Bungie Reveals New Rewards For Dedicated 'Destiny' Fans


To put it delicately, Bungie's one-year anniversary celebration for Destiny hasn't exactly gone smoothly. At first, it looked like everything would be fine: Bungie would be releasing a Collector's Edition of the game, complete with all of the game's DLC — including the upcoming expansion, The Taken King.

That's when things started falling apart. At first, it seemed as if Bungie would force players to re-buy the game for $40 just to get the new DLC. Then the studio started backtracking, which was followed by fans complaining that their loyalty wasn't being rewarded. As expected, Bungie fired back with a few quick rewards, following up with a promise that more was on the way. Despite this, many hardcore Destiny fans were still unconvinced that Bungie would actually reward players who had stuck with the game for an entire year.

Now, in honor of its annual Bungie Day celebration, the Destiny team is finally ready to show loyal players what to expect for the Year-One celebration... though it's probably not what most players were anticipating. It's not a ship, it's not a gun — it isn't anything really tangible.

The reward is one that players will have to earn: the emblem above is available only to those who complete Bungie's "Moments of Triumph." After completing 10 specific goals, the emblem is unlocked — the caveat is that players only have a limited amount of time to complete these tasks before the emblem is locked away for good.

The Moments of Triumph are as follows:

Apprentice of Light: Reach level 20
Light of the Garden: Finish the Black Garden mission
Light in the Soul: Finish The Dark Below story
Light of the Reef: Finish the House of Wolves story
Bane of Skolas: Defeat Prison of Elders on hard
Bane of Atheon: Finish the Vault of Glass raid on hard
Bane of Crota: Finish the Crota's End raid on hard
Public Servant: Complete 50 public events
Crucible Gladiator: Win 100 Crucible matches
Chest Hunter: Find all 20 golden chests

Players have until September 9 – Destiny's one-year anniversary – to complete the Moments of Triumph. After that, the emblem is gone... forever.

Sure, the emblem's not quite as practical as something like a modified gun or a new Sparrow, but it's a nice token of honor for those who have stuck with Destiny and conquered its toughest foes.

Again, players have from now until September 9 to complete the ten Moments of Triumph — otherwise, say goodbye to the specialized emblem. For more information on Bungie's Year-One celebration, head on over to the team's official site.

Destiny's next expansion, The Taken King, is set for release one week later on September 15.

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