Mitsubishi Electric Develops Innovative Antenna System 'SeaAerial' That Uses Seawater

The SeaAerial shoots a column of seawater into the air, creating a plume for the transmission and reception of radio-frequency waves.

Energy January 27, 2016

Berkeley Researcher Uses Graphene To Filter Water In A More Energy Efficient System

Baoxia Mi is developing a graphene membrane that could effectively remove wastewater contaminants and be used toward wastewater reuse, treating storm water and the desalination of water.

Energy January 25, 2016

How Do Airplanes Manage To Fly In Such Cold Temperatures?

How airplanes manage to survive in cold temperatures is a puzzling concept. Various explanations exists, including a recent study involving a Namib desert beetle.

Energy January 25, 2016

Announcing The First Woven Nanomaterial

Is this the most flexible microscopic material on Earth?

Energy January 22, 2016

Visualizing Flow Of Energy May Make Nuclear Fusion Possible

Controlled nuclear fusion is a dream for scientists and advocates of clean energy. Now, a new method has been developed in San Diego and may just be the first step needed to turn the dream into a reality.

Energy January 20, 2016

42 Percent Of Denmark's Energy Was Wind-Powered In 2015

Denmark is serving as an example to us all, as it generated 42 percent of its energy in 2015 using wind power. This was helped by the fact that 2015 was reportedly a windy year for Denmark, but it can still serve as an example to other countries.

Energy January 18, 2016

MIT Researchers Develop Material That Easily Stores Solar Energy That Can Be Released As Heat On Demand

MIT says the technology could be used to remove ice from car windshields and also to make clothes warmer.

Energy January 14, 2016

MIT Researchers Develop An Incandescent Light Bulb That Partially Uses Its Own Heat For Power

Researchers from MIT created an incandescent light bulb that has a special filter that allows it to recycle heat to serve as a source of power.

Energy January 13, 2016

Albert Einstein's Mass Energy Equation Inadequate, Says Indian Researcher

Indian scientist Ajay Sharma claimed that Albert Einstein’s mass-energy equation E=mc2 is inadequate and valid only under certain conditions. He further argued that Einstein's celebrated work was not peer-reviewed before publication, and was a mere ripoff of earlier works.

Energy January 13, 2016

New Lithium-Ion Battery Won't Overheat And Catch Fire

A new lithium-ion battery automatically shuts down when its temperature gets too high and then powers back on when it has cooled down. The technology can help prevent explosions and other accidents linked to overheating batteries.

Energy January 12, 2016

Light Recycling Boosts Energy Efficiency Of Incandescent Light Bulbs

MIT researchers created a new incandescent light bulb with 21st century technology. The new light bulb prevents thermal energy from escaping by redirecting the heat and converting it back to light.

Energy January 12, 2016

Work Out To Get Fit And Create Clean Energy: MIT Figured Out How To Harness Movement For Electricity

Researchers from the MIT found a way to create clean energy by transforming body movement to electricity. Check out the practical uses of the technology and its benefits for both companies and consumers.

Energy January 8, 2016

Researchers Develop Device To Harness Energy From Small Bending Motions

MIT researchers developed a system that harnesses the energy created by small human movements like running and walking. The technology creates a voltage and an electric current that can power devices.

Energy January 9, 2016

Researchers Develop Hydrogen Biofuel Nano-Reactor From Bacteria And Viruses

Researchers took biofuel production to the next level by combining bacterial and viral components. Their work resulted in a highly efficient enzyme beneficial to making hydrogen fuel.

Energy January 6, 2016

Researchers Uncover Clue To Generate Electric Current Without Consuming Energy

Generate electric currents without using up energy? Researchers are a step closer toward achieving just that, as they uncover clues in an experiment involving topological insulators.

Energy January 5, 2016

Going Solar: Google Rolls Out Online Service To Help You Weigh Pros And Cons

Google has expanded its 'Project Sunroof' to help homeowners determine if going solar is worth it. Check out what are the Pros and Cons of using the online tool could be.

Energy January 4, 2016

Discovery Of Element 113 By RIKEN Scientists Completes 7th Row Of Periodic Table

The seventh row of the periodic table of elements has finally been completed. Japanese, Russian and American scientists were given official recognition for the discovery of elements 113, 115, 117 and 118.

Energy January 5, 2016

CERN Scientists Study Feasibility Of 100 Tera-Electron-Volt Particle Accelerator

CERN scientists are currently exploring the feasibility of a 100 tera-electron-volt (TeV) particle accelerator, with a new cooling design scheme that could slash the cost of cooling future machines. The 100 TeV collider will produce seven times the energy per collision that of the Large Hadron Collider.

Energy January 3, 2016

Formula 1 Giant Introduces Energy-Saving Technology For Supermarket Refrigerators

Williams, a force on the F1 racing scene, is working with Aerofoil Energy to empower supermarkets and convenience stores with aerofoils that boast energy savings between 10 and 32 percent.

Energy December 28, 2015

99 Percent Of Costa Rica's 2015 Electricity Comes From Renewable Sources

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute on Friday said that 99 percent of the country's electricity has been generated from renewable sources. The nation's milestones in renewable energy have placed it in the global spotlight.

Energy December 20, 2015

No, That North Carolina Town Didn’t Ban Solar Panels For Sucking Up Sun

Recent news coverage has mocked a rural North Carolina town for rejecting solar panels that suck up the sun's energy and cause cancer. Those reports are inaccurate.

Energy December 16, 2015

Physicists Have Discovered Evidence Of A Gluino Particle, The Cousin Of The Higgs Boson

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN have found evidence of a new particle called the gluino, which might be integral to the nature of our universe.

Energy December 16, 2015

Electrons Are Probably Immortal (Still)

The standard model of physics is safe for now, following new research on electron decay.

Energy December 16, 2015

This Hydrogen-Powered Drone Stays Up In The Air For Hours

Set to debut at CES 2016, the company Intelligent Energy created a hydrogen fuel cell powered range extender that lengthens drone flight time by a few hours and reduces charge time to mere minutes.

Energy December 15, 2015

German Scientists Produce Helium Plasma Using Wendelstein 7-X Fusion Reactor

The Max Planck Institute has successfully produced plasma by super-heating helium using the Wendelstein 7-X machine. This breakthrough could lead to the development of cleaner and cheaper energy sources.

Energy December 14, 2015

Google's Project Sunroof Introduces Home Assessment Tool To Calculate Solar Energy Potential

Now, interested customers could learn how many hours of usable sunlight is available to them and how much money they'll potentially save per year by going solar.

Energy December 11, 2015

German Physicists Reach Milestone In Nuclear Fusion Energy Quest

German physicists were able to achieve a milestone in nuclear fusion as they were able to produce a super-heated plasma within a vessel. Through the Wendelstein 7-X machine, the quest for clean, cheap and safe energy may be soon be fulfilled.

Energy December 11, 2015

Penn State, Princeton Academics Caught Accepting Secret Funding To Challenge Climate Change

Undercover activists posed as fossil fuel industry reps and documented professors accepting secret donations, then agreeing not to disclose funders and offering to weaken peer review.

Energy December 9, 2015

Laser-Induced Graphene Might Make The Battery Obsolete

Laser-induced graphene-made supercapacitors might one day replace battery power as we know it.

Energy December 7, 2015

Prototype Sodium-Ion Battery About On Par With Early Lithium-Ion Batteries

Yes, sodium like salt. Not that the batteries are filled with salt — that'd be gross.

Energy December 4, 2015

Uruguay Boasts Nearly 95 Percent Electricity From Clean Energy

The South American country was able to go the renewable route in less than 10 years, using clean energy techniques.

Energy December 4, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates And Others Team Up To Invest In Clean Energy

The founders of Facebook and Microsoft announce a new initiative that consists of tech companies investing in clean and reliable energy.

Energy November 30, 2015

Upgraded Large Hadron Collider Sets New Energy Collision Record

CERN's Large Hadron Collider made a record collision between two heavy atomic nuclei. Two beams of lead nuclei were shot at each other on Nov. 17 and on Nov. 25, stable beams were declared.

Energy November 29, 2015

CERN Replicates First Moments Of Universe In Upgraded Large Hadron Collider

Scientists at CERN were able to recreate the first few moments after the Big Bang by smashing together lead ions. For three weeks, they will be working at the Large Hadron Collider to study the oldest form of matter in the Universe—the quark-gluon plasma.

Energy November 27, 2015

Blue-Green Algae Could Be New Source Of Green Power

Researchers recently invented a power cell that harnesses algae energy, a potential renewable energy source to help reduce fossil fuel dependence. The good news: blue green algae are found everywhere.

Energy November 26, 2015

New Self-Healing Gel Could Help Electronics Bend And Not Break

When it breaks, it heals itself — and it doesn't need any help doing it.

Energy November 25, 2015

Amazon Announces Plan To Build Wind Farm In Ohio

Just the latest in Amazon's investment in renewable energy. It's the fourth major renewable energy effort from the online retailer's Amazon Web Services division.

Energy November 20, 2015

$13.5 Million Awarded To Stanford-Led Team To Develop Particle Accelerator The Size Of Shoebox

The research efforts of scientists to create a compact sized particle accelerator are slowly bearing fruit. The Stanford-led team is awarded $13.5 million to help fund and further improve their research results.

Energy November 21, 2015

You Can Now Refrigerate Water With A Laser

Scientists and the University of Washington have figured out a way that infrared lasers can refrigerate water — which might help us better understand the way that atoms and molecules function.

Energy November 19, 2015

The UK Is Eliminating All Coal Power Plants In Next Nine Years

Some call the move to phase out coal power a victory. Others say it is cynical hypocrisy.

Energy November 19, 2015

Scientists Refrigerate Water Using Laser For The First Time

Researchers were able to refrigerate water using laser — a material typically associated with heat production. After years of baffling scientists, the key to cooling liquid things was finally discovered, opening up possible applications to various industrial and medical fields.

Energy November 19, 2015

Why Is Graphene The Miracle Material?

The strongest material on Earth is only one atom thick. How will we use it?

Energy November 17, 2015

Building A Solar-Powered Oasis Underground

An exclusive interview with the co-founder and creator of New York City's underground forest.

Energy November 16, 2015

Heating Mechanism Could Make Materials Hotter Than Sun: How This Could Impact Energy Production

Physicists have proposed a new laser technology that could heat materials through thermonuclear fusion. The application of this new technology has both positive and negative effects to the world, experts said.

Energy November 18, 2015

Theory Of General Relativity Marks 100th Year: Origins, Political Connections And Other Facts About Einstein's Theory

The theory of relativity postulated by Albert Einstein is celebrating its 100th year. Looking back at the journey of the famous scientific concept, it can be said that it had rich origins, valuable political connections and interesting associated facts.

Energy November 16, 2015

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