Bizarre-Looking Gulper Eel Caught On Camera By Research Vessel

The Exploration Vessel Nautilus captured a video of a gulper eel on the seafloor of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in Hawaii. Excited researchers laughed and cheered as the fish expand and deflate like a balloon.

Animals September 23, 2018

Scientists Solve The Mystery Of Dickinsonia: The 'Holy Grail' Of Paleontology

A new study confirmed that the Dickinsonia, from the Ediacaran biota, is the earliest confirmed animal that walked the Earth. ANU researchers found cholesterol molecules from fossil unearthed in Russia.

Animals September 22, 2018

Mean And Angry Canadian Crabs Are Wreaking Havoc On Coastal Ecosystems

Researchers fear that Canadian green crabs spotted in the waters of the United States might pose a threat to the local ecosystem. The migrants from Nova Scotia are more aggressive than the green crabs of Maine.

Animals September 21, 2018

Ecstasy Makes Octopuses More Social And Touchy: Study

How do octopuses react when under the influence of MDMA or ecstasy? Evidently, they react just like humans do, in that they also become more social and touchy.

Animals September 21, 2018

Spiders Cover 1,000-Foot-Long Stretch Of Land In Greek Town With Spiderwebs

Residents of Aitoliko, Greece awoke to the sight of spiderwebs covering vegetation right beside a lagoon. Experts say that the scene was created by a type of spider that feeds on the mosquito population in the area.

Animals September 20, 2018

Scientists Find Mysterious 'White Shark Cafe' Where White Sharks Congregate

A team of researchers followed the great white sharks earlier this year to a patch of open sea in the Pacific. Every winter, the sharks swim toward what is now known as the 'white shark cafe.'

Animals September 19, 2018

Miner Digs Up 50,000-Year-Old Mummified Wolf Puppy In Canada

A miner discovered the perfectly mummified carcass of a wolf pup in the Yukon region. After radiocarbon dating, researchers found that the animal lived through the Ice Age over 50,000 years ago.

Animals September 17, 2018

Active Search For 3-Year-Old Orca J50 Ended But Authorities Still On Alert

Has J50 already died? Authorities are growing concerned as she has not been seen for days. The authorities are to remain alert even after the active search has already ended.

Animals September 16, 2018

LOOK: Beluga Whale Pod Appears To Adopt Lost Narwhal

A lost narwhal was seen with a beluga whale pod in Canada's St. Lawrence River for the third year in a row. The narwhal was behaving as though he was "one of the boys."

Animals September 16, 2018

Young Turtles More Prone To Death For Eating Plastic In Ocean

A new study revealed that young turtles have a higher risk of dying from eating the plastic polluting the oceans. This is because young turtles swim nearer the surface, where the plastic pollution floats.

Animals September 14, 2018

NOAA Considering Capture Of Sick Orca As Last Resort Treatment

NOAA said that it might have to capture J50, a sick orca, in order to perform a physical examination and determine an effective treatment. The health of the marine mammal has been declining in the past few weeks.

Animals September 13, 2018

Scientists Discover 3 New Fish Species In Surprisingly Busy Atacama Trench Of Pacific Ocean

Scientists deployed baited camera traps in the southeast Pacific Ocean to explore the Atacama Trench. They found that the trench was teeming with life and also discovered three new species that were identified as variants of the gelatinous snailfish.

Animals September 11, 2018

Dolphin 'Superpod' Spotted Racing Along Monterey Bay: Get To Know The Short-Beaked Common Dolphin

Hundreds of dolphins in a 'superpod' were spotted racing for bait fish along Monterey Bay. Short-beaked common dolphins commonly pack in pods, but what are other interesting things to know about the energetic creatures?

Animals September 9, 2018

Superpod With Hundreds Of Dolphins Spotted In Monterey Bay

A superpod made out of several hundred dolphins were spotted near the shore in Monterey Bay, California. The marine mammals have been hanging out in the area since Labor Day, Monday, to catch fish.

Animals September 8, 2018

Study Shows Hooved Animals Learn How To Migrate From Their Parents

Bighorn sheep herds had taken decades before they learned when and where to go. A new study has confirmed that ungulate migration is collective information passed down from the older to the younger generation.

Animals September 7, 2018

Researchers Identify World's First Known Omnivorous Shark Species

Are fish friends and not food? New research reveals that the bonnethead shark may have an omnivorous diet compared to other sharks' primarily carnivorous diets.

Animals September 7, 2018

Blue Bird Hero In 'Rio' Among 8 New Extinct Bird Species

The Spix's Macaw, which inspired the lead character of the animated movie 'Rio', is now classified as extinct in the wild. It is just one of eight bird species that have been added to the extinct or possibly extinct categories.

Animals September 6, 2018

Elk Face Tough Decision Every Year: Grow Bigger Antlers To Attract Mates Or Stay Safe Against Wolves?

Male elk need to make a tough decision every year concerning their antlers. They need to choose between bigger antlers to attract mates or better protection against predators such as wolves.

Animals September 3, 2018

Federal Wildlife Officials Step In To Investigate Red Tide Dolphin Deaths In Florida

NOAA has conducted tests and confirmed that the dolphin deaths in the Southwest Florida area in the past few weeks were because of the red tide. Federal wildlife officials encourage the public to report stranded or dead marine mammals.

Animals September 4, 2018

61-Year-Old Shark Attack Victim Survives By Punching Shark In Gills

A man survived a shark attack thanks to quick thinking and nature documentary know-how. An expert believes that the man survived an attack from a great white shark.

Animals September 1, 2018

Scientists Add 2 More Animals To List Of Species That Go Through Menopause

Like humans, narwhals and beluga whales go through menopause and have a longer post-reproductive life. The recent research provided the first-ever evidence of menopause in narwhals and beluga whales.

Animals August 31, 2018

Goats Prefer People With Smiling Faces Over People With Grumpy Expressions

A new study revealed that goats have shown a preference for happy people. In a research involving 20 goats, scientists found that the domesticated animals interact with photos of smiling humans versus those with angry expressions.

Animals August 30, 2018

New Dogs On The Block: Where Do New Dog Breeds Come From?

In January, for the first time in years, the AKC added two new breeds of dog to its registry. For National Dog Day 2018, find out how dogs are bred from wolves to man's best friend.

Animals August 29, 2018

Underground US Market For Giraffe Parts Causing Significant Decline In Giraffe Numbers

The population of giraffes around the world is declining, but the United States continues to import parts from Africa. The Humane Society found an unregulated underground market for giraffe leather and bones in 21 states.

Animals August 26, 2018

Injured Fish Can Get Better Faster With Help From Shrimps

Scientists wanted to find out whether cleaner shrimps take advantage of injured fishes in cleaning stations. However, they discovered that cleaner shrimps also help heal injuries of their client sea creatures.

Animals August 26, 2018

Reindeer Herds In Sweden In Danger Of Starvation Due To Drought

Sweden has experienced an unusually hot summer season that destroyed pastures and grazing lands. The Sami people need financial aid in order to acquire feeds for the reindeer herds in the coming months.

Animals August 25, 2018

Ant Colony Behavior Shows Significant Evolutionary Advantages, According To New Findings

A study on ant colonies uncovered new details on how social behavior has evolved. A team of researchers looked at clonal raider ants to map out how the division of labor emerges within queenless colonies.

Animals August 24, 2018

Giant Panda Numbers Go Up As Conservation Efforts Continue

The endangered status of giant pandas has further been eased as the rare species continue to reproduce. Officials from China told a state media that the number of giant pandas in the wild has doubled in the past few decades.

Animals August 21, 2018

North Carolina Couple Finds Megalodon Tooth While Strolling On The Beach

The megalodon was one of the largest predators that ever lived. Before the many incredible discoveries of megalodon teeth, including the one recently found by a North Carolina couple, people thought they were dragon tongue or moon rocks.

Animals August 19, 2018

Paleontologists Discover Unknown Pterodactyl Species With Vampire-Like Fangs In Utah

A group of paleontologists discovered fossils that belonged to an unknown species of pterodactyls. The species were believed to have lived 65 million years earlier than most of the desert pterosaurs.

Animals August 15, 2018

Chinese Tourist Dies After Being Bitten By A Hippo

A Chinese tourist died after being attacked by a hippo while taking photos on the edge of Lake Naivasha outside Nairobi, Kenya. Another colleague also obtained injuries from the attack but managed to survive.

Animals August 14, 2018

Construction Workers Found Fossil That Predates Life In Florida

Construction workers digging in southwest Florida discovered a fossil estimated to be from 2 million years ago. Experts believed that the animal from which the fossils came from lived before humans came to Florida.

Animals August 14, 2018

New Whale-Dolphin Hybrid Discovered By Scientists In Hawaii

What makes the scientists' August 2017 observation in Hawaii so unique? They discovered a new hybrid species that's a mix of the rough-toothed dolphin and the melon-headed whale.

Animals July 28, 2018

Mass Mortality Of Sea Turtles In Florida Likely Caused By Longest Red Tide Event Since 2006

Almost a hundred stranded sea turtles have been recovered in beaches around Southwest Florida, possibly because of an ongoing algal bloom. The organism responsible for the red tide is notorious for causing massive fish kills and human respiratory problems.

Animals July 27, 2018

Siberian Worms Frozen In Permafrost For Up To 42,000 Years Defrosted Back To Life

After tens of thousands of years of being trapped in Siberian permafrost, two female nematodes were successfully defrosted. Researchers say they are showing signs of life, moving and eating.

Animals July 27, 2018

Bigfoot: Largest Dinosaur Foot To Date Belonged To A Titanosaur

Bigfoot measures 3.2 feet wide. It likely belonged to a dinosaur very closely related to the brachiosaurus. The prehistoric animal’s size suggests it is a titanosaur, the largest group of sauropods.

Animals July 25, 2018

'Amazing Dragon' Fossils Found In China Rewrite History Of Long-Necked Dinosaurs

Paleontologists found the bones of at least eight individual Lingwulong after a farmer had discovered several fragmented fossils. What does the amazing dragon of Lingwu tell about long-necked dinosaurs and Pangea?

Animals July 25, 2018

Where Does Human Speech Come From? Monkey Studies Provide A Clue

Could a friendly lip-smacking gesture give rise to something as intricate as human speech? MRI scans of monkey brains revealed this simple facial expression could be the precursor of speech.

Animals July 24, 2018

World's Most Endangered Sea Turtle Washes Up On Alabama Beach Entangled In Beach Chair

A Kemp's Ridley turtle was found dead in an Alabama beach. The sea turtle appears to have been strangled in the string of a beach chair that bears the logo of the University of Alabama.

Animals July 17, 2018

Eight Endangered Black Rhinos Die In Relocation Attempt In Kenya

Eight critically endangered black rhinos have died following a translocation attempt. The deaths are unprecedented as such efforts have been done in past years with little mortality.

Animals July 14, 2018

Icelandic Whalers Possibly Killed Endangered Blue Whale, Say It Was A Hybrid

Did Icelandic whalers kill a blue whale or a hybrid blue/fin whale? Photographs from the current whaling season suggest the whalers might have killed a protected species.

Animals July 13, 2018

Human Genome Contains Genes Common To Hundreds Of Species

Researchers discovered that the human genome shares genes with at least 750 other species. This sharing of genes across species is actually common and has helped fuel evolution.

Animals July 10, 2018

Fossil In Argentina Suggests Giant Dinosaurs Evolved Earlier Than Previously Thought

Fossils of the creature called Ingentia prima, a species of sauropodomorph, suggest that dinosaurs grew in size 30 million years earlier than previously thought. What are the features of this prehistoric creature?

Animals July 10, 2018

Drunken Seagulls Found Lurching On Beaches: What Happens When Birds Consume Alcohol?

The number of drunken seagulls brought to an animal charity in the United Kingdom increased in the past two weeks. Authorities suspected that the birds might have consumed alcohol from the waste products of local breweries.

Animals July 7, 2018

New Breed Of Wasp With Exceptionally Large Stinger Discovered In The Amazon

Scientists discovered a new breed of wasp in the Amazonian rainforest that have exceptionally long stinger. The stinger is used not only to inject venom to the enemy but also to lay eggs.

Animals July 7, 2018

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