A deep friendship is developed between an owner and his dog. A friendship that speaks of loyal companionship, a friendship that lasts through different circumstances and brings heartwarming surprises in their daily lives.

One little dog proved that size and distance is not a hindrance when you miss someone you love. Sissy, an 11-year old miniature Schnauzer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa trekked all the way from her home to Mercy Medical Center, which is 20 blocks away, to visit her owner Nancy Franck. Now that's what you call determination and tenacity!

"She wanted to go see her mom. She was on a mission but she couldn't find the right elevator to take," Dale Franck, Nancy's husband, said. 

Dale had been taking care of Sissy and her miniature Schnauzer brother, Barney, at home while Nancy was in the hospital for two weeks recovering from surgery. At about 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dale noticed Sissy was missing and started to worry and look for her, afraid that the little dog might not be able to find her way back home.

Little did he know she had gone out on a mission. Four hours later Dale got a call from the hospital informing him they found his dog wandering about in the lobby.

"We looked up and there was this dog that was just running across the lobby," says Samantha Conrad, a Mercy Medical Security officer.

She found Dale's information on Sissy's tag and immediately called to let him know she was safe.

Relieved with the news, Dale sent his daughter to pick Sissy up but not before visiting Nancy in her room. The hospital allowed Sissy to accomplish her mission even if it was just for a few minutes.

Overjoyed with the surprise, Nancy wondered at first how her daughter sneaked Sissy into the hospital. Imagine how amazed she was when she was told that Sissy had snuck herself in!

Nancy and Dale are happy that Sissy is safe but the mystery remains how she found her way to the hospital even though she had never been there.

One theory is that perhaps Sissy became familiar with the area since she came along with the family when Nancy got dropped off for work at the Hall Perrine Cancer Center, next door to the hospital.

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