The month of January, overall, has been a busy one in the tech world given Microsoft unveiling a number of new Windows 10 features and President Barack Obama putting national cybersecurity in the spotlight.

This week ahead, as the month closes out, promises to be just as busy thanks to new games arriving and tech vendor earning reports.

1. Chinese Authorities To Inspect iPhone 6

Apple has given Chinese authorities permission to run a number of tests on its iPhone and iOS software in an attempt to quell accusations from the Chinese government that Apple and a number of other large U.S. tech companies are building technologies in the handsets to spy on the Chinese government.

The move is a smart one for Apple, with China being the company's largest mobile device market. Apple has also agreed that the Chinese government can look into Macs and iPads.

2. Dying Light to be Released to Major Gaming Platforms

Dying Light is a zombie-filled thriller of a game developed by Techland and set to be released in the U.S. on Jan. 27.

The game is one of the more anticipated video games of 2015 and will be released to all major gaming platforms, including the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, PC, SteamOS and even Linux.

3. More Details on Google's Mobile Service Intentions

The latest news headlines have Google signing a contract with Sprint to launch its own mobile virtual network operations, though neither Sprint nor Google has formally commented on such reports.,

It would be a natural step for the search company as it already competes with the country's top carriers via its Google Fiber.

4. New Borderlands: Pre-Sequel DLC to be Released Jan. 27

The third downloadable content pack for Borderlands will be released this week, called 'Lady Hammerlock Pack.' The pack gives gamers the ability to play as Aurelia, Sir Hammerlock's sister, who also happens to be the heir to the Hammerlock fortune. She comes with a new action skill, called Cold as Ice.

Rumor has it the third Borderlands is in the wings for release.

5. Tech Companies to Report Earnings for 4Q 2014

Tech companies will begin reporting earnings for the end of 2014 this week. Microsoft will be among the first to report and analysts are expecting robust figures and healthy revenue stats given the last six out of eight quarters. There could also be more insight and talk on Windows 10, which the software company is busy developing for debut later this year.

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