Giant Sloth Fossil Reveals How Creature Lived 27,000 Years Ago

The tooth of a giant sloth that grew to about 4 meters tall was discovered in Central America. In a study, scientists discovered that the creature lived through a long dry season in its final year.

Animals February 28, 2019

Internet Sensation Cat Lil Bub Has Genome Sequenced

A crowd-funded new study sequenced the whole genome of one of the internet's most famous cats, Lil Bub. Researchers found that the furry celebrity owes its unique traits to two surprising mutations.

Animals February 27, 2019

Mountain Pygmy Possums Starve As Main Food Source Is Almost Gone

Bogong moths thrive in caves and cracks in the Australian alpine mountains. But severe droughts have forced these insects to leave their habitat, making mountain pygmy possums hungry and unable to feed their young.

Animals February 26, 2019

Controversial Hippo Culling In Zambia To Commence In May

A controversial hippo culling is scheduled to happen in Zalbie this May. Activists and animal rights groups are protesting the plan, asking the government to immediately stop it.

Animals February 24, 2019

South Carolina Woman Dies After Being Mauled By Her Own Dogs

52-year-old Nancy Cherryl Burgess-Dismuke was wrestling with her dogs when they became aggressive and started to bite her arms. She died from too much blood loss from the dog bites.

Animals February 24, 2019

New Study Sheds Light On How Fruit Flies Live Without Sleeping

In new research, scientists provided proof that sleep is not as necessary for survival as previously believed. The study findings suggested that sleep may not be crucial to perform basic biological functions the way food does.

Animals February 23, 2019

Botswana Mulls Lifting Elephant Hunting Ban And Turning Animal's Meat Into Pet Food

Climate change forced elephants to move out of their natural habitats in search for food and water. This poses greater risks on the destruction of crops and human lives.

Animals February 24, 2019

Scientists Solve Mystery Of Mary The Stickleback Fish That Had 'Virgin Birth'

Scientists may have solved the mystery of the so-called virgin birth of Mary the stickleback fish. Evidently, the rare phenomenon may actually be just accidental.

Animals February 23, 2019

Squid Teeth-Inspired Proteins May Provide Eco-Friendly Plastic Alternative

Researchers found that the proteins in squid teeth may be used to create useful items from plastic alternatives to smart clothes and self-healing fabrics. Fortunately, these proteins can be created in a laboratory without harming squid.

Animals February 22, 2019

World's Biggest Bee Believed To Be Extinct Found Alive In Indonesia

The world's biggest bee was thought to be extinct for the last 38 years. Scientists found them alive in the wild at an island in Indonesia.

Animals February 22, 2019

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released In High-Security Lab

Genetically modified female mosquitoes will become sterile that they no longer have the ability to bite humans. This trait will be passed on to future generations of a particular species; thus, eradicating malaria in Africa.

Animals February 20, 2019

New Avian Study Could Rewrite What We Know About Bird Evolution

New research argued that ancestry and behavior, not diet, are the primary drivers of the evolutionary changes in avian skulls. In the biggest study of its kind, researchers analyzed a total of 352 bird skulls.

Animals February 20, 2019

Lobster Bellies Could Inspire High-Tech Full Body Armor For Humans

The soft membrane of the lobster could improve human body armor used in law enforcement. The researchers at MIT found that the natural hydrogel that connects the exoskeleton is as tough as industrial rubber but remains flexible to movement.

Animals February 21, 2019

Prehistoric Spiders Dead For 110 Million Years Still Have Glowing Eyes

Fossilized remains of spiders that died 110 million years ago were found trapped in a rock in South Korea. The two specimens still have eyes that glow in the dark.

Animals February 19, 2019

The Great White Shark’s Decoded Genome Shows Promise In Wound And Cancer Protection

Scientists have decoded the entire great white shark genome, a groundbreaking step in the field of marine science. Analysis showed that huge-bodied sharks do not acquire cancer as frequently as humans or other animal species.

Animals February 19, 2019

Bees Are Math Geniuses According To Study

Honeybees were taught to add or subtract numbers in a new experiment by scientists at the RMIT University in Australia. They found that big brains do not necessarily mean intelligence.

Animals February 7, 2019

Dinosaur With Spiky Spine Discovered In Argentina

The newly-discovered dinosaurs called Bajadasaurus pronuspinax were unearthed in Argentina. Scientists believe that their long, thin, and sharp spikes that grew on the back of their necks might have been used for defense to fend off predators.

Animals February 6, 2019

Feather Fossil Long Thought To Be From Archaeopteryx Bird Belonged To Unknown Dinosaur

Imaging technology revealed the missing quill of a 150-million-year-old fossilized feather discovered in Germany in 1861. Analyses revealed the feather did not belong to the Archaeopteryx bird.

Animals February 5, 2019

UK Fish And Chip Shops Serve Endangered Shark Species, Study Claims

A study finds that a majority of fish and chip takeaways in England are actually made from threatened and endangered sharks. The scientists identified species such as spiny dogfish and scaloped hammerhead.

Animals February 2, 2019

Microplastics Found In All 50 Marine Mammals Involved In Study

All of the marine mammals involved in a study were found to have microplastics in them. Most of the particles were synthetic fibers that can come from a variety of sources.

Animals February 1, 2019

Discovered 'Antarctic King' Fossil Is Iguana-Sized Dinosaur Relative

The fossilized remains of an iguana-sized reptile was found to be a cousin of dinosaurs. It lived in Antarctica when it wasn't yet a frozen wasteland.

Animals January 31, 2019

Fossilized Feathers Of Winged Dinosaur Anchiornis Offer Clues To How Birds Evolved To Fly

The fossilized feathers of the Anchiornis, a winged dinosaur that lived in China 10 million years before the Archaeopteryx, contain both β-keratins and α-keratins.What does this tell about the transition of dinosaurs to birds?

Animals January 29, 2019

Bug Bombs Leave Toxic Residues But Still Ineffective At Killing Cockroaches At Home

Bug bombs are not effective at killing cockroaches indoors because they do not reach places where these pests are most often found. Researchers found a more effective and safer way to kill cockroaches.

Animals January 28, 2019

Scientists Complete Axolotl Genome Sequence That Could Hold Key To Human Regeneration

It was not easy, but scientists have finally completed axolotl genome sequencing. They may now be holding the key to mimicking the creatures' regeneration capabilities in humans.

Animals January 27, 2019

Rare Angel Shark Spotted Off Welsh Coast

A group of fishermen had an angel shark sighting off the coast of Wales. The creatures used to be more common, but overfishing, pollution, and habitat disruption led to its now-dwindling numbers.

Animals January 26, 2019

Fossils From China Reveal Prehistoric Reptile Platypus

What could be even more unique than the duck-billed platypus? Evidently, the prehistoric version of it was a poor swimmer and had unusually small eyes.

Animals January 24, 2019

Chinese Scientists At It Again With Gene-Edited Monkeys

Five gene-edited monkey clones were born at the Institute of Neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, China. The latest research is intended to back efforts in testing and developing drugs for the treatment of various human diseases in the years to come.

Animals January 24, 2019

Switching Street Lights Off At Midnight May Help Nocturnal Insect Pollinators

Light pollution can apparently also affect our food supply because it can affect the pollination of nocturnal insects such as moths. Here's a simple solution to help these pollinators.

Animals January 22, 2019

Prehistoric Shark Galagadon Had Teeth Shaped Like Spaceships In 1980s Arcade Game 'Galaga'

The prehistoric freshwater shark was named Galagadon nordquistae because of the shape of its teeth. They looked like the spaceships in the 1980s video game 'Galaga.' The species lived alongside dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period.

Animals January 21, 2019

Scientists Solve Mystery Behind Effectiveness Of Hagfish Slime

According to a new paper, scientists discovered how the hagfish is able to spew slime that can grow 10,000 times its original size. This self-defense mechanism can suffocate a predatory shark and work in under one second.

Animals January 21, 2019

Scientists Create Monsters With Multiple Heads In Lab To Study How Hydra Regenerates With Only One Head

Researchers at the University of Geneva created creatures that sprouted multiple heads when they engineered hydras not to express the Sp5 gene. The study may pave way for a treatment that can target cancer cells.

Animals January 20, 2019

Bodies Of Tardigrades, Crustaceans Found In Antarctica's Lake Mercer

Scientists with the SALSA project found tardigrades, crustaceans and a fungus or plant while exploring Mercer subglacial lake in Antarctica. How did these organisms get into the lake?

Animals January 18, 2019

Researchers Build Robot From Fossil To Learn How Extinct Herbivore Walked

Evolutionary biologists at the Humboldt University in Berlin built an OroBOT, a robot version of the Orobates pabsti that looks like a lizard. The new study will help scientists to better understand the evolution of locomotion.

Animals January 17, 2019

Honey Bee Parasite Varroa Mites Do Not Feed On Bees' Blood

In a series of experiments, researchers found evidence that the varroa mites that attack honey bees do not have an appetite for hemolymph or bee blood. What do these parasites feed on?

Animals January 15, 2019

Biologists Identify New Groundwater Salamander Species In Central Texas Including 1 At Risk Of Extinction

The three newly identified groundwater salamander species are all endemic in Central Texas. These predators play an important role in maintaining the quality and quantity of fresh water that people in Texas depend on.

Animals January 14, 2019

Local Residents Of Rural Brazil Town Report 'Rain Of Spiders'

A man visiting his grandparents in Brazil woke up to hundreds of spiders floating in the sky one sunny morning. According to experts, the spiders built a giant cobweb above ground to catch mosquitos overnight.

Animals January 13, 2019

Spring Migration Causes 2 Billion Birds To Cross Gulf Of Mexico, Says Study

A new study found that an average of 2.1 billion birds migrates through the Gulf of Mexico each spring. The findings also revealed that the highest activity, with 26,000 birds per kilometer, occurs along the western coast of Texas.

Animals January 10, 2019

CT Scan Reveals Ancient Sea Monster Skull Discovered 60 Years Ago Have Fake 'Bones'

Digital reconstruction of a 200-million-year old skull of an ichthyosaur found in 1955 revealed more fake materials than expected. One of the fake bones was so expertly modeled researchers only realized it was a fake because of the scans.

Animals January 8, 2019

Genes With Increased Activity In Monogamous Animals Linked To Learning And Memory

Monogamous species have sets of genes that were more likely to be turned up or turned down in the brain. Some of these genes were linked to neural development, learning, memory and signaling between cells.

Animals January 7, 2019

Alleged 'Sonic Attack' On US Embassy In Cuban Capital Likely Caused By Crickets, Say Experts

A recent paper analyzed audio recordings from an alleged sonic attack at the U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba in 2016. Researchers found that the noise was made by lovelorn crickets.

Animals January 7, 2019

Number Of Monarch Butterflies Wintering In California Dropped by 86 Percent In Just One Year

Researchers with the Xerces Society recorded less than 30,000 monarch butterflies wintering in California over the Thanksgiving weekend. The number is equivalent to an 86-percent drop from the number recorded in 2017.

Animals January 6, 2019

Cute Newfound Species Of Tree Frog Has Funny-Looking Claw

Hyloscirtus hillisi is the latest member in Hyloscirtus family of frogs discovered by biologists. These tree frogs can be found in nearby streams from Costa Rica to the Andes of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Animals January 4, 2019

Scientists Find Fossils Of Prehistoric Pig-like Animals In Tennessee

Paleontologists from the East Tennessee State University found well-preserved fossils of ancient species of peccaries that have gone extinct. The fossils were found in a site that was once a lake with a diverse ecosystem.

Animals January 3, 2019

Endangered Grauer's Gorilla Develops Harmful Mutations Due To Shrinking Population And Inbreeding

Some of the mutations can explain why some Grauer's gorillas have fused digits. There were changes on genes associated with finger and toe development. Researchers warned other species may have similar fate.

Animals December 27, 2018

Man Shoots Own Pit Bull To Protect Children In Park

A man decided to shoot his own pit bull after it had attacked another dog. According to the Connecticut police, the man said he feared his dog might attack three children in the park.

Animals December 26, 2018

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