Get in touch with your inner '80s gamer geek with the retro games of yesteryear. The ZX Spectrum is back with a vengeance and it has over 1,000 games to play on your TV with a nostalgic retro-style controller sans the tape deck and lengthy load times.

Following a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, Retro Computers began production of The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega, supported by Sir Clive Sinclair and Chris Smith, a former Spectrum developer.

Sir Clive Sinclair's original Spectrum products were hugely successful in their heyday in the 1980s. According to Andy Pearson of Fun Stock Retro, the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum was the most important innovation to come out of the UK video gaming industry and featured hundreds upon thousands of games in its catalog.

"Engineered based on (and incorporating) original components, the VEGA is not pretending to be a ZX Spectrum, it IS a ZX Spectrum," he exclaimed on the retro gaming site.

The new ZX Spectrum brings back 1,000 of those games and gives gamers the ability to load their own legally downloaded games via SD card. You can also play games you have created yourself and play on any TV connected to the controller with a USB port for power and an AV cable.

The controller is already button-mapped to the games included out of the box and players also have the option of using a built-in virtual keyboard.

The new system will be available starting Aug. 24 and will retail for about $156 or 99.99 pounds in the U.K.

That's all you need to get started playing the old retro classics of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. The list of games available include classic '80s games such as Knight Lore and Back to Skool as well as Ultimate Play the Game titles such as Jetpac and Atic Atac. A complete list of the 1,000 games that come preinstalled in the retro controller can be found on Fun Stock Retro's website.

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