Quantum Mechanics Rules Even The Most Massive Space Objects

A Caltech scientist has discovered that the Schrödinger Equation governs even the most massive celestial bodies. The equation is one of the fundamentals of quantum mechanics.

Energy March 7, 2018

Artificial Photosynthesis Using Iridium Catalyst May Generate And Store Clean Energy More Efficiently

Using iridium catalyst for artificial photosynthesis could pave way for more efficient means of harvesting and storing solar energy. What makes this better than generating clean energy using solar panels?

Energy March 5, 2018

CERN To Put Antimatter In A Moving Truck To Study Neutron Stars

A team of physicists from CERN is going to transport antimatter in a moving truck as part of an experiment. The antimatter road trip will also allow the researchers to know more about neutron stars.

Energy February 22, 2018

Scientists Created New Form Of Light With Potential Use In Quantum Computing

In experiments, researchers created a new form of photon that can attract or entangle each other just like atom-size lightsabers. The new photonic matter is also slower than normal light.

Energy February 16, 2018

Researchers In China Are Building A Dangerously Powerful Laser That Can 'Rip Apart Empty Space'

Chinese physicists are working to upgrade the Shanghai Superintense Ultrafast Laser Facility to blast 10-petawatt lasers. The group's ambitions, however, go beyond that, with a plan to build a 100-petawatt laser by 2023 known as the Station of Extreme Light.

Energy January 29, 2018

Engineers Create Glowing Plants That May Replace Lamps

MIT engineers successfully created glowing plants with the help of the enzymes that make fireflies glow. The development could one day lead to more sustainable lighting methods.

Energy December 16, 2017

Particle Physics Discovery: Fusing Heavy Quarks Can Produce 10 Times More Energy Than Nuclear Fusion

Fusing two bottom quarks can result in massive amount of energy more powerful than that of nuclear fusion. Is there reason to worry about potential threats from a quark bomb?

Energy November 6, 2017

Cryo-EM Captures Atomic Images Of Finger-Like Growths That Cause Batteries To Blow Up

Using cryo-EM to take atomic level images of dendrites, researchers were able to study more closely the finger-like growths that can cause batteries to blow up. Here's what they discovered:

Energy October 28, 2017

Wind Turbines Stretched Across Oceans Would Generate Enough Power For The Whole Civilization: Study

If humans could somehow find a way to install wind turbines on open oceans, they would be able to provide the world’s entire power needs, according to a new study. There are, however, various hurdles from going in that direction.

Energy October 11, 2017

WATCH: Biologist Shocks His Arm With Electric Eel For Science

A researcher found that electric eels can deliver a larger amount of electricity out of the water than in. He found out by allowing a juvenile eel electrocute his arm 10 times.

Energy September 15, 2017

SDSU Commences Ground Breaking To Begin Construction Of 800-Mile Underground Neutrino Facility

South Dakota State University has broken ground to begin excavation for its planned Neutrino research facility. Excavation for the deep underground facility could take 10 years to finish.

Energy July 22, 2017

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Swimming Robot Finds Possible Fuel Debris In Reactor

TEPCO is conducting an exploration of reactor 3 in hopes of gaining insight for eventual debris removal. For the first time, TEPCO finds evidence of resolidified fuel in the reactor.

Energy July 22, 2017

Google's New Startup Dandelion To Heat Homes Using Geothermal Energy

Google's newest sibling from parent Alphabet Inc. aims to reduce carbon emissions from buildings and homes. Dandelion offers heating and cooling systems that use geothermal energy.

Energy July 8, 2017

How Quantum Mechanics Is Chinese Scientists’ Answer To Cybersecurity Attacks

A team of Chinese scientists has successfully beat the record for quantum entanglement. But what are the applications of quantum mechanics in addressing cybersecurity attacks as well as information sharing systems?

Energy June 16, 2017

Want To Cut Your Electric Bill? This Solar Paint Could Do The Trick

Do you want to save the planet and your bank account? A team of Australian researchers has developed a new solar paint that could help provide clean and affordable energy for all.

Energy June 15, 2017

Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Will Shut Down 40 Years After Accident

In 1979, Three Mile Island was the site of the worse nuclear accident on U.S. soil. 40 years after that accident, it looks like the Pennsylvania power plant will be shutting down.

Energy May 30, 2017

Forward Labs Has Solar Roofs That Are 33 Percent More Affordable Than Tesla's

Forward Labs, a solar energy company on the rise, is offering cheaper solar roofs than conventional models with a rapid installation process, for good measure. Its mere presence sets up an interesting future for the solar energy industry.

Energy May 29, 2017

Nuclear Power Out, Renewables In: Swiss Voters Decide On Country’s Energy Future

Voters have favored nuclear phaseout in Switzerland in favor of renewable energy. Learn more about the country's Energy Strategy program and the prospects for its energy supply.

Energy May 22, 2017

Researchers Stumble Upon Potentially New Energy Source While Drilling Into An Earthquake Fault

Researchers discovered hot water while drilling into the Alpine Fault in New Zealand. The water reached a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius at a depth of just 630 meters.

Energy May 18, 2017

Tesla's Solar Roof Is More Expensive Than Typical Roof, But Here's Why The World Will Still Buy It

Tesla has now opened preorders for its solar roof, with an expected delivery date sometime this year. Here’s how much it’ll cost to install the solar roof in your home, and why it makes sense to do so.

Energy May 11, 2017

World’s Biggest X-Ray Laser Beams Its First Light: Why It Matters

The European XFEL, the biggest and most powerful X-ray laser in the world, completed its first lasing. Its key component, the superconducting linear accelerator developed by DESY, produces electron streams a billion times brighter than conventional synchrotron X-ray radiation.

Energy May 5, 2017

‘Negative Mass’ Observed By Scientists In Specially Created Fluid Defying Laws Of Motion

Scientists have observed negative mass in a fluid, defying the fundamental laws of motion. According to Michael Forbes, a physicist at Washington State University, objects with negative mass will exercise acceleration in the reverse direction.

Energy April 21, 2017

Nanoparticles Experience Unusual Forces In Vacuum: Study

A new study has revealed that nanoparticles experience a unique force in a vacuum, contradicting classical physics that friction is essential for all movement. The Casimir Effect causes nanoparticles to move laterally without any surface contact.

Energy April 12, 2017

Tesla Unveils ‘Sleek, Low-Profile’ Solar Panels That Blend Into Your Roof, Ripping Off Tiles Not Necessary

Tesla has given everyone the first glimpse at its Panasonic-made solar panels that would perch atop a user’s existing roof, no drastic remodeling required. The panels will go into production this summer, and Tesla is now taking requests for quotes.

Energy April 10, 2017

Dark Energy May Be Myth, Standard Models Of Universe Overlooked Changing Structure: Study

The dark energy that is believed to fill 68 percent of the energy of the universe and accelerate its expansion is a myth and does not exist at all, according to new research. The study challenges the standard models of the universe.

Energy April 2, 2017

Particle Bonanza: CERN Discovers Five Subatomic Particles

CERN scientists discovered five subatomic particles, which were excited states of Omega-c-zero, a baryon particle comprising two quarks and a charm quark. The excited states were carrying more energy than the standard particle of Omega-c-zero.

Energy March 28, 2017

Largest Artificial Sun Could Be Key To New Method Of Producing Renewable Energy

Hydrogen can be a source of clean and renewable energy. The world's largest artificial sun, the Synlight, could pave the way for a new method of extracting hydrogen fuel.

Energy March 24, 2017

Solar Panel Production Made Easy With New Photovoltaic Ink

Adding a fresh leg up to technologies seeking to replace silicon in solar panels, a photovoltaic perovskite ink has been created which dries up in a minute at 100°C on any surface, paving for cost-effective mass production.

Energy March 24, 2017

German Scientists Test 'World's Largest Artificial Sun,' Hoping To Make Hydrogen And Climate-Friendly Fuel

Scientists at the German Aerospace Center flipped the switch on the 'world's largest artificial sun,' called the 'Synlight' experiment. Synlight heralds a new era of experiments to produce climate-friendly fuel.

Energy March 23, 2017

US Nuclear Weapons Test Details Declassified: Footage Published Online

The United States has declassified the footage of the nuclear weapons tests it conducted from 1945 to 1962 by publishing many videos online. It will be giving the new generation an opportunity to see the energy flashes and frightening clouds.

Energy March 19, 2017

Trump May Hike US Energy Budget To Handle Nuclear Waste

Amidst budget cuts for climate and science, the Trump administration may give the Energy Department a hike. The budget increase will be for handling the country's nuclear stockpile and restart the controversial Yucca Mountain storage facility for nuclear waste.

Energy March 17, 2017

Elon Musk: Powerwall 2 Can Solve South Australia's Energy Crisis In 100 Days - Or It's Free

Elon Musk confidently backs up Lyndon Rive’s claim that Tesla only needs 100 days to save South Australia from frequent blackouts, and bets the entire cost on it.

Energy March 11, 2017

Molecule Developed To Convert Carbon Dioxide Into Carbon-Neutral Fuel By Harnessing Light

Carbon reduction efforts have a new ally in a molecule that harnesses light to convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide. According to researchers, the molecule is more efficient than any carbon reduction method around.

Energy March 9, 2017

NASA Creating The Coldest Place In Entire Universe, Here's Why

The Cold Atom Laboratory is going to be launched into outer space in August 2017. This is being done so that physicists can study the various scientific phenomena taking place inside the device and learn more about the Bose-Einstein condensate.

Energy March 8, 2017

Carbon Dioxide As Fuel? UV Light Reaction Holds Promise

Researchers at the Duke University have made success in converting carbon dioxide into methane, the basic ingredient in most fuels. The process had nanoparticles of rhodium being illuminated by ultraviolet light as a catalyst for the reaction.

Energy March 2, 2017

Technology For Low-Cost Solar Cell Manufacturing In Low Temperature Developed

Making solar cells as inexpensively as printing newspapers are in sight. This follows a new breakthrough by researchers at the University of Toronto who developed perovskite solar cells in lower temperature conditions by solving the ESL hurdle.

Energy February 28, 2017

Ghosts Don’t Exist, Otherwise LHC Particle Accelerator Would Have Gotten Them

Famous British physicist Brian Cox has ruled out the existence of paranormal beings like ghosts. In a podcast, he said ghosts must exist as a form of energy, and as such the Large Hadron Collider would have detected them.

Energy February 26, 2017

Scientists Find Better Cleanup Methods For Nuclear Waste

A study was performed by scientists to figure out how the nuclear waste compound technetium-99 can be disposed safely. Their research may have indicated a possible way.

Energy February 25, 2017

Uranium Extraction From Seawater: Stanford Researchers Make Progress, More Clean Energy Coming

Stanford researchers have made progress in the extraction of uranium from seawater. Considering the abundance of seawater, it will help countries to produce nuclear power as a carbon-free energy in the future when fossil fuels move out.

Energy February 25, 2017

Disney Living Room Prototype: Charge Your Smartphone, Fans And More Wirelessly

Disney Research has created a prototype of a living room which houses a technology that provides wireless charging. It is capable of delivering wireless power to smartphones, fans and other devices present inside the room.

Energy February 22, 2017

Automatic System For Crack Detection in Nuclear Power Plants Developed

A new automated system developed at Purdue University can detect cracks in nuclear power plants more accurately than other systems. Called CRAQ, the new system uses an advanced algorithm and machine learning to analyze remotely recorded inspection videos.

Energy February 20, 2017

Heat Flow Can Be Used To Levitate Objects, Demonstrate Scientists

A research conducted by two undergraduate physics students at University of Chicago showed that heat flow can be used to levitate objects. The researchers used two plates of varying temperature to carry out the experiment.

Energy February 17, 2017

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