At today's much-awaited Apple event, the company announced many updates to Apple TV, with one of the most significant of these a new operating system built specifically for the living room – Apple's tvOS. This comes as a surprise to many who didn't expect Apple to be running a separate OS for its TV arm.

Adding to the already updated features that come with the new Apple TV – a new touch-sensitive remote, polished UI, compatibility with Siri to find TV shows and movies, and the inclusion of Apple Music and the App Store – tvOS also caters to the community of 11 million developers to build apps specifically for TV. Big-time content companies Netflix, HBO GO, and Hulu all have redone apps as well.

Apple isn't even close to done just there. The tvOS also offers support for games such as the new Guitar Hero, Shadowmatic and Disney Infinity, in addition to a hoard of small-time games.

(Photo : Apple)

The OS also adds apps like AirBnB and Zillow and online e-tailer GILT to its roster. Finally, there is also an MLB app specifically designed for the operating system, sending users live updates on at-bats and big plays, and a split-screen mode to watch multiple games. The NHL Game Center, too, is coming in 2016.

The beta for tvOS is out today, and the operating system will be available on Apple TV starting late October.

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