Uruguay Boasts Nearly 95 Percent Electricity From Clean Energy

The South American country was able to go the renewable route in less than 10 years, using clean energy techniques.

Energy December 4, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates And Others Team Up To Invest In Clean Energy

The founders of Facebook and Microsoft announce a new initiative that consists of tech companies investing in clean and reliable energy.

Energy November 30, 2015

Upgraded Large Hadron Collider Sets New Energy Collision Record

CERN's Large Hadron Collider made a record collision between two heavy atomic nuclei. Two beams of lead nuclei were shot at each other on Nov. 17 and on Nov. 25, stable beams were declared.

Energy November 29, 2015

CERN Replicates First Moments Of Universe In Upgraded Large Hadron Collider

Scientists at CERN were able to recreate the first few moments after the Big Bang by smashing together lead ions. For three weeks, they will be working at the Large Hadron Collider to study the oldest form of matter in the Universe—the quark-gluon plasma.

Energy November 27, 2015

Blue-Green Algae Could Be New Source Of Green Power

Researchers recently invented a power cell that harnesses algae energy, a potential renewable energy source to help reduce fossil fuel dependence. The good news: blue green algae are found everywhere.

Energy November 26, 2015

New Self-Healing Gel Could Help Electronics Bend And Not Break

When it breaks, it heals itself — and it doesn't need any help doing it.

Energy November 25, 2015

Amazon Announces Plan To Build Wind Farm In Ohio

Just the latest in Amazon's investment in renewable energy. It's the fourth major renewable energy effort from the online retailer's Amazon Web Services division.

Energy November 20, 2015

$13.5 Million Awarded To Stanford-Led Team To Develop Particle Accelerator The Size Of Shoebox

The research efforts of scientists to create a compact sized particle accelerator are slowly bearing fruit. The Stanford-led team is awarded $13.5 million to help fund and further improve their research results.

Energy November 21, 2015

You Can Now Refrigerate Water With A Laser

Scientists and the University of Washington have figured out a way that infrared lasers can refrigerate water — which might help us better understand the way that atoms and molecules function.

Energy November 19, 2015

The UK Is Eliminating All Coal Power Plants In Next Nine Years

Some call the move to phase out coal power a victory. Others say it is cynical hypocrisy.

Energy November 19, 2015

Scientists Refrigerate Water Using Laser For The First Time

Researchers were able to refrigerate water using laser — a material typically associated with heat production. After years of baffling scientists, the key to cooling liquid things was finally discovered, opening up possible applications to various industrial and medical fields.

Energy November 19, 2015

Why Is Graphene The Miracle Material?

The strongest material on Earth is only one atom thick. How will we use it?

Energy November 17, 2015

Building A Solar-Powered Oasis Underground

An exclusive interview with the co-founder and creator of New York City's underground forest.

Energy November 16, 2015

Heating Mechanism Could Make Materials Hotter Than Sun: How This Could Impact Energy Production

Physicists have proposed a new laser technology that could heat materials through thermonuclear fusion. The application of this new technology has both positive and negative effects to the world, experts said.

Energy November 18, 2015

Theory Of General Relativity Marks 100th Year: Origins, Political Connections And Other Facts About Einstein's Theory

The theory of relativity postulated by Albert Einstein is celebrating its 100th year. Looking back at the journey of the famous scientific concept, it can be said that it had rich origins, valuable political connections and interesting associated facts.

Energy November 16, 2015

Super Laser Providing Temperatures Hotter Than The Sun Could Bring Fusion Energy One Step Closer

Researchers suggested that ultra-powerful laser heating materials to 10 million degrees Celsius could create fusion like that occurring in our sun. This technique could bring us closer to fusion reactors providing limitless energy.

Energy November 17, 2015

Scientists Discover New Plasma Confinement State: How This Could Change Energy Industry

Researchers found a breakthrough in plasma research: a new plasma confinement state. The discovery could pave the way for the development of efficient fusion reactors that could change the energy industry drastically.

Energy November 12, 2015

Discovery Of New Plasma Confinement State Holds Key To Achieving Fusion Energy

A research on high-temperature and high-density plasma confinement using magnetic fields could lead to the development of fusion energy. Improving the confinement state of magnetic islands holds the key to the future of fusion plasma.

Energy November 11, 2015

What The Heck Is World Science Day? (And Why Should I Care?)

World Science Day is a real thing. Here's why you should care about it.

Energy November 10, 2015

MIT Scientists Announce Ultraefficient Solar Cells

The new technology could make solar panels thinner, lighter, and more effective. The secret is quantum mechanics.

Energy November 6, 2015

Hyperloop Technologies CEO Says Technology Could Arrive In Only Five Years

Those excited to ride on the Hyperloop on their own will be pleased to know that they could be riding using the tech in only five years. At least, that's what Hyperloop Technologies CEO Rob Lloyd is aiming to accomplish.

Energy November 6, 2015

Scientists Measure Force Binding Antiprotons Together To Probe Why Antimatter Is Extremely Rare

The strong nuclear force between antiprotons was found to be as attractive as the force between protons. Some assymetry may be at work that could explain the scarcity of antimatter in the universe.

Energy November 5, 2015

Researchers Find That Thermal Sensors Made Out Of Graphene Could Create Low-Cost Night-Vision Technology

Researchers found that a night-vision device equipped with a thermal sensor made out of graphene will reduce the cost of thermal imaging technologies.

Energy November 4, 2015

Researchers Create A 'Bubble Piano' That Syncs With Beethoven's Symphony That Can Be Used For Clean Energy

Researchers from MIT found a method for controlling the formation of bubbles on a boiling surface that can be applied in the tech and clean energy sectors.

Energy November 3, 2015

Dong Energy Is Building The World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Dong Energy has announced a new project for an offshore wind farm, which will be, according to the company, the largest offshore wind farm in the world, offering 660 megawatts of energy, beating out the current record-holder, which is 630 megawatts and also built by Dong.

Energy October 30, 2015

Optical Detector Monitors All Forms Of Light Using Graphene Flakes

Researchers built a new optical graphene detector that can monitor light incidents in just 40 picoseconds. The new graphene detector is the first model to effectively monitor all light from visible to infrared to terahertz radiation.

Energy October 31, 2015

Amsterdam Plans To Build An Eco-Friendly Hotel That Doubles As Its Own Air Conditioner

Ben Bronsema, an 80-year-old designer and engineer, has designed a hotel that can cool itself without the use of a traditional air conditioning system powered by electricity. In fact, the hotel might become the 'first (nearly) zero-energy hotel' in history.

Energy October 29, 2015

Morocco Builds World's Largest Solar Power Plant

Morocco has plans to build the world's largest solar power plant to occupy the desert near Ouarzazate. This plant will eventually create enough energy to provide power to about 1 million homes.

Energy October 29, 2015

Scientists Make 'Star Wars' Tractor Beam A Reality: How This Technology Can Change Our World

The fictional tractor beam featured in 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' movies is now real. The technology has a range of potential applications such as in factory settings and in medicine.

Energy October 29, 2015

Scientists Create Blackest Material Ever Made: Nanostructures Absorb 99 Percent Of Light

How dark is the deepest shade of black? Just in time for Halloween, scientists have created the blackest material to date. It's so dark that it destroys all light, well almost.

Energy October 27, 2015

2D Laser Could Pave Way For Next-Generation Photonic Devices

A team of researchers was able to use a layer of tungsten and a specially made resonator to produce high quality 2D laser. This is a big step in getting closer to developing next-generation photonic devices.

Energy October 27, 2015

Dutch Researchers Show Einstein Was Wrong: What New Study Reveals About Speed Of Light

Researchers challenged what Einstein firmly believed was not possible: the quantum theory. In a new study, scientists were able to close all the loopholes questioning the existing connection between two objects separated by distance.

Energy October 26, 2015

Apple Launches Clean Energy Program In China, Also Planning Solar Projects

The tech giant claims its efforts will help to avoid 20 million metric tons of greenhouse pollution in the country between now and 2020.

Energy October 22, 2015

Apple Promoting Clean Energy Programs In China, Looking To Install Over 2 Gigawatts Of Solar Power

Apple is carrying out several programs in China to promote clean energy. The initiative includes the installation of more than 2 gigawatts' worth of new clean energy in the coming years.

Energy October 22, 2015

Google Invests In Africa's Largest Wind Power Project

Google has announced that it is backing the largest clean energy project in Africa, the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project. Google will be purchasing a 12.5 percent stake in the project.

Energy October 21, 2015

Engineers Use A Quantum-Tweaked Virus To Make Better Solar Power

Quantum physics, virology, sustainability and engineering come together to create the most efficient solar panel cells.

Energy October 20, 2015

Genetically Engineered Virus Improves Efficiency Of Solar Cells

Scientists have genetically engineered a virus which can improve the efficiency of solar cells by using the same quantum effects that plants apply during photosynthesis. Scientists hope that practical applications will be done in the future.

Energy October 16, 2015

Scientists Might Have Found The 'Glueball,' A Particle Made Entirely Of Pure Nuclear Force

Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology have possibly identified the ever-elusive 'glueball' — a particle made of pure nuclear force that 'sticks' other nuclear particles together.

Energy October 13, 2015

Tesla Battery Units Will Power Office Buildings To Free Up Energy Grid During Peak Hours In California

The Irvine Company has partnered with Advanced Microgrid Solutions to build Tesla Energy battery farms outside office buildings to free up the grid when demand is high.

Energy October 13, 2015

Buildings Of The Future: Tesla Batteries Will Power California Office Buildings

The Irvine Company struck a deal with Advanced Microgrid Solutions to fit office buildings with Tesla energy storage batteries in Irvine, California, significantly cutting down electric usage during peak hours. The first phase of the project is set to finish in 2016.

Energy October 13, 2015

Google Partners With Ellen MacArthur Foundation To 'Cut The Crap' And Improve Its Circular Economy

Google announced that it's teaming up with the nonprofit Ellen MacArthur Foundation to focus on sustainability and improving its circular economy.

Energy October 7, 2015

Fusion Reactors, Seen As 'Holy Grail' Of Energy Search, Are Economically Viable, Study Says

Although challenges remain, fusion reactors could compete with fission nuclear power plants in providing electricity, analysis suggests. New advances in technology could make them economically feasible, researchers say.

Energy October 7, 2015

Cell Phones Might Soon Run On Mushroom Power

Scientists find new power in fungi.

Energy October 2, 2015

Watch Never-Before-Seen Footage Of 1955 Atomic Bomb Testing In HD

Atom Central has released clips of rare, unseen footage of a series of atomic bomb testing explosions -- all of which have been restored in HD.

Energy October 2, 2015

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