New Study On Darwin’s Finches In The Galapagos Proves Theory Of Evolution By Natural Selection

Researchers found that the finches in the Galapagos were more likely to have originated from the Caribbean. Their finding also supported the theory of evolution by natural selection in which birds have evolved depending on the environmental conditions.

Animals May 10, 2018

Scientists Alarmed Over Predators Showing Up In Unconventional Places: Here’s What’s Really Happening

If you’ve seen an alligator showing up on your local beach lately, it might be because they’re returning to their original ecosystems. The same is true for killer whales, sea otters, and other predatory animals.

Animals May 9, 2018

Trained Regal Jumping Spider Unveils Secrets Of Arachnid Species' Extraordinary Leaps

The Regal jumping spider nicknamed Kim can leap six times the length of her body from a standing start. Here are the reasons why scientists trained her to jump on demand.

Animals May 8, 2018

Leopard That Snatched Toddler In Uganda Safari Park Remains At Large

A leopard that attacked a toddler remains roaming in the wild. Wildlife authorities said the animal needs to be transferred to a more tamed location because of the threat it poses.

Animals May 9, 2018

Carnivores In Captivity Have The Same Gestation And Birthing Season As Animals In The Wild

Researchers reported that the farther the animal is from the equator, the more seasonal its reproductive behaviors are. Carnivores in the zoo have almost the same reproductive seasonality with their counterparts in the wild.

Animals May 8, 2018

It's Normal For Alligators And Mountain Lions To Show Up In Unexpected Places, Study Says

A new study claims that it is normal to spot alligators on beaches and mountain lions away from mountains. The appearance of animals in unexpected places is caused by wildlife conservation efforts and is good for both animals and humans.

Animals May 8, 2018

Marine Protected Areas Face Risks Of Extinction Over Of Climate Change

Marine protected areas are under siege by no other than global warming. A startling new study predicts that most marine life won’t be able to adapt when drastic environmental changes occur over the next few decades.

Animals May 8, 2018

Drought Kills Nearly 200 Feral Horses On Navajo Land In Arizona

Drought and famine killed an estimated 191 feral horses in Gray Mountain on Navajo’s parched land in Arizona. The horses were found buried in the mud, dying in the process of digging the land for water.

Animals May 7, 2018

Scientists Studying The Poop Of 87 Gorillas Provide Insight Into The Diets Of Humans

Scientists conducted a research on the fecal matter of 87 gorillas from the Republic of Congo over three years. They discovered that the gastrointestinal microbes change based on the seasonal diets.

Animals May 5, 2018

Chinese-Funded Project Threatens World’s Rarest Orangutan Species To Possible Extinction

A new study called for urgent action to save the Tapanuli Orangutans from possibly going extinct. The species were discovered in 2017 and considered one of the rarest animals on Earth.

Animals May 5, 2018

Researchers Play Bach For Crocodiles During MRI To Study Their Brains

Researchers played classical music for 1-year-old Nile crocodiles during an MRI scan. As it turns out, crocodiles seem to like being inside the scanner as they remained rather calm and quiet.

Animals May 4, 2018

Footage Suggests Tourist Hauled Dying Dolphin Over His Shoulder To Bring It Home

A video showed a tourist hauling a dying dolphin over his shoulder. Witnesses said that the man put the struggling animal in his car and drove away. Authorities ensured that punishment is in place as soon as the tourist is identified.

Animals May 4, 2018

3D Construction Of Ancient Bird Fossils Offers Clue On How Dinosaurs Transitioned To Modern-Day Birds With Beaks

A three-dimensional representation of fossils of the Ichthyornis dispar revealed how the dinosaurs transitioned to modern-day birds with beaks. Most importantly, the 3D construction showed what the first bird beak looked like.

Animals May 3, 2018

Mantis Shrimp Have The Strangest Eyes In The Animal Kingdom, Says New Study

A new study determined that peacock mantis shrimp have a unique set of eyes that are constantly in motion. It also has four times the photoreceptor cells that a mammal has.

Animals May 2, 2018

Wildlife Photographer Disqualified After Using Stuffed Anteater To Stage Prize-Winning Photograph

A wildlife photographer was disqualified after it was found out that he used a stuffed anteater to stage the photo. The same anteater was later found at a museum in Brazil.

Animals April 30, 2018

Scientists Might Create Mammoth-Elephant Hybrid After 'Resurrecting' 44 Genes, Will Start With Mice First

Renowned geneticist George Church of Harvard University announced plans to create a mammoth-elephant hybrid. Researchers hope that this plan will save the elephant from possible extinction.

Animals April 30, 2018

Toxic Aquarium Coral That Releases Airborne Poison Nearly Kills Texas Family

A woman and her family were hospitalized after the palythoa coral in their fish tank released an airborne toxin called palytoxin. What causes these colorful creatures to release the poison?

Animals April 29, 2018

Disease-Free Population Of Tasmanian Devils In Australia May Save Marsupial Species From Extinction

A new population of Tasmanian devils was found untouched by the Devil Facial Tumour Disease that has brought the marsupial species to the brink of extinction. How did this newly found devils evade the disease?

Animals April 29, 2018

World’s Oldest Spider Discovered In Australian Outback Dies At Age 43

Australian researchers at Curtin University believed that they have discovered the oldest trapdoor spider in the world. The trapdoor matriarch, however, died while the researchers conducted their long-term population study of the species.

Animals April 28, 2018

Horses Have Lasting Memory Of A Person Based On Emotional Expressions Shown To Them

A new study found that horses can recognize people they initially saw in a photo when they finally meet them in person. The animals’ basis of recognition was the emotion that they first saw from the individual’s snapshot.

Animals April 27, 2018

Teeth Of Carnivorous Dinosaurs Reveal Their Hunting Strategy, Prey Choice

Do carnivorous dinosaurs have different prey choices? Evidently, while theropods' hunting methods are very similar, their teeth strength and shape may determine their prey choice.

Animals April 26, 2018

Promiscuous Monkeys Create Hybrids By Mating With Other Species, Research Says

An anthropology professor discovered a new species of monkeys in Tanzania, Africa. According to her research, the monkeys were products of two different species that had been mating for thousands of years.

Animals April 25, 2018

Scientists Are Proposing To Sequence DNA Of All Life On Earth As Part Of BioGenome Project

The Earth BioGenome Project aims to sequence genomes of all known life on Earth. The project, which will invoke the help of scientists in the global scale, is expected to cost billions of dollars and take a decade to finish.

Animals April 24, 2018

Exploding Ants Of Borneo Protect Their Colony: Other Animals With Strange Defense Mechanisms

The Borneo ant protects its colony from predators by exploding its abdomen and then killing itself in the process. Sea cucumbers also have a strange behavior, which lets them expel their organs as a defense.

Animals April 23, 2018

Marine Biologists Discover Bizarre Deep-Sea Squid In The Gulf Of Mexico

A team from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration discovered an unlikely sea creature. The bizarre crimson red squid lurks at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

Animals April 21, 2018

27.5-Million-Year-Old Species Of Baleen Whale Found In New Zealand Is One Of Oldest

The ancient species of baleen whale named Toipahautea waitaki lived in New Zealand when the region was an island archipelago. How is this creature different from its modern-day cetacean kins?

Animals April 21, 2018

Rare River Shark Species Not Seen In A Decade Found On Sale In A Fish Market

The Ganges river shark is one of the top 20 most threatened shark species, and it is in the IUCN Red List. Someone took a picture of the elusive creature on sale at the Sassoon Dock fish market in India.

Animals April 21, 2018

Mystery Death Of Oxford Dodo Revealed: How Scientists Use The Specimen To Rewrite Extinct Bird’s History

Scientists discovered the cause of death of the Oxford Dodo that had evolved in Mauritius Island in the 1600s. Dodo models were made and distributed in a number of museums in Europe and other countries to celebrate the extinct animal.

Animals April 21, 2018

St. Bernard Diagnosed With Cancer, But Closer Inspection Revealed It Was Four Teddy Bears

A St. Bernard in the UK was diagnosed with what doctors thought was cancer, but she wasn't sick. It turns out that the cancer was actually four teddy bears swallowed by the dog.

Animals April 20, 2018

Scientists Reveal That A Gunshot Wiped Out The Oxford Dodo Bird

The Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick has uncovered a mystery surrounding the Oxford Dodo bird. The research team revealed that someone shot the Oxford Dodo bird in the bird’s head and neck.

Animals April 20, 2018

Exploding Ants Of Borneo Detonate Themselves To Protect Their Colony

A team of researchers officially classified the exploding ants of Borneo as Colobopsis explodens for their outstanding trait to voluntarily self-detonate when their whole colony is faced with enemies.

Animals April 20, 2018

Study Finds Inconclusive Results On Whether Animals Can Predict Earthquakes Despite Hundreds Of Reports

There are hundreds of reports of animals behaving abnormally before earthquakes, but does that mean they can predict such natural disasters? Researchers find that the data is still lacking.

Animals April 20, 2018

Climate Change Affecting Food Chains In The Ocean, Reducing Number Of Fish

Climate change is now altering life in the ocean by affecting the food chains of the animals inside of it. Due to climate change there could be fewer fish in the sea.

Animals April 19, 2018

Hundreds Of Dying Octopus Mothers And Their Eggs Found In Deep Sea Volcano-Warmed Waters

Researchers found a group of mother octopuses and their eggs huddled in an underwater outcrop where warm water flows. Why were the cephalopods and their eggs in this potentially deadly area?

Animals April 19, 2018

Fossils From Marine Sediments In Alabama Belonged To Newly Identified Ancestor Of Modern Sea Turtles

A retired USDA soil scientist found fossils of a marine reptile and donated it to the Alabama Museum of Natural History. The fossils belonged to an ancestor of modern-day sea turtles. Researchers called it Peritresius martini.

Animals April 19, 2018

Superhuman Bajau People Have A Rare Mutation That Allows Them To Stay Underwater Longer

A new study conducted on the Bajau people showed why they were able to hold their breath underwater for thousands of years. The small Malaysian group of people spends most of their days underwater for eight years.

Animals April 19, 2018

Intelligent Baboons Use Team Work To Temporarily Escape Research Facility

Four baboons escaped an animal testing facility in Texas over the weekend. One bright baboon used a blue barrel to scale the wall of its enclosure, and others followed suit.

Animals April 18, 2018

Underwater Noise Pollution Is Stressing Out Aquatic Animals: Humans Are Encroaching Into Their World

The ocean may seem like a quiet place, but it is now noisier than ever thanks to humans. Noise created by machines and developments on the waterfront are increasing sounds in the sea and stressing aquatic animals.

Animals April 17, 2018

11 Lions Found Dead In Uganda Via Suspected Poisoning

Lions from a wildlife park in Uganda were found dead in 11 suspected cases of poisoning. Lions are one of the animals included in the Red List of Threatened Species.

Animals April 16, 2018

4 Baboons Escape From Research Facility In Texas

Four baboons were shortly returned to their enclosure after they had escaped earlier from a primate research facility. All the baboons that escaped are accounted for, and veterinarians confirmed that they are all okay.

Animals April 15, 2018

Earth's Magnetic Field Reunites Turtles With Similar Genetic Composition

Biologists found that loggerhead sea turtles may get lost while finding their natal beaches even with their capabilities for magnetic navigation. These turtles would nevertheless find other turtles with similar genetic composition.

Animals April 14, 2018

Scary Stonefish Discovered To Have Hidden Switchblade In Their Heads

There is a lot to fear about a stonefish. Besides being poisonous and covered in spikes, scientists have found a new defense mechanism. The stonefish has a hidden switchblade inside its head.

Animals April 13, 2018

Green-Haired Turtle That Breathes Through Its Genitals Now An Endangered Species Due To Pet Trade

The Mary river turtle became an extremely popular pet before it was formally described in 1994. It was already endangered when it was recognized as a species. What made the reptile particularly vulnerable to population decline?

Animals April 13, 2018

Peregrine Falcons Are Able To Outmaneuver Their Prey At Speeds Of 220 Miles Per Hour

Peregrine falcons can travel at the same speeds as Formula One cars while trying to catch their prey. One of their maneuvers is only possible at faster speeds.

Animals April 12, 2018

Male Hummingbirds Use Their Whistling Tail Feathers To Attract Females, No One Is Sure Why They Do It

Hummingbirds' flight capabilities and size are already impressive, but scientists have now discovered a new feature of these birds. To attract mates, male hummingbirds sing with their tail feathers.

Animals April 16, 2018

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