Animals Talk To Each Other And Take Turns During Conversation

Just like humans, other species, which include birds and dolphins, take turns during a conversation. Timing is a key aspect of turn-taking communication in the animal kingdom. Animals follow “overlap avoidance.”

Animals June 6, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Can Identify And Count Animals In The Wild

Artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool to document information about wildlife. Using data from a crowdsourced platform, researchers converted images from motion-sensor cameras into texts and numbers that make up the wildlife census.

Animals June 6, 2018

Scientists Warn That The Dog Flu Could Be The Next Pandemic

Scientists from the Icahn School of Medicine wrote a study showcasing the dangerous potential that the dog flu could be the next health epidemic. They found several different influenza strands in domestic dogs in China.

Animals June 5, 2018

Dinosaur Skeleton Sold For $2.3 Million At Paris Auction May Belong To New Theropod Species

The remains of the unknown theropod were found by an unnamed group of paleontologists in 2013. What are the features that suggest the skeleton belonged to a new species of dinosaur?

Animals June 5, 2018

Lions, Tigers, And A Jaguar Missing In German Zoo After Storm

The public was advised to stay indoors after big cats were thought to have escaped from their enclosures at a German zoo after a storm. A bear that escaped was shot dead.

Animals June 4, 2018

Whale Found In Thailand Canal Swallowed 17 Pounds Of Plastic

A pilot whale that was found struggling for his life in Thailand died on June 1. Marine biologists said that the 17 pounds of plastic bags on the whale’s stomach prevented it from digesting food.

Animals June 4, 2018

2 Bobcat Kittens Die After They Were Rescued By Texas Woman Who Mistook Them As Domestic Cats

The woman thought that the Bobcats were Bengal cats, a rare domestic breed, but they later bit her and her family and ripped up milk bottles. What caused the kittens' death?

Animals June 3, 2018

Critically Endangered Mountain Gorilla Population Reaches 1,000, Largest Population To Date

Mountain gorillas are among the world's largest primates, and their population is under serious threat. The latest census shows that the species is beginning to recover.

Animals June 3, 2018

Rare Iberian Lynx Released In Portugal 2 Years Ago Seen In Catalonia

Litio, the 4-year-old Iberian lynx, was finally spotted two years after his release. He was found in a region that has not seen the species for over a hundred years.

Animals June 3, 2018

Fossil Of 'Mother Of All Lizards' Reveals Reptile Group Squamate Survived Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction

The 240-year-old reptile Megachirella wachtleri is the mother of lizards. The reptile, which lived when the dinosaurs just emerged, was the direct ancestor of about 10,000 species alive today.

Animals May 30, 2018

Japanese Hunters Massacre 122 Pregnant Whales During The Summer Of 2017

Japan is facing international criticism after the International Whaling Commission released a report that highlighted its 2017 annual whale expedition. The expedition team killed over 333 Antarctic minke whales last summer.

Animals May 30, 2018

Scientists Say That Zombie Ants Are Adapting To Climate Change

Researchers believe that zombie ants have adapted to climate change. The ones in warmer climates bite down on leaves and the ones in temperate climates bite down on twigs.

Animals May 29, 2018

Captive Dolphins Enjoy Playing With Humans According To ‘Measurement’ Of Their Happiness

A group of French scientists tried to ‘measure’ the happiness felt by captive dolphins when they interact with humans. Their study suggested that dolphins confined in recreational activities are motivated and eager to play with humans.

Animals May 29, 2018

Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

The latest research is debunking current knowledge about evolution. After studying 5 million genetic barcodes, scientists found 90 percent of species on Earth may have emerged around the same time as humans.

Animals May 30, 2018

These Male Birds Smell Like Tangerines To Seduce Females

Male crested auklets make their own tangerine-scented cologne to attract new mates. Courtship begins with the birds entwining their necks together and rubbing their bright orange bills in each other’s feathers to get a whiff of that seductive tangerine smell.

Animals May 28, 2018

Wildlife Sanctuary Owner Mourns Death Of Four Big Cats Poisoned By Poachers

A wildlife sanctuary owner found that four of his big cats, including a very rare tiger cub, were poisoned by poachers. Poaching remains to be a big problem for the wildlife of Africa.

Animals May 26, 2018

Scientists To Clone Entire Northern White Rhino Population From Frozen Cells

A team of scientists plans to use the frozen cells of the almost-extinct Northern White Rhino to recover the animals’ population. The last male white rhino died in March, and only two female counterparts were left in captivity.

Animals May 26, 2018

Mysterious Wolf-Like Creature Killed In Montana, Experts Don't Know What It Is

A Montana rancher killed a wolf-like creature on his farm, and it is baffling experts because they're having a hard time identifying it. Theories have been floating on social media about what it could be.

Animals May 29, 2018

Modern Apes Posses Human Muscles Supposedly Unique To People After Evolution

Rui Diogo, an associate professor in the Department of Anatomy at Howard University in Washington, dissected bonobos and found at least seven muscles that should supposedly be found only in humans. His finding could challenge humans’ theoretically unique evolutionary traits.

Animals May 25, 2018

DNA May Finally Confirm If Loch Ness Monster Is Real: Earlier Evidences That Legendary Beast Is Real

Scientists are hopeful that they can find traces of the Loch Ness monster through eDNA sequencing. Sightings of Nessie, the monster of the Scottish lakes, were sporadic but the public’s interest remains high.

Animals May 25, 2018

Scientists Just Created A Human-Chicken Embryo

Researchers have successfully fused together human embryonic stem cells with a chicken embryo, making the world’s first human-chicken embryo, by inventing a new technique that sidesteps current ethical laws. But why?

Animals May 26, 2018

Top 10 New Species List 2018 Spotlight: This 4-Inch Fish Is Top Predator Of The Ocean Floor

A small, translucent snailfish is one of the most interesting finds on the top 10 new species list for 2018. The Mariana snailfish, or Pseudoliparis swirei, lives at up to 26,200 feet deep in the ocean.

Animals May 24, 2018

130-Million-Year-Old Fossil Skull From Utah Reveals New Species Of Mammal Relatives

Scientists excavated a fossilized skull of a new species that could be the link connecting the transition of reptiles to early mammals. The discovery also suggested that the Pangea landmass continued to separate 15 million years later than previously believed.

Animals May 24, 2018

Great Ape, Hunchbacked Shrimp Headline 10 New Species List

The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry’s International Institute for Species Exploration released its annual list of newly discovered species. The species were from around the world.

Animals May 23, 2018

Scientists To Collect Possible DNA Evidence Of The Loch Ness Monster

An international team of scientists announced its plan to collect DNA remnants from Loch Ness, the United Kingdom’s largest freshwater body. The location became famous for the legendary sighting of the Loch Ness monster or Nessie.

Animals May 23, 2018

Chinese Giant Salamander Now Close To Extinction Because People Keep Eating Them

Populations of Chinese Giant Salamanders, once thought to occur widely across China, are dwindling, according to a new study. Humans must try to conserve this species, but that might be difficult.

Animals May 23, 2018

Coyote Population Exponentially Expands Across North And Central America, Study Says

Two scientists from the University of North Carolina at Raleigh released a new study that showcased coyotes’ expansion across North America. They found that coyotes lived in various habitats across the continent for over 10,000 years.

Animals May 23, 2018

Invasive Giant Flatworms Found In France Spotted Since 1999 But Scientists Are Just Now Noticing

Invasive giant flatworms from Asia have been spotted in France since 1999 but scientists are just now getting around to noticing the worms. Tests show that they have been difficult to spot in food shipments.

Animals May 22, 2018

Humans Are 0.01 Percent Of Life On Earth, And There Are 7,500 Plants For Each Human

A latest study has discovered that humans make up 0.01 percent of life on Earth, but they have caused the loss of 83 percent of wild animals. There are also 7,500 plants for every one human.

Animals May 21, 2018

Paper Suggests Octopuses Came From Space: Here's Why Octopuses Are So Fascinating

Is it possible that octopuses really originated from outer space? Many scientists disagree, but the creatures are so unique, intelligent, and complex that they're really out of this world.

Animals May 21, 2018

33 Scientists Say That Octopuses Are Aliens From Space That Arrived To Earth On Icy Bodies

A new theory by 33 scientists suggests that octopuses are aliens that arrived to Earth on icy bodies. Many other scientists have criticized the theory and the entire concept of panspermia.

Animals May 17, 2018

Hippo Poop Can Literally Kill Fish In Rivers: Study

In the Mara River, more than 4,000 hippos excrete 9.3 tons of waste every day. When it decomposes, it depletes oxygen levels and creates chemicals toxic to fish, potentially killing them.

Animals May 17, 2018

Scientists Still Aren't Sure Why Lizards Developed Toxic Green Blood That Evolved 4 Times

A new study finds that green blood may have evolved independently in several lizards. Scientists are still not sure of the benefits of having green toxic blood.

Animals May 17, 2018

Small Island In The Philippines Has 4 New Species Of Worm-Eating Mice

Scientists have found that a small island in the Philippines was able to host four different species of mice that developed over time. It is the smallest space ever documented to have evolved new mammals.

Animals May 16, 2018

Scientists Transfer Memories From One Sea Slug Into Another Via Injection: How Are Memories Stored?

Scientists have achieved what seemed impossible, they have transferred a memory from one living organism to another. They were able to transplant the memories of sea slugs by moving genetic material from one to the other.

Animals May 15, 2018

Researchers Say Most Tropical Species In Latin America Originated In The Amazon

A May 2018 study discovered that most of the tropical species currently found throughout Latin America came from the Amazon rainforest. The species had to evolve over time to adapt.

Animals May 15, 2018

Australian Marsupials That Die After Sex Are Now Endangered, And Humans Share The Blame

Two species of antechinus, best known for males dying after reproduction, are now on the endangered list. However, it is not their suicidal reproduction method that is threatening their survival.

Animals May 20, 2018

Rare Dinosaur Skeleton Goes On Display At A Cincinnati Brewery

For the first time, the rare Galeamopus skeleton discovered in 2000 will be displayed for the public. The event at a brewery is in support of the Cincinnati Museum Center where the dinosaur will be housed in November.

Animals May 14, 2018

Scientists Successfully Transmits ‘Memories’ To 14 Marine Snails

A University of California at Los Angeles research team found a way to connect memories to sea creatures. The team used marine snails for the experiment because they believed that it shared some structural similarities with humans.

Animals May 14, 2018

First Known Case Of Conjoined Twin Deer Found In Minnesota Forest

Scientists are studying the first known case of a two-headed deer in its species. The twin fawns were already dead when they were found in a forest in Minnesota two years ago.

Animals May 14, 2018

Researchers Use YouTube Videos To Study Dog Bites

Researchers used YouTube videos to study dog bites. They were able to identify the breeds of dogs that commonly bite, as well as behaviors leading to bites.

Animals May 13, 2018

WATCH: Cheetahs Chase Family Of Five At Safari Park

A French family who got out of car at a drive-through safari park in the Netherlands was chased by cheetahs. One woman was carrying a small child when the incident happened.

Animals May 13, 2018

Jurassic Fossil Tail Could Be Missing Link In Crocodile Family Tree

A fossil tail dug up from a mountain in Hungary may have belonged to an intermediary species of crocodile that lived during the Jurassic period. What are this species's features?

Animals May 12, 2018

Fish With Human Teeth Caught Off South Carolina: Get To Know The Sheepshead Fish

A fish with human teeth, caught off the coast of South Carolina, had reportedly creeped people out. A biologist took to Facebook to educate people about the species.

Animals May 14, 2018

Lone Tree Frog Climbs Utility Pole, Causes Power Outage To Over 800 In Florida City

A Cuban tree frog did not survive when it made contact with high voltage electrical equipment, but it did cause power outage to over 800 customers. These voracious eaters occasionally wander onto utility poles when they forage for prey.

Animals May 12, 2018

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