CERN Releases 300 TB Of Large Hadron Collider Data Online

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has uploaded 300 terabytes of data from the Large Hadron Collider for the public to use. This could help guide scientists and serve as educational tools for students.

Energy April 25, 2016

Solar Powered Plane Completes Three-Day Nonstop Flight Across The Pacific

Solar Impulse 2 touched down in Mountain View Sunday to culminate its Hawaii-California leg, deemed its riskiest so far. The solar-powered plane is deemed a major innovation in the use of clean technologies for air travel.

Energy April 25, 2016

Solar Energy Becomes Mainstream As Capacity Grows 10-Fold Within Seven Years

The solar energy industry is one of the fast growing industries across the world. Experts expect that solar energy will become mainstream as the capacity grows 10-fold in the next seven years.

Energy April 24, 2016

Alaska SeaLife Center Replaces Fossil Fuel With Renewable Seawater System

Alaska SeaLife Center converts the use of fossil fuel into renewable seawater system for the heating and cooling needs of the center. The offices and labs within its building use almost 98 percent of low-cost renewable energy from the ocean.

Energy April 24, 2016

Nanowire-Based Battery With Off-The-Charts Charging Power: Is This The Future Of Electronics?

Researchers from University of California, Irvine were able to develop a nanowire-based battery that can be charged and discharged for 200,000 times. If developed further, nanowire batteries can become the future of electronics.

Energy April 22, 2016

Americans Used Less Energy In 2015

Americans still have ways to go before they fully embrace the shift to renewable energy but change is happening, resulting in less energy use for the U.S. in 2015.

Energy April 21, 2016

New Metamaterial Can Form Solar Panels That Harvest Energy In The Dark

A new metamaterial discovered by researchers from ANU glows unusually when exposed to heat. This artificial material could open potential developments on thermophotovoltaic cells that produce electricity from harvested heat even in dark conditions.

Energy April 21, 2016

Ocean-Energy Probe Prototype Made By 14-Year-Old Girl Wows President Obama

A 14-year-old teenager from Florida wowed President Barack Obama with her ocean-energy probe prototype that harvests untapped energy from the ocean currents. The ninth-grader presented her science project during the 2016 White House Science Fair hosted by Obama.

Energy April 20, 2016

Physicists Built Working Heat Engine Consist Of Only One Atom

Scientists have finally built a functional heat engine that consists of only one atom. This single-atom heat engine can replicate the power of a car engine when constructed on a larger scale.

Energy April 19, 2016

Watch How Heat Moves Through Material At Nanoscale Level

For the first time, scientists from the University of Minnesota have captured on video how heat energy moves through material at the nanoscale level. The breakthrough could help engineers control and guide heat energy.

Energy April 19, 2016

Humans Better Than AI At Solving Quantum Computing Problems

Humans are still better than AI when it comes to quantum computing, a new study has found. While computers may possess advanced features, they lack an essential thing humans have: intuition.

Energy April 16, 2016

Russian Scientists Create Long-Distance Quantum Communication Device That Cannot Be Hacked

Russian scientists were able to create a long-distance quantum communication device that cannot be intercepted by hackers. The system may specifically transfer single-photon quantum signal safely and efficiently.

Energy April 15, 2016

White Graphene Enables Lithium-Ion Batteries Withstand High Temperatures

Scientists were able to discover a combined electrolyte-separator for lithium-ion batteries that can withstand high temperatures. White graphene is the component that enables the compound to perform efficiently.

Energy April 14, 2016

New Solar Panel Turns Raindrops Into Electricity: Here's How The Technology Works

Scientists in China created 'all-weather' graphene-coated solar panels to harness power from raindrops. They developed dye-sensitized solar cells coated with an ultra-thin film of a miracle material known as graphene.

Energy April 13, 2016

Graphene Solar Cell Generates Electricity From Sun And Rain

Scientists in China are developing revolutionary solar cells that could trigger electricity from both the sun and rain. The incredible process could lay the foundation for future all-weather solar panels.

Energy April 11, 2016

World's Brightest X-Ray Laser To Get More Powerful With Billion-Dollar Upgrade

The world's brightest and fastest X-ray laser found at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory will become more powerful than ever with a billion-dollar upgrade. The project will take X-ray science to the next level.

Energy April 6, 2016

Physicists Discover New State Of Matter: Quantum Spin Liquid In A Two-Dimensional Material

Scientists find direct evidence of a new state of matter - quantum spin liquid. The state was predicted 40 years ago but remained unobserved until now. The findings can help improve quantum computing power.

Energy April 6, 2016

Reverse Photosynthesis Uses Sunlight To Convert Plant Biomass Into Fuel

Scientists in Denmark have discovered a process called reverse photosynthesis, which uses sunlight to convert biomass into fuel. The discovery could revolutionize the production of industrial fuel and chemicals.

Energy April 5, 2016

Engineers Develop Paperlike Battery Electrode Using Combo Of Graphene And Silicon

A group of researchers are planning to make batteries perform even better. With a combo of graphene and silicon, they’ve made a paperlike battery electrode.

Energy April 2, 2016

Sun May Have Produced Small Superflare In AD 775, Evidence From Tree Rings Suggests

Our sun may have already produced small superflares that hit Earth thousands of years ago, a study suggests. This notion is supported by evidence from tree rings, researchers said.

Energy March 28, 2016

Poop Power: Duke Energy To Use Poultry Waste As Energy Source

Duke Energy will turn to swine and poultry waste for energy. The company will start obtaining power from poop to create renewable energy and generate electricity.

Energy March 23, 2016

Data From Large Hadron Collider Experiment Strengthen Possibility Of New Particle

A new experiment at the Large Hadron Collider strengthens the possibility of a new particle. More studies are on the way, but so far, physicists are excited about the latest data available.

Energy March 20, 2016

Damaged Tomatoes May Provide Alternative Source of Electricity

Florida generates a massive volume of tomato waste every year. Now, a team of scientists has developed a method to turn tomato waste as an alternative source of electricity.

Energy March 17, 2016

Environmentally Friendly Battery Burns Carbon Nanotubes To Generate Power

MIT researchers developed a system for generating electricity sans use of toxic materials such as lithium. The carbon nanotube-based power system uses ordinary table sugar as combustible material to produce power.

Energy March 15, 2016

Daylight Saving Time - Is It An Idea Whose Time Is Past?

Daylight saving time means most Americans recently set their clocks forward an hour. Is it time to get rid of this tradition and adopt standard time instead?

Energy March 13, 2016

Large Hadron Collider Examines New Particle, Findings Could Mark New Age In Physics

Physicists found that a newly discovered particle breaks down in a fashion different from theories predict. Could this be the beginning of the end for the standard model of physics?

Energy March 11, 2016

Whole Foods To Install Rooftop Solar System At 100 Stores

Whole Foods will soon harness solar energy in its stores. The Austin, Texas-based grocery chain aims to be among the biggest corporate solar energy users in the U.S., eyeing both environmental benefits and protection from future energy cost hikes.

Energy March 9, 2016

German Scientists Successfully Teleport Classical Information Using Laser Beams

'Star Trek' showed a lot of technology that was deemed impossible decades ago. Today, a lot of what they have shown is used in the real world - a team of scientists even tried making teleportation possible.

Energy March 7, 2016

Energizer Launches World's First Rechargeable Batteries With Recyclable Cells

Energizer was not content with manufacturing EcoAdvanced, a battery that was built partly from recycled cells. This year, the company rolled out Energizer Recharge, the first ever rechargeable batteries that contain recyclable cells.

Energy March 3, 2016

New Tetraquark Particle Can Shed Light On How Quarks Work

Evidence of a pentaquark was discovered last year. Now, physicists at Fermilab detected a new elementary particle believed to be part of the exotic species known as tetraquarks.

Energy February 29, 2016

Engineers Build Solar-Powered Batteries Using Rust

Stanford researchers built solar batteries using metal oxides such as rust. This is hoped to pave the way for large-scale solar energy storage in the future, given solar power as a limitless resource.

Energy February 28, 2016

This Solar Cell Is Incredibly Thin And Lightweight It Can Rest On Top Of Soap Bubble

Scientists invented an ultra-thin solar cell so lightweight it can lay on top of a soap bubble without popping it. The research team said the breakthrough is in the process, not in the materials used.

Energy February 27, 2016

Neuroscientists Study How Brains Would React To Teleportation

Neuroscientists tested how brains would react to teleportation. While moving from one dimension to another is far from reality, learning brain activity during this event is equally interesting.

Energy February 27, 2016

Goat Guts May Hold The Key To Making Better Biofuels

The biofuels industry might have found a new partner in nature. A research found that fungi in the guts of goats could break down raw materials better than commercial processes.

Energy February 22, 2016

CERN's Large Hadron Collider Recreates Big Bang Primordial Soup

A miniature format of quark-gluon plasma which made up the universe shortly after the Big Bang was reproduced at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. The primordial soup behaves like fluid albeit it does not have molecules of water but fundamental particles.

Energy February 11, 2016

Fusion Reactor Fired Up To 80 Million Degrees Celsius To Generate Hydrogen Plasma

Fusion reactor Wendelstein 7-X was able to generate its first hydrogen plasma when fired to 80 million degrees Celsius. The discovery brings scientists one step closer to achieving limitless, clean and safe energy source via a fusion reactor.

Energy February 8, 2016

Scientists Discover New Superconductivity Properties To Bring Us Closer To Levitating Trains And Ultra-Fast Computers

A new study found new properties that may pave the way for levitating trains and ultra-fast computers. Called electronic nematicity, this feature opens up new theories about superconductivity.

Energy February 8, 2016

Morocco Launches World's Largest Solar Plant To Supply Renewable Energy To More Than 1 Million People

Morocco has switched on the first phase of its ambitious solar power plant, which is the world's biggest the time it is completed by 2018. It will provide electricity to 1.1 million and will export renewable energy to Europe and other parts of the world.

Energy February 6, 2016

Chemists Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

The team hopes to make the methanol available for industrial use in less than 10 years.

Energy February 4, 2016

New Tesla Powerwall Home Batteries Coming This Year, Says Elon Musk [Video]

Elon Musk lately answered a few questions about the Tesla Powerwall project. The CEO has pointed out that the successful home battery will get an improved version this year and has detailed when the new power source will be available.

Energy February 3, 2016

Humans Can Harness Mini Black Hole To Power World's Electricity: Stephen Hawking

Nothing can escape black holes, not even light. But celebrity physicist Stephen Hawking has challenged this concept. Hawking even said if humans found mini-black holes, we could potentially harness them to supply electricity on Earth.

Energy February 3, 2016

Leafless Artificial Trees Swaying In The Breeze Can Harness Wind Energy And Generate Electricity

Many nations across the world use wind energy to generate electricity. A team of engineers are looking at leafless artificial trees to generate renewable power when they are shaken by the wind.

Energy February 3, 2016

Cornell University Researchers Create Sef-Assembled 3D Superconductor

Researchers from Cornell University were able to create the first self-assembled 3D superconductor. The process was long and tedious, with the entire research spanning about two decades.

Energy February 2, 2016

Japan Starts Constructing The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm To Power 5,000 Homes Every Year

Japan's Kyocera Corporation is set to build the world's largest floating solar farm by 2018 to solve the current reliance on expensive imported energy. The increased effort to build renewable energy sources is propelled by the March 2010 Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant incident.

Energy January 29, 2016

New CO2 Recycling Process Captures Carbon Dioxide From Air And Converts Greenhouse Gas Into Methanol

For the first time, chemists captured carbon dioxide from the air and converted it into an alternative fuel, methanol. Is this the answer to the growing predicament of fuel emissions that are claimed to contribute to global warming?

Energy January 29, 2016

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