We've seen a number of Star Wars-inspired drones over the last few years, but there is just something about seeing a miniature TIE Interceptor flying across the night sky that puts all the others to shame.

It helps that the TIE Interceptor is a badass spacecraft to begin with. Unlike the cannon fodder that are the TIE Fighters, the Interceptors are reserved for the Empire's most elite pilots.

Sleek and deadly, seeing these ships flash across the screen instantly tells the viewer that the Empire means business.

This drone captures the TIE Interceptor's personality perfectly. Creator Olivier C, already known for his Millennium Falcon drone, equipped this lean machine with LED lights for thrusters and pulsating orange bulbs to mimic the ship's blasters. The drone looks great during the day, but at night, with the moon shining in the background, it looks downright real. You can check out a step-by-step photo album of the drone's creation here.

And here are his two Star Wars creations, side-by-side.

Oliver has already crafted the most iconic spacecraft in the galaxy and the empire's deadliest fighter, so what's next? He says he plans on creating yet another Star Wars inspired drone, but isn't saying what it will be quite yet. His only hint so far is "Run and hide, you puny little Ewoks." Perhaps it will be a fully-functional, miniature AT-ST? We can only hope.

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