2 Raven Species Merge Through Evolutionary Process 'Speciation Reversal'

Two different lineages of common ravens that have separated and evolved from each other millions of years ago merged again as one. This evolutionary process is known as speciation reversal or lineage fusion.

Animals March 7, 2018

Deadly Spider Milked To Make Anti-Venom Serum To Save Victims Of Lethal Bites

A giant specimen of one of the world's deadliest spiders has been obtained by the Australian Reptile Park. The funnel web spider, named Colossus, will be milked to produce anti-venom.

Animals March 5, 2018

'Supercolony' Of Adelie Penguins Discovered: How Researchers Determined Number Of Birds

A supercolony of Adelie penguins was discovered in the Danger Islands in the northern Antarctic Peninsula. The islands aren't just a penguin hotspot, but they are also important breeding locations for the birds.

Animals March 3, 2018

New Classification Identifies Termites As Cockroaches With Social Hierarchies

Termites no longer have their own order in the insect kingdom. An update on the master list of insect names identified termites as a member of the cockroach family Blattodea.

Animals March 3, 2018

Penguin Supercolony In Antarctica Discovered Through Pictures From Space

NASA satellite imagery revealed telltale signs of guano suggestive of a previously undiscovered penguin supercolony on the Danger Islands in Antarctica. How many birds did researchers survey in the area?

Animals March 2, 2018

The World’s Last Living Male Northern White Rhino Is In Really Bad Shape

The world is about to lose another animal to extinction. Sudan, the last living male northern white rhinoceros, is reportedly not in good health, signaling the possible end of his subspecies.

Animals March 2, 2018

New Species Of Tardigrade Discovered In Japan: How To Find These Tiny Animals

Tardigrades or water bears can be found practically anywhere but they’re so small at less than a millimeter, it’s hard to spot them using the bare eye. Look for them in rocks, trees, and moss.

Animals March 3, 2018

Dolphins Plan Their Hunting Dives Ahead Of Time

Recordings of the sound that dolphins make when hunting for their prey revealed that the cetaceans learn from past dives and plan their next dives. Other air-breathing marine animals may also have a similar ability.

Animals February 28, 2018

New Tardigrade Species That Lays Unique Eggs Dicovered In A Parking Lot In Japan

The newly identified Macrobiotus shonaicus is the 168th tardigrade species discovered in Japan. What are the special characteristics of this microscopic organism that make it different from other previously known tardigrade species?

Animals March 1, 2018

Sexually Transmitted Fungus Takes Over Cicadas, Causes Their Butts To Blow Up

Cicadas are affected by a fungus that takes over their bodies and behavior and ends their lives. The fungus also leads to the cicadas having their butts explode.

Animals February 27, 2018

Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dead Dog Samantha

Barbra Streisand revealed that she cloned her dog Samantha before her death in 2017. She has two dogs that are cloned from Samantha's cells.

Animals February 27, 2018

DNA Analysis Reveals Interbreeding Among Woolly Mammoth And Other Ancient Elephants

Researchers sequenced the genomes of 14 species of living and extinct species of elephants, including the mastodon and the woolly mammoth. Results revealed that the ancient species practiced widespread interbreeding.

Animals February 27, 2018

Not So Silent After All: Caterpillars Actually Whistle Like Tea Kettles

If you thought that caterpillars don’t make sounds, then you couldn't have been more wrong. The insects actually use the same mechanism as a whistling kettle to cry when attacked by predators.

Animals February 27, 2018

Climate Change Endangers 1.6 Million Breeding Pairs Of Penguins

A new study revealed that climate change will make conditions worse for the king penguins in Antarctica. By the end of the century, 70 percent of them must relocate or else they will die.

Animals February 26, 2018

New Shark Species Discovered In Atlantic Ocean: Here's What Makes The Third Sixgill Shark So Special

Scientists have discovered the third kind of sixgill shark in the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic sixgill shark is smaller than its counterparts in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean as well as compared to the great white shark.

Animals February 26, 2018

Mane Attraction: Zoologists Still Don't Know Why Bridget The Lioness Grew A Mini Mane

Oklahoma City Zoo's Bridget the lioness began growing a mane last March and zoologists are trying to understand why. While the case is definitely unique, it's not completely unheard of.

Animals February 25, 2018

One In A Million: Rare Yellow Cardinal Spotted In Alabama Backyard

A Northern Cardinal surprised a bird watcher with its unconventional yellow plumage. Could its unique color be a result of genetic mutation, or is the bird having health issues?

Animals February 24, 2018

Big-Nosed Males Are Attractive For Female Proboscis Monkeys: Other Unique Animals Traits That Attract Mates

Male proboscis monkeys tend to have larger testes and more females in their harlem. Here are other animal traits that help attract potential mates during breeding season.

Animals February 25, 2018

Arabica Or Robusta? Birds Love Eating Coffee Beans And Have Preference, Study Says

A recent study found that birds love eating arabica and robusta coffee beans from plantations in India. Like humans, they also have a preference when it comes to coffee beans.

Animals February 24, 2018

Proboscis Monkeys' Nose Size Does Matter For Their Sex Life

Male proboscis monkeys have an advantage when a certain appendage of theirs is larger than that of the others. Mating for these monkeys depends on the size of their nose.

Animals February 23, 2018

All Wild Horses Are Now Extinct, Genetic Study Reveals

Biologists thought that the Przewalski's horses were the last wild horses partly because of their appearance. Genome sequencing revealed that these were feral descendants of earliest-known species of domesticated horses.

Animals February 23, 2018

Deep-Sea Dumbo Octopus Hatchlings Look And Act Like Adults

A video showing an octopus hatchling emerged. This mysterious deep-sea creature has elephant-like ears that looks like the fictional character Dumbo, even scientists are baffled.

Animals February 20, 2018

Cuttlefish Unmasked: Secrets Behind The Cephalopod's 3D Camouflage Skills Revealed

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have unmasked some of the cuttlefish's camouflage secrets. Even with the researchers' new findings, there are still more to learn about the cephalopod.

Animals February 17, 2018

The Bornean Orangutan Population Was Halved From 1999 To 2015: Can The Critically Endangered Species Bounce Back?

A team of researchers calculated that the Bornean orangutan population dropped by about 148,500 from 1999 to 2015. Will the critically endangered species bounce back from the decline, or will it go extinct soon?

Animals February 17, 2018

Former Iran Military Leader Claims The West Used Lizards For Espionage

A former military officer in Iran has claimed that lizard skin can detect 'atomic waves' and was used for espionage by enemies. The comments came shortly after Kavous Seyed Emami, a wildlife environmentalist, died in prison in Iran.

Animals February 15, 2018

Bed Bugs Found To Poop Chemical Making Humans Sick

Suffering from allergic reactions like a runny nose or skin rash? A new study involving bed bug poop suggests the culprit may be living right in your bedroom.

Animals February 14, 2018

This Is How Cockroaches Survive After Ramming Head First Into Concrete Walls

Cockroaches are among the fastest in the insect world. However, its speed is not the only reason why it could survive collisions without getting injured.

Animals February 14, 2018

Termite-Hunting Matabele Ants Treat Wounded Comrades By Licking Them

The sub-Saharan Matabele ants rescue their wounded mates in the battlefield, bring them back to their nests, and take turns to lick the wounded legs. Does this behavior help save lives?

Animals February 14, 2018

Lions In South Africa Eat Suspected Poacher Leaving Only Head

A suspected poacher in South Africa was eaten by the lions that he was trying to hunt. Body parts of the poacher were found around the area.

Animals February 13, 2018

Deep-Sea Marine Animals Use Heat From Hydrothermal Vents To Hatch Eggs Faster

Deep-sea skates, relatives of the sharks and rays, were laying their eggs near hydrothermal vents. The marine animals are strategically placing their eggs in warmer water likely to speed up the development of their embryos.

Animals February 9, 2018

Hummingbird Strengths A Combination Of Skills And Inherent Traits: Study

Hummingbirds are undoubtedly talented creatures when it comes to flight. New research has found that hummingbirds maximize their strengths by combining their inherent traits and learned skills.

Animals February 9, 2018

Tiny 3D Glasses On Mantis Reveal New Form of Stereo Vision

Praying mantises evidently have a unique way of utilizing their 3D vision. Instead of looking at all the details like human eyes do, praying mantises are only concerned with one thing: their moving prey.

Animals February 9, 2018

Beetles Eaten By Toads Can Escape From Their Predators’ Stomach Using Hot Chemical Spray

The bombardier beetle uses a toxic chemical secretion to escape its predator even after it gets ingested. It can also survive up to 107 minutes inside the toad's stomach.

Animals February 7, 2018

Marbled Crayfish That Can Clone Themselves Originated From One Mutant Ancestor

The marbled crayfish did not exist 25 years ago, but it now numbers in millions. Genome sequencing revealed that the species descended from a single mutant crayfish with an extra DNA.

Animals February 6, 2018

Move Over Sue: Largest Dinosaur Ever Discovered To Replace T-Rex Display Spot At Field Museum In Chicago

The iconic SUE Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil will move to a new display at the Chicago Field Museum to give way to the cast of the largest dinosaur fossil ever found. Sue has been the museum’s main attraction for 18 years.

Animals February 6, 2018

Unbelievable Spider With A Tail Found Preserved In Amber

A new ancient arachnid was found preserved in amber. It resembles a spider with a long tail, and the good news is that these arachnids were tiny.

Animals February 6, 2018

Male Rats Exposed To Cell Phone Radiation Develop Cancer, Says Study

In a new study, male and female rats were exposed to high cellphone radiation, the finding of which showed male rats can develop cancer. However, the study found female rats didn't get cancer.

Animals February 7, 2018

Cheetah's High-Speed Hunting Linked To Recently Evolved Inner Ear

The world's fastest land animal, the cheetah, is known for its hunting prowess. Analyses of different felid specimens revealed the animal's high-speed hunting is associated with its inner ear.

Animals February 5, 2018

10-Year-Old Tourist Discovers 90-Million-Year-Old Fish Fossil In Monastery

A 10-year old boy discovered the remains of an ancient fish while on tour in a monastery in Colombia. The fossil was amazingly preserved even after being in a walkway for 15 years.

Animals February 2, 2018

Talking Killer Whales: Orcas Can Learn To Mimic Human Speech

Some bird species are known to imitate simple human words, but orcas? For the first time, scientists have documented a killer whale named Wikie as trainers teach it some simple greetings.

Animals February 1, 2018

Giant Dinosaur Fossil Found In Egypt Sheds Light On Pangea Breakup

Scientists are stoked with their discovery of a giant dinosaur fossil in Egypt. This Cretaceous-era Mansaurasaurus can help solve questions on the Pangaea supercontinent theory and if land-dwelling animals lived across Eurasia and Africa after the continental drift.

Animals January 30, 2018

Honeybees Are Agricultural Animals Just Like Pigs And Cows: Experts

University of Cambridge experts said honeybees are agricultural animals that pose threat to other wild pollinators particularly other bee species. Unlike livestock though, these managed bees are allowed to roam beyond their enclosures.

Animals January 28, 2018

Swatting Mosquitoes Teaches Them To Avoid You: Study

Mosquitoes can distinguish the scent of hosts that exhibit defensive behaviors such as swatting. Understanding the behavior of these pesky pests has important implications in mosquito control to fight Zika, dengue, and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Animals January 26, 2018

China Successfully Clones First Primates Using The Dolly The Sheep Technique

Two monkeys in China were cloned using the same technique that was used to create Dolly the sheep. It is a remarkable breakthrough but is it pushing science closer to the possibility of human cloning?

Animals January 26, 2018

New Population Of Extremely Rare Walking Fish Found In Tasmania

The red handfish is a rare species of fish that can walk on the seafloor using modified fins. Their number, originally thought to be between 20 and 40, has doubled after the discovery of a second colony.

Animals January 24, 2018

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