More cases of the West Nile Virus (WNV) are being reported, since the first reported death caused by the virus last month.

In Jackson County two dead birds, along with nine groups of mosquitoes were found to be infected with WNV. Oregon State University specialists established the virus was existent in a scrub jay on Aug. 12 west of Central Point and in the northeast Medford area on July 20.

James Lunders, District biologist at Jackson County Vector Control, said they noticed that WNV has been showing up earlier than it typically does this year. Three clusters of mosquitoes that were trapped on Aug. 18 at the outskirts of Eagle Point and Talent verified WNV-positive. According to health officials majority of people who are infected with the virus do not get sick, but some could progress to a minor flu-like indications.

Another new case reported and confirmed was in Pima County in Arizona. Reports say that an older woman was infected and is still in the hospital, and that the West Nile Virus (WNV) may have caused the death of another elderly earlier this month.

The West Nile Virus is carried by mosquitoes who feasted on infected birds. It is transmitted to humans who get bitten by the carrier mosquito. Researchers say that a type of mosquito called Culex is more prone to transmit such virus, and that during mid to late summer when the temperature is hotter and dryer is the best time for this virus to develop. In 2014, 24 cases but no fatalities were recorded.

The good news is, most people infected by this virus will have no symptoms and about 1 in 5 infected will show symptoms of the said virus and less than 1 percent will develop a grave or fatal illness.

However, it is still best to prevent this virus from spreading. Remove and drain any stagnant water around your house; ensure that your doors and windows have screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home; and for further measures, use insect repellents to prevent mosquitoes from roving your house.

If you suspect any symptoms like fever, convulsion, muscle weakness, vision loss or numbness, you need to consult a professional for further treatment.

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