Elon Musk, SolarCity Reveal 'World’s Most Efficient' Rooftop Solar Panel

The new rooftop solar panel is said to have an efficiency rate of 22.04 percent and produce 30 to 40 percent more power than traditional panels do.

Energy October 2, 2015

Freevolt Transforms Radio Frequency Waves In The Air Into Electricity

Freevolt technology can transform the radio waves from the air into electricity that can be used by devices with low energy requirements. One pegged application for the technology is the Internet of Things.

Energy October 1, 2015

Researchers Turn To Portabella Mushrooms To Develop New Battery

Researchers looking for a greener, more affordable alternative to graphite in lithium-ion batteries may have found what they are looking for in portabella mushrooms.

Energy October 1, 2015

The Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Could Power Your Entire House

A Kickstarter campaign has been started for a power turbine called the Trinity. The campaign has already far exceeded its goal, and the turbine comes in four different models, the largest of which can power an entire house.

Energy September 24, 2015

Scientists Set New Distance Record For Quantum Teleportation

NIST scientists set a new distance record when they successfully transported quantum data over 100 kilometers of optical fiber, a feat that could pave way to quantum internet and impact cryptography technologies.

Energy September 23, 2015

New Transparent Coating Cools and Boosts Efficiency of Solar Cells: How It Works

Stanford University engineers developed an energy-boosting transparent coating that acts as a cooling system for solar panels.

Energy September 24, 2015

UK Clears Way For First Chinese-Designed Nuclear Power Plant Out West

The U.K government plans on building new nuclear power stations in Britain and seeks investment opportunities from China to build what could be the nation’s first reactor since 1995.

Energy September 22, 2015

This Japanese City Is Experimenting With Alagae-Derived Fuel Sources

Alage is incredible useful, from its ability to suck up carbon dioxide to converting sunlight into usable energy.

Energy September 14, 2015

U.S. Demand For Electricity From Renewable Sources Taking Off

Solar power market in the U.S. has significantly grown between 2010 and 2015. The growth can be attributed to several factors including falling prices and subsidies by the government.

Energy September 15, 2015

Kirigami-inspired Solar Cells Could Capture More Sunlight Even On Slanted Roofs: Here's Why

Using the Japanese art of Kirigami, University of Michigan researchers developed lightweight sun tracking solar cells capable of absorbing more energy from the sun compared with traditional panels.

Energy September 12, 2015

CERN Scientists Make Music Using Particle Physics And 'Cosmic Piano'

CERN scientist created the cosmic piano which uses particle data to produce live music. It already made a live musical debut at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland last year.

Energy September 9, 2015

New LED Technology Uses Materials That Can Be Applied Like Paint: How It Can Revolutionize Lighting Technology

The material used in the new LED technology can be dissolved and applied as paint. This could affect the processes and costs associated with manufacturing LED lights.

Energy September 1, 2015

This India Airport Is The World's First Run Entirely On Solar Power

The Cochin Airport in India has announced that its international airport will be run entirely on solar power, making it the first in the world to do so. The Indian government has begun directing other airports in India to do the same.

Energy August 19, 2015

Latest Superconductivity Record At Antarctic Temps Stirs Up Physicists

A new record high for temperature was achieved for superconductors, which could pave the way for superconductors that work at room temperature. Such advance could revolutionize the field of electronics.

Energy August 19, 2015

Google Launches Project Sunroof

Google's new Project Sunroof uses Google Maps' technology to help people research and install solar panels for domestic use.

Energy August 17, 2015

Algae May Be Next Big Thing In Clean Energy Production

Scientists are looking forward to growing and harvesting algae that will allow them to extract a natural source of biofuel. Abundant, clean and easy to process, algae can produce energy for transportation equivalent to the energy in biofuel produced by crops that cover a land mass three times the U.S.

Energy August 18, 2015

MIT Researchers Propose A Fusion Reactor That Might Be The Key To Limitless Energy Resources

MIT researchers have come up with a design for a tiny fusion reactor that might have the potential to generate just as much energy as larger planned reactors - and could bring practical, limitless energy to the public in less than a decade.

Energy August 12, 2015

Museums Are Starting To Use LED Lights To Preserve Their Paintings

Studies show that UV-lights often used in museums can be harmful for paintings in the long run.

Energy August 11, 2015

Fermilab's NOvA Experiment Records First Evidence Of Oscillating Neutrinos

The NOvA research project has found evidence of oscillating neutrinos. One of the project's objectives is to observe muon neutrinos transform into electron-type neutrinos.

Energy August 8, 2015

Monkeys Are Wreaking Havoc On Solar Panels In India

Researchers in India will soon launch a concentrated solar power project, but located in the lush forest are tribes on monkeys that are attracted to the site.

Energy August 7, 2015

Researchers Have Figured Out How To 3D-Print Rechargeable Batteries

Researchers have developed a way to 3D-print rechargeable Li-ion batteries, using an electrolyte paste and electrode slurry.

Energy August 7, 2015

Nanoparticles With 'Yolk And Shell' Arrangement May Lead To Better Rechargeable Batteries

Researchers use "yolk and shell" configuration that combats constant expansion and contraction, addressing wear and tear that cuts performance in rechargeable batteries.

Energy August 7, 2015

NASA Researchers Use 'Seafloor Gardens' To Generate Electricity

In a study, researchers from NASA showed that electricity can be generated in hydrothermal vents by simulating chemical gardens on the seafloor in the laboratory.

Energy August 7, 2015

Tidal Energy Could Help Power The UK

Researchers at Oxford University and Kepler Energy have developed a new water turbine that could end up powering up to 5 percent of the U.K.'s energy needs.

Energy August 7, 2015

Cabbage White Butterfly Holds Secret To More Efficient Solar Panels

A unique butterfly structure has inspired scientists studying solar power. Mimicking the posture of Cabbage White wings, they hae been able to develop cheaper and more efficient solar panels.

Energy August 3, 2015

Researchers Fire And Test First White Lasers In The World

By creating an innovative monolithic semiconductor device, a group of researchers was able to discover the secret to producing white laser light. The findings of the study are said to provide more advancements in laser technology applications.

Energy August 1, 2015

Japanese Scientists Test Fire World's Most Powerful Laser

Scientists from Osaka University witnessed the release of the world’s most powerful laser beam. The amplified power comes from very minimal energy but produces massive wattage.

Energy July 31, 2015

The Daejeon-Sejong Bike Highway Is Solar Powered And Good For The Environment

Despite pros and cons, the Daejeon-Sejong bike path in South Korea is undoubtedly a win for the environment. It runs 20 miles between cities and provides shade for bicyclists as well as power for highway lights.

Energy July 27, 2015

Researchers Solve Mystery Behind Synchronized Swinging Of Clock Pendulums

A new study was finally able to detect how two pendulum clocks on the wall can move perfectly in sync with one another. Aside from putting an answer to an age-old question, the researchers believe that their findings could also help to boost available information regarding oscillators.

Energy July 25, 2015

Lightweight Metal Foams Can Effectively Block X-Ray, Neutron Radiation, And Gamma Rays

Researchers are looking at using modified lightweight metal foams in developing safe and effective inventions for nuclear transport, medical, space exploration, and military purposes.

Energy July 21, 2015

Magnus Effect Is Bouncing All Over The Internet: What Is It About? [Video]

The Internet is buzzing about a viral video showing how a simple spin can propel a basketball in the most unexpected direction. The Magnus Effect, which is a Physics concept, is said to be the reason why such unbelievable trick can occur.

Energy July 18, 2015

New Wind Speed Prediction Method Could Lead To Cheaper Wind Farms

Harnessing wind energy requires planning. A new method for predicting wind speed developed by MIT researchers can help with that, hastening evaluation to save precious resources.

Energy July 17, 2015

Scientists Attempting To Redefine The Value Of The Kilogram

The kilogram is a unit of measurement based on a physical metal object located in France. Now, experts are working to redefine the kilogram based on a more stable constant value.

Energy July 16, 2015

These Roads Are Built From Recycled Plastic And Can Be Made In A Factory

A Dutch company is working with the city of Rotterdam to develop plastic roads made entirely from recycled plastic collected from the oceans. The initiative, while in its early stages, could make a huge dent in pollution generated from creating asphalt roads.

Energy July 13, 2015

Colorful Dutch Roadside Noise Barriers Also Generate Solar Power

Imagine replacing ugly gray highway noise barrier eyesores with colorful transparent panels that double as solar panels? A small stretch of road in the Netherlands already has.

Energy July 13, 2015

Scientists Finally Demystify Plutonium's 'Missing' Magnetism

Researchers from two national laboratories of the DOE have confirmed that plutonium is not devoid of magnetism, and this is in a constant state of flux, making it very difficult to detect.

Energy July 13, 2015

Army Develops Efficient Solar Cells That Convert Light Energy Into Electric Energy

Researchers in the U.S. Army developed a smaller and cheaper solar cell to convert light from the sun into electric energy.

Energy July 7, 2015

Solar Impulse Takes Off From Japan For 120-Hour Journey To Hawaii

The Solar Impulse 2 took of from Japan after a forced landing on June 1. The solar-powered aircraft will now make its way to Honolulu, Hawaii, as it nears its goal of flying around the world on nothing but renewable energy.

Energy June 29, 2015

Samsung's New Graphene Technology Will Double Life Of Your Lithium-Ion Battery

Could mediocre battery life in smartphones finally see an improvement in the near future?

Energy June 29, 2015

This 26-Story Building Will Be The Largest Passive Building Ever Built

A building designed by Handel Architects is set to be the largest passive energy building every created, and will also be cheaper to build than the next largest. Passive buildings are growing in popularity because people in general are becoming more energy-aware.

Energy June 26, 2015

Thermal Spray Can Make Metal Stronger And Change Its Conductivity

A company spawned from engineers at the University of Wisconsin is creating a metal coating that can make metals far stronger and even change their conductivity. In fact, the spray could lengthen the lifespan of a mechanical part by up to five times.

Energy June 25, 2015

Historic 'VJ Day Kiss' Photo Was Taken At 5:51PM: Mystery Solved Using Shadows

Experts used scientific methods and astronomical analysis to divulge more details about the famous 'VJ Day Kiss.' The new study has come up with a precise time of the kiss, which is 5:51 p.m.

Energy June 25, 2015

The Tesla Model S Can Be Charged With Footsteps

A company called Pavegen has shown off technology that can charge the Tesla Model S simply using the kinetic energy of people walking. The tech is undergoing crowdfunding and could be implemented into offices and sidewalks in the future.

Energy June 23, 2015

Most Colorful Color Display Yet Eliminates Need For Backlight

Researchers at the mobile technology company Qualcomm have developed a new type of display that harnesses ambient light instead of relying on backlighting. The technology boosts color-producing capabilities while cutting down on power demands, compared with current displays.

Energy June 23, 2015

24M Reinvents Process Of Manufacturing Lithium-Ion Battery: What This May Bring

A startup company called 24M develops a new lithium-ion battery manufacturing process. The novel development is expected to reduce the cost of batteries by up to 50 percent.

Energy June 24, 2015

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