We're less than a month away from the premiere of the highly-anticipated new anime series Dragon Ball Super in Japan. Luckily, new details about the series seem to be constantly emerging these days — enough to whet our appetites before we actually get to see the show.

Earlier this week, the official website for Dragon Ball Super revealed promo art featuring some new characters in the series. Now we finally know a little bit more about one of those mysterious newbies on the show.

One of the new characters added to the Dragon Ball canon is named Shanpa, according to Anime News Network. He's the larger purple cat to the right of the villain we already know and hate, Beerus.

Here is a better look at Shanpa.

As you can see, Shanpa just looks like a larger version of Beerus, who was introduced in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and who also appears in the new film Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. It was revealed earlier this week that Dragon Ball Super will be connected to the latest Dragon Ball film.

Shanpa doesn't just resemble Beerus. Like Beerus and Whis, who is another villain returning for Dragon Ball Super, Shanpa's name is also inspired by an alcoholic beverage. "Shanpa" sounds like the start of the Japanese word for "champagne," according to iDigitalTimes.

We don't really know much else about Shanpa right now, but Toei Animation Europe's website recently revealed that Dragon Ball Super will have 100 episodes, as originally reported by Anime News Network, so that's enough to distract us from the fact that we still don't know too much about this mysterious new character. However, the official Japanese website for the series has not yet confirmed the number of episodes.

Dragon Ball Super premieres July 5 at 9 a.m. on Fuji TV in Japan.

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