Nothing Impossible: Scientists Slow Down Speed of Light

Scientists claim that they can slow down the speed of light by altering the shape of the photons. The latest findings provide new insight into the properties of light.

Energy January 24, 2015

Scientists Use Laser to Make Metal Hydrophobic: Here's How

By using a laser-patterning technique, two researchers from the University of Rochester were able to give metals new super-hydrophobic property, which makes the surface extremely difficult to wet.

Energy January 21, 2015

Amazing Maser! Princeton University Researchers Build Microwave Laser No Bigger Than Rice Grain

Researchers exploring ways to use quantum dots have built the tiny microwave laser. The device is hailed as a step toward the development of quantum computing systems that use semiconductor materials.

Energy January 17, 2015

Lower Energy Consumption in Cities Could Have Broad Mitigating Effects on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Identifying ways for world's cities to be more energy-efficient could help attain climate goals, report suggests. Cities currently consume majority of world's energy resources, emit most of the world's greenhouse gases, researchers say.

Energy January 13, 2015

Special Nanowire Cloth Heats Up Your Body to Help Endure This Cold Winter

Nanotechnology could keep you warm in winter without having to turn the thermostat up. Nanowire clothing may keep you toasty warm in winter.

Energy January 13, 2015

Large Hadron Collider Set to Fire in May 2015. Going Beyond God Particle?

With the Large Hadron Collider packing more energy, scientists hope it can discover the particles that make up dark matter and find other kinds of Higgs boson. It will restart in 2015 after undergoing two years of expensive upgrade.

Energy December 30, 2014

Champagne Bubbles May Help Solve Our Future Energy Needs: Here's Why

Scientists use supercomputers to study bubbles in boiling water. Their objective? More efficient electrical-generating power plants.

Energy December 22, 2014

Large Thermoelectric Power Plants Could Generate Low-Cost Electricity

Large floating power plants could use ocean water temperatures to generate low-cost electricity. Such technology could give solar power a run for its money.

Energy December 22, 2014

Graphene Wrap Improves Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. Goodbye, Lithium-ion Batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries may be the trend now, but they could soon be a thing of the past with a new discovery that can make lithium-sulfur batteries mainstream.

Energy December 20, 2014

CERN Preparing to Relaunch the LHC by March

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be relaunched by March 2015. The LHC went for a two-year pause for necessary upgrade and maintenance work.

Energy December 15, 2014

Tabletop Compact Particle Accelerator Sets New World Record

Researchers have achieved record-setting energies using an accelerator that can fit on a table. Experts say this can pave the way for compact x-ray lasers and high-energy colliders.

Energy December 9, 2014

New Heat Transfer Technology Helps Buildings Keep Cool: Here's How

A new high-tech coating material can cool buildings by reflecting sunlight and also sucking heat out and sending it into space. Stanford researchers say this "photonic radiative cooling" process could save on air conditioning costs.

Energy November 28, 2014

Revolutionary Material Cools Building by Dumping Heat into Outer Space

Stanford engineers have developed a new material that can cool buildings without requiring electricity. The photonic radiative cooling process reflects much of the sunlight, which strikes the material, then sucks internal heat from the building.

Energy November 27, 2014

Graphene's Weak Spot May Help Fuel Cells

Graphene, thought to be impermeable to any gas or liquid, may not be -- and that's a good thing, researchers say. Ability of protons to move through the material could drive fuel cell technology, they say.

Energy November 26, 2014

Jackie Chan's 'Police Story 3: Supercop' Blu-Ray Disc Finds Novel Use in Solar Panel

By using Blu-ray discs of a Jackie Chan movie, researchers from the Northwestern University have found that Blu-ray discs can serve as a cheaper way of boosting the power conversion efficiency of solar panels by almost 12 percent.

Energy November 26, 2014

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Talking Batteries, Partnership With BMW

Tesla and BMW are in unofficial talks about collaborating to advance the tech behind batteries and charging stations. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is also interested in BMW's lightweight car parts.

Energy November 24, 2014

UK's Bio-Bus Channels the Power of Poop

A poop bus is ferrying passengers in England. How much human waste does it take to power a bus?

Energy November 20, 2014

Poop May Soon Power Your Smartphone

Sometimes solutions come in the unlikeliest places. In this case, poop, where electrons happily hop in, a process that can be harnessed to produce electricity to power devices.

Energy November 20, 2014

GPS Satellites Have a New Job: Find the Elusive Dark Matter

GPS satellites that use atomic clocks can be used to detect dark matter, two physicists suggest. An interaction with dark matter is posited to result in time discrepancy and leave a distinct signature.

Energy November 18, 2014

Facebook Goes Wind Power Route With Next-Gen Iowa Data Center

Facebook's newest data center in Altoona, Iowa, has officially begun serving traffic in the center of the U.S. This data center is not only extremely high tech but it is also powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

Energy November 14, 2014

Scientists Test Nanopore, Stamp-size Battery You Can Charge in 12 Minutes

Big things come in small packages. In this case, about as small as a stamp. Researchers successfully make a battery that’s tiny but mighty.

Energy November 13, 2014

Did or did not CERN discover Higgs Boson particle? We deserve to know

A group of scientists suspect that the particle discovered by CERN scientists during experiments with the Large Hadron Collider in 2012 may not be the elementary particle Higgs Boson. It could be the techni-higgs particle.

Energy November 10, 2014

What the elections mean for the energy battle

U.S. position on energy and the environment may undergo change as Republicans take control of the Senate. Struggles seen ahead between Congress and the Obama administration over environmental regulations.

Energy November 5, 2014

Glass fiber lets two single photons interact, opening up new possibilities for quantum optics

Researchers from Austria have come up with a system that could create a strong interaction between two photons. The method is seen to have implications in the field of quantum optics.

Energy November 8, 2014

The digitization of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time is right around the corner, but many no longer need to worry because today's mobile and home digital devices automatically go back or forward in time without anyone having to touch them. Now the talk is about whether it's necessary anymore.

Energy October 31, 2014

Wonder what a Star Wars-type laser 'bullet' would look like in real life? Here it is

A team of researchers from Poland filmed the movement of ultrashort laser blasts through the air in slow motion and using a cloud of water vapor to make the laser more visible.

Energy October 27, 2014

Green business and industry will duke it out to meet EU climate goals

The greenhouse gas emission goal set by the European Union leaves almost no one happy. A target of 40 percent reduction by 2030 is sparking debate on all sides.

Energy October 26, 2014

POLARBEAR discovery of B-modes in the patterns of cosmic microwave background hailed as 'important milestone'

A collaboration of over 70 scientists known as the POLARBEAR project attains an early success with the discovery of B-modes in the cosmic microwave background patterns.

Energy October 23, 2014

ANU physicists build 'holy grail' tractor beam that can repel and attract objects

A team of ANU physicists have come up with a new technique of moving objects to relatively further distance using a hollow laser beam. The tractor beam they have invented could potentially be used for controlling air pollution.

Energy October 23, 2014

Is the cost of fighting climate change low? US, EU and UN say yes in leaked handbook

A new leaked document from the UN shows that the organization is trying to emphasize the relatively low costs of switching to energy sources with lower carbon dioxide emissions. The document is slated to be published November 2.

Energy October 21, 2014

This atom-thin 2D generator creates electricity from movement

Material sewn into clothing may one day charge the smartphone in your pocket. Material just one atom thick generates electrical voltage during movement, bending or stretching.

Energy October 19, 2014

This atom-thin 2D generator creates electricity from movement

Material sewn into clothing may one day charge the smartphone in your pocket. Material just one atom thick generates electrical voltage during movement, bending or stretching.

Energy October 19, 2014

Emerging tech: Ultrafast recharging smartphone battery boasting 20-year life span

They're poised to last for 20 years with approximately 10,000 recharges. The new titanium dioxide batteries will also recharge to 70 percent in as little as five minutes.

Energy October 17, 2014

Natural gas isn’t key to greener future, says study

Energy from inexpensive and abundant natural gas instead of coal and oil isn't the answer to slowing climate change, researchers say. "If things are cheap, people will consume more," they say, and greenhouse gas emissions will stay the same.

Energy October 15, 2014

Development of two new types of quantum bits bring scientists closer to quantum computers

Researchers from the University of New South Wales developed silicon quantum technologies that can hold data with over 99 percent accuracy, a breakthrough that could eventually lead to the realization of the super-fast quantum computer.

Energy October 14, 2014

SolarCity offers loans for rooftop solar power systems

SolarCity is planning to offer homeowners a cheaper option for a solar loan. Apart from being more affordable, the new solar loan will also allow consumers to own the solar panels.

Energy October 8, 2014

US-Japanese physicists win Nobel Prize for inventing energy-saving blue LED

This year's 2014 Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to a trio of physicists who changed lighting technology with their invention of the energy-efficient blue light-emitting diodes. LED technology is now widely used in data storage, high-speed networking and water purification, as well as consumer electronics.

Energy October 9, 2014

Blue LED light wins Nobel for three scientists' contribution to modern civilization

Blue LEDs, which brought white LED lighting to a wide range of applications, win physics Nobel Prize for researchers. Two Japanese and one American researcher share in 2014 award.

Energy October 7, 2014

World's first solar battery promises to reduce cost by 'breathing': Here's how

U.S. researchers combine electricity-generating solar cell and electricity-storing battery into a single device: a solar battery. Light and oxygen create energy in a "breathing" battery.

Energy October 4, 2014

Is it a solar cell? Is it a battery? No, it's a solar battery!

The solar battery fuses the ability of solar cells and battery saving energy and bringing down the cost of renewable energy. The hybrid device runs on light and oxygen.

Energy October 4, 2014

This elusive particle behaves simultaneously like matter and anti-matter: Princeton physicists

A particle that is both matter and antimatter has been proposed as early as 1937 but remained elusive. Physicists finally found the particle known as Majorana fermion by using an iron wire and a superconductor.

Energy October 6, 2014

Thermotolerant yeast will change the face of biofuel production

Researchers "push" the evolution of yeast to create strains better at biofuel production. Better tolerance of yeast to high temperatures and alcohol can boost ethanol production, they say.

Energy October 3, 2014

Biofuel production on the rise? Mutated yeast may help boost green energy

Biofuels are green alternatives to gas. If production improves, thanks to heat-resistant and alcohol-tolerant yeast, more people may end up switching to ethanol soon.

Energy October 4, 2014

Nobel-prize winning physicist Martin Perl passes at age 87

Nobel Prize winner who discovered fundamental subatomic particles dies. Physicist Martin Perl smashed atoms together to reveal new kind of particle, the tau lepton.

Energy October 2, 2014

Some red telephone boxes in London will turn green. Here's why

The famous red telephone boxes in London are about to get a facelift and be transformed into green and solar-powered boxes. People can use them in charging up mobile devices.

Energy October 3, 2014

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