Hello Games has announced disappointing news, saying that the demo launch for No Man's Sky at the GameCity Festival has been postponed. However, the video game developer is set for another event at Sony's Paris Games Week on Oct. 27, which is causing people to speculate that it will unveil the full pricing and official release date of the long awaited space exploration title there.

According to rumors, Hello Games had to postpone its demo at GameCity Festival in preparation for the Paris Games Week. When the video developer released an official statement, it didn't really say much, leaving the rumors alone.

"We realise how disappointing this news is for fans of both the game and the festival, but we hope they can take some comfort in the fact that No Man's Saturday WILL be being rescheduled for a later date," Hello Games says on the GameCity Festival website.

Getting back to the alleged unveiling date, rumors started to get out of hand thanks to Amazon, as the retail firm sent out emails to consumers who preordered No Man's Sky that said that their orders would arrive at their doorsteps on Oct. 28.

Redditors were quick to dedicate a thread about Amazon's flop, revealing the content of the follow-up email they received.

"That e-mail was sent by mistake. We still haven't been given a release date for this item by the publisher. You'll receive another e-mail from us soon to confirm that we don't have a release date yet," Redditor Cletus_Banjo posted.

Other Reddit users also pointed out that the shipping dates for their orders are still intact on their Amazon accounts.

There are two ways to go about this: either Amazon really committed a mistake or accidentally sent out the legitimate release date.

Well, there's no use overthinking it. We'll just have to wait and see with crossed fingers what Hello Games has in store for us at Sony's Paris Games Week on Oct. 27.

No Man's Sky is slated to go official in 2016 for PC and PS4.

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