Google+ Twitter Account Sends Out #firstTweet Four Years After Creation: Ho-hum, Now What?


Google+ has posted its first tweet, with the account suddenly coming alive after being dormant for almost four years since it was created.

Nearly every important product of Google maintains its own account on Twitter to keep users updated with news, tips and random tidbits, with accounts held by Android, Google Drive and the Nexus devices, among others.

As such, it is a surprise that Google+ even has its own Twitter account, as Google's social network has not been able to catch on to users at the same pace that Facebook has been increasing its user base.

Out of nowhere, the Twitter account of Google+ sent out its first tweet, stating: "Hello Twitterverse! Can we get some love for our #firstTweet?"

The Google+ Twitter account did not stop there, as it also replied to several users that tweeted to the account with messages of its own, accompanied by GIFs.

The question that everyone is asking is why now? Why did Google+ suddenly send out its first tweet after almost four years of dormancy?

There has been very little development on Google+ since the product's former vice president, Vic Gundotra, resigned from his position in Google. Most of the news regarding Google+ has been focused on the popular and excellent photos service of Google+, with certain rumors claiming that Google is planning to slip Google+ into separate products.

Perhaps a signal of the impending split is the decision of Google to split the leadership for three services that used to fall under Google+, with leaders appointed for "stream," which is the social network experience of Google+, photos, and the Hangouts communications service.

The split up leadership has not led to any major changes to Google+, but with Google's annual I/O developer conference coming up in less than one month, perhaps the move of Google+ to revive its Twitter account is a prelude to a bigger announcement that is coming.

In October 2014, Google said that it has 300 million active users per month on Google+. However, a report by a digital marketing agency claimed that there was only 111 million active users per month on the social network. That number is very small compared to the 1.44 billion active users per month on Facebook.

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