When Stone Cold Steve Austin talks, the WWE Universe listens.

The Texas Rattlesnake's newest promo video for WWE 2K16 has Austin imploring fans and gamers to check out the highly-anticipated title's Universe Mode. After the short clip ends, it serves up a prompt to learn more about the updated setting for the game, which hits stores Tuesday, October 27.

The updated Universe Mode will essentially allow the WWE Universe and gamers alike to create their own version of World Wrestling Entertainment. For those unfamiliar with the setting, WWE 2K likens it to accepting the role of Corporate Kane, Director of Operations.

The updated Universe Mode has a new match generation system, in which gamers can create matches, assigning Superstars to multiple shows, allowing extra flexibility and customization in the process. There are also more Universe cutscenes that have been added, keying in on created storylines offering more quality than quantity. 

That results in more variety in storylines with WWE 2K saying that characters could be hit with up to 10 different possibilities between pay per views — something that should make things all the more interesting in the game. The updated Universe setting even boasts a new personality system with meters displaying traits like loyal vs. treacherous, respectful vs. disrespectful, and discipline vs. aggression.

These traits are set by default to align with Superstars' personalities. Guess which trait Brock Lesnar would have? Highly aggressive, of course. His nickname is "The Beast," after all.

To fully learn about the updated Universe Mode, click here.

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