Rocco The Parrot Uses Amazon's Alexa To Order Snacks While Owner Is Away

Rocco, an African Grey Parrot kicked out of a sanctuary in UK, was caught ordering food and housewares through Amazon Alexa while his owner was away. Moreover, the bird reportedly interacted with the virtual assistant 40 times a day.

Animals December 17, 2018

Supernova May Have Killed Off Prehistoric Mega Shark Megalodon

Radiation from exploding stars 2.6 million years ago may have contributed to the extinction of the megalodon. Here's why the ancient mega shark was more vulnerable to the effects of muon exposure.

Animals December 16, 2018

Viking Cat Skulls Prove That Cats Grew Larger Over Time

Viking cat skulls show that cats from the Viking times actually got bigger compared to cats from modern times. Since then, the felines have grown by 16 percent.

Animals December 15, 2018

Supercolony Of Adélie Penguins Hidden For Millennia Discovered Because Of Birds' Pink Guano Visible From Space

The Adélie penguin is one of the two penguin species that lives on ice. Their population in the Antarctic Peninsula is threatened by habitat loss due to climate change.

Animals December 13, 2018

Scientists Crown Tiny Ant As Having The "Fastest Animal Movement" On The Planet

A Dracula ant unseated cheetahs as the fastest animal in the world. The insects' jaws can move up to 200 mph or 5,000 times faster than a blink of an eye.

Animals December 12, 2018

Prehistoric Shark Megalodon May Have Gone Extinct Because Of Its Body Temperature

The megalodon, one of the largest marine predators that ever lived, had higher body temperature than modern-day sharks. How did this contribute to the extinction of the species 2.6 million years ago?

Animals December 12, 2018

City Frog Calls More Attractive To Females Compared To Frogs From Less Urban Environments

A new study found that male city túngara frogs have more complex mating calls that female túngara frogs find more appealing. Researchers revealed that lack of predators and more competition drove city male city túngara frogs to adapt.

Animals December 11, 2018

Gemstones Retrieved From Opal Field Turn Out To Be Dinosaur Fossils

Gemstone retrieved by Australian miners turned out to be the opal-filled fossils of a previously unknown dinosaur species. The creature's teeth and jaw size suggests the fossils belonged to a group of bipedal herbivores called ornithopod.

Animals December 9, 2018

Scientists Find Remarkably Well-Preserved Fossil Of Ancient Sea Monster Ichthyosaur

The researchers found blubber, a layer of fat under the skin, on the fossilized remains of the ichthyosaur. They believe this finding revealed new details about the reptiles that lived 180 million years ago.

Animals December 8, 2018

Scientists Discover How Geckos Walk On Water

How do geckos walk on water? Researchers found that it is actually a combination of the utilization of surface tension, and strategic movement of their bodies, legs, and tails.

Animals December 7, 2018

'Eels In Noses': Young Seal Gets Eel Stuck In Its Nose

A seal was found with a spotted eel stuck inside its nose. Although researchers have only started seeing the 'eels in noses' phenomenon in recent years, they have already seen it three to four times.

Animals December 7, 2018

Baboon Lives Half A Year After Pig Heart Transplant

Is xenotransplantation the future? An experiment involving baboons was deemed a success when a baboon survived for a total of 195 days after it had received a pig heart transplant.

Animals December 6, 2018

Giant Salamander With Leopard Spots Found In Florida

Scientists were finally able to officially name and describe a creature that has long been the subject of rumors. The reticulated siren lives in muddy waters in Florida and Alabama.

Animals December 6, 2018

LOOK: Rescued Golden Possum Looks Like Pikachu

Has a veterinary clinic in Australia found the real Pikachu? A rescued common brushtail possum's golden color makes it look quite like the popular character from the 'Pokemon' series.

Animals December 4, 2018

51 Pilot Whales Die In Third New Zealand Mass Stranding In A Week

In just a week, over 200 whales have died in three mass strandings in New Zealand. Some of them had to be euthanized as there were no more chances of successfully saving them.

Animals December 3, 2018

Puppy Unearths 13,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Tooth In Family Backyard

The dog named Scout was paying close attention to something that looked like a rock in the backyard. It turned out that the object was part of a tooth of an extinct woolly mammoth.

Animals November 30, 2018

Jumping Spider Moms Nurse Their Babies With 'Spider Milk': Study

Lactation is typically attributed to mammals, but do spiders nurse their young, too? Researchers found that mothers of a jumping spider species actually nurse their young with 'spider milk' long after they hatch.

Animals November 29, 2018

Newly Identified Wasp Turns Spiders Into Zombie Slaves

Researchers have found a more complex behavior of newly discovered wasps on social spiders. These parasitic creatures lay eggs on the arachnids and when these hatch, they feed on the host.

Animals November 28, 2018

Scientists Discover Extinct Giant Herbivore Species Related To Mammals

Scientists were astounded to discover a giant herbivore, which lived in the Triassic period, is a relative of mammals. The creature called Lisowicia bojani lived together with long-necked dinosaurs at the time.

Animals November 26, 2018

Scientists Figure Out How Scratchy Tongues Keep Cats Clean

Scientists found that cats have the world's best detanglers. In a new study, scientists from Georgia Tech looked at the spines on tongues of cats to answer why they are so effective at cleaning dirt or flea from fur.

Animals November 23, 2018

Britain-Sized Cluster Of Termite Mounds Found In Brazil

Researchers discovered 4,000-year-old termite mounds in a recently-cleared portion of a caatinga forest in Brazil. The termite mounds cover a vast area that it can be seen from space.

Animals November 21, 2018

Paleontologists Find First Ever Oregon Dinosaur Fossil

The University of Oregon scientists found the first and, possibly, the only dinosaur bone in the state. Oregon was submerged underwater for the most part of the dinosaur period and, therefore, had no dinosaur fossils.

Animals November 19, 2018

New App Lets People Listen To Orca Sounds From The Pacific

Citizen scientists can aid the monitoring of orcas by using a web-based app that broadcasts the audio from the marine mammals. Called Orcasounds, the app has been relaunched this month.

Animals November 19, 2018

Scientists Figure Out Why Wombats Have Cube Shaped Poop

Wombats are the only known creature to organically produce something cube and scientists finally know how. In a new study, a team of researchers looked at the intestines of dead wombats from Australia.

Animals November 19, 2018

Climate Change Could Have Damaging Effect On Male Insect Fertility Says Study

A new study discovered evidence that climate change is contributing to the collapse of biodiversity worldwide. After scientists had exposed the beetles to heatwaves, they found that the insects produced less sperm and fewer offsprings.

Animals November 14, 2018

Study Sheds Light On How Plants Evolved To Take Advantage Of Ants

Some plants have specific structures that serve as habitat for ants. A new study revealed that, in turn, plants have evolved to use ants to spread seeds and attack predators.

Animals November 13, 2018

Underwater Drone Finds Rare 'Shark Nursery' Off Coast Of Ireland

The Marine Institute found a shark nursery in one of the off-the-coast Special Areas of Conservation in Ireland. Scientists explained that sharks convene in the area to lay their eggs.

Animals November 12, 2018

DNA Tests Reveal Discovery Of Rare Triple-Hybrid Bird

A rare triple hybrid bird is a combination of the Golden-winged warbler, a Blue-winged warbler, and a Chestnut-sided warbler. The combination of the three species has never been recorded before.

Animals November 10, 2018

Exposure To Common Pesticide Affects Bees' Social Behavior: Study

Can common pesticides affect bee behavior? A new study found that exposure to neonicotinoid pesticides significantly affects bees' all important social behavior among other things.

Animals November 10, 2018

Palaeontologists Discover Fossils Of First Giant Dinosaur In Argentina

Ingentia prima, which lived 210 million years ago during the Triassic Period, was an early member of the dinosaur group, sauropods. How was it different from its later relatives?

Animals November 5, 2018

Study Reveals How Tiny Flightless Birds Ended Up In Inaccessible Island

Inaccessible Island rails are the world's smallest flightless birds, and they can only be found on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. How did they get there?

Animals November 3, 2018

Giant Elephant Birds Were Blind And Likely Active At Night

According to a new study, elephant birds are not only nocturnal, they might also be blind. The researchers from University of Texas at Austin digitally recreated the brains of the giant avians using two skulls and CT-imaging.

Animals November 1, 2018

Mountain Birds In Increasing Danger Of Extinction Due To Climate Change

The rapid warming of the temperature around the world has been threatening local bird populations in the Peruvian Andes. A new study resurveyed the area and found that eight species of birds have gone missing.

Animals October 30, 2018

LOOK: Rare Dumbo Octopus Filmed Swimming In Deep Sea

Scientists captured the ghost-like dumbo octopus on film in Monterey Bay. It was a rare sight, as dumbo octopuses live in the deep sea where humans do not often venture.

Animals October 29, 2018

New Genetic Study Shows More Tiger Types Than Expected

A new study identified six subspecies of tigers currently living across Asia. The researchers used whole genomes from 32 tigers to study their evolutionary history as well as their distinct differences.

Animals October 29, 2018

Growing Ocean Noise Affecting Dolphin Calls: Study

Researchers found that dolphins tend to simplify their calls and whistles because of the growing ocean noise. How can this affect the creatures' ability to communicate?

Animals October 28, 2018

Shipping Noise Makes Male Humpback Whales Change Their Song: Study

The main source of ocean noise in recent years is presumed to be commercial ships. There is concern over its effects on marine animals, particularly in cetaceans that rely on sound for many things.

Animals October 28, 2018

Tiny Octopus Found Among Pile Of Marine Plastic Trash Off Hawaii

A tiny baby octopus was found among the plastic marine debris collected by scientists while conducting coral reef monitoring. Experts believe it might be a day octopus or a night octopus, and both of those can grow to pretty large sizes.

Animals October 28, 2018

Waves In Shallow Waters Helped Vertebrate Animals Evolve, Says Study

A new research proposed that shallow, near-shore waters helped vertebrates diversify hundreds of millions of years ago. The environment also explained why there is a gap in the fossil record.

Animals October 26, 2018

150-Million-Year-Old Piranha-Like Fish Specimen Found In Germany Is Earliest Known Flesh-Eating Fish

A fish specimen in Germany was found to have long pointed teeth, as well as triangular ones with serrated cutting edges along the lower jaw. Are they anything like modern-day piranhas?

Animals October 20, 2018

Something Weird Happens To Bees In The Middle Of A Solar Eclipse

Bees did something weird during the Great American Eclipse of 2017. The discovery was made by researchers from the University of Missouri, with the help of elementary school children and volunteers.

Animals October 11, 2018

Man's 'Waking Dream' Leads To Novel Insight On How Mushrooms Could Save The World's Bees

Can a man's epiphany help save the world's bees? Paul Stamets' 'waking dream' is now the subject of research at the Washington State University.

Animals October 8, 2018

Invasive Brown Widow Spider Spotted In Oregon For The First Time

A single brown widow spider was spotted in Oregon for the first time. Authorities don't believe it has been established but they are urging residents to report any possible sightings.

Animals October 6, 2018

Doggie Smarts Are 'Not Exceptional' According To New Research

Researchers who reviewed existing studies on dog cognition were not impressed. They found that other animals (including domestic animals, social animals, and carnivorans) have proven to be as smart or even smarter than dogs.

Animals October 3, 2018

Banned Chemical Pollutant Threatens World's Killer Whale Populations

It was over 40 years ago when the first efforts to ban PCBs were initiated. Still, the banned chemical continues its deadly threat, especially among killer whales.

Animals September 28, 2018

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