The Amazon and Ford-backed company is known for boasting about the performance of the electric pickup, saying that it can handle as much as the ICE cars it succeeded. The videos showing the capabilities of the Rivian pickup are out of this world and it truly shows the R1T's capabilities in handling dirt roads and steep climbs. 

Electric vehicles can also perform like their gas-powered counterparts and that is a massive thing as the world transitions to clean energy power. Rivian's 2021 production may be low, but the company aims to deliver on its reservations as early as the first and second quarter of 2021, meaning that it would soon amp up its production this 2022. 

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