Loneliness More Prevalent Among People In Their late-20s, Mid-50s, And Late-80s

It has been established that more and more adults have moderate to severe loneliness. However, a new study specified those in the late 20s, mid-50s, and late 80s to be the most attacked by feeling of 'subjective distress.'

Health December 18, 2018

Implantable Device Can Help People Lose Weight By Supressing Hunger

University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have developed an extraordinary device that offers a promising solution to the problem of obesity. The device is planted in the body to stimulate a nerve that can suppress appetite by reducing feelings of hunger.

Health December 21, 2018

AAP Urging Doctors To Step Up Depression Screening In New Mothers

A new policy statement issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics urged doctors to screen new mothers for perinatal depression. The report also highlights that at least 15 to 20 percent of pregnant women suffer from depression that often goes untreated.

Health December 18, 2018

Anxiety And Depression Can Be Just As Bad For General Health As Smoking And Drinking

Patients with anxiety and depression are more likely to have major illnesses such as a heart condition, high blood pressure, or stroke compared to those who do not. Mental health conditions should be considered predictors of major illnesses by health care professionals.

Health December 19, 2018

Follow Up Study Indicates Barbershop Intervention Still Effective In Lowering Blood Pressure

Barbershop intervention continues to lower the blood pressure of African-American men in Los Angeles, a study revealed. After a year, over 300 African-American men decreased their average systolic blood pressure to 123.8 mm Hg from 152.4 mm Hg.

Health December 18, 2018

Inoperable Brain Tumor Of Texas Girl Roxli Doss Miraculously Disappears

Roxli Doss was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Doctors said that there is no cure for her condition, but MRI scan showed the tumor has disappeared.

Health December 17, 2018

Magnesium Can Boost Effectivity Of Vitamin D, Says Study

Scientists found that taking vitamin D alone might not improve deficiency. Magnesium has been found to raise vitamin D levels in people who are deficient and lower it in people who have too much vitamin D.

Health December 17, 2018

Vaping Among Teens Increases As Drinking Declines, Survey Says

The number of American teens using vape increased in the past year, worrying officials who were pressed of enforcing stricter measures to curb the issue. Others expressed concern on the youth's potential addiction to nicotine.

Health December 17, 2018

Soy Sauce Cleanse Left Woman With Brain Damage

A woman who drank a liter of soy sauce in under two hours had cardiac arrest and severe nerve damage. She was diagnosed of the neurological disorder central pontine myelinolysis.

Health December 17, 2018

Man's Fungal Infection In Lungs Linked To Habit Of Sniffing Smelly Socks Every Day

A Chinese man who was fond of sniffing his socks after a long day's work found himself at a hospital for a lung infection. Doctors confirmed this was a result of his habit.

Health December 17, 2018

Fox Station Meteorologist Who Took Her Own Life Suffered From Lasik Surgery Complications

Jessica Starr suffered from rare complications of Lasik surgery before she died last week. The 35-year-old underwent a new procedure called Lasik smile, which involves making two small cuts to remove lenticule in the eye.

Health December 16, 2018

Metal Found In Toddler's Intestines After Taking Gummy Vitamins

Samantha Anderson said that she found metal shavings in her child's Zarbee's Naturals multivitamins. The Kansas woman had been giving the gummy vitamins to her daughter for three months.

Health December 16, 2018

'Zombie Deer' Disease Detected In Tennessee Deer, Authorities On Alert

Authorities have confirmed chronic wasting disease on a white-tailed deer in Tennessee. They are now following the Chronic Wasting Disease Response Plan to monitor the disease.

Health December 16, 2018

Gun Deaths In The United States At Record High

How much have gun deaths increased in recent years? Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal a record number of gun deaths in the past 40 years.

Health December 16, 2018

Gene Editing May Help Obese People Who Want To Lose Weight

A new study by scientists from the University of California, San Francisco showed how CRISPRa can be used to amplify the genes that curb human's appetite for food. The researchers believe this new gene-editing technique could tackle the obesity crisis.

Health December 15, 2018

Newborn Miraculously Recovered From Ebola, The Youngest To Have Ever Survived

The youngest survivor from the Ebola outbreak in the Congo was a newborn whom officials called 'young miracle.' The infant was admitted to a treatment center just six days after being born.

Health December 15, 2018

Better Asthma Treatment May Be In Sight With New Genetic Study

One of the largest genetic studies involving people with moderate-to-severe asthmatic conditions offered interesting insights. The study findings revealed that the fundamental cause of the disease could help in early diagnosis and make the treatment more effective.

Health December 14, 2018

Asian Self-Cloning Tick Invader Could Wreak Havoc In US

A new study revealed the areas in the United States and Canada that have the most suitable climate and environment for Asian longhorned ticks. The creatures have already been found in nine states.

Health December 14, 2018

UNAIDS Head Asked To Resign Following 'Culture Of Bullying' Scandal

Michael Sidibe announced that he will end his term as executive director of UNAIDS in 2019. A recent report called out Sidibe and the agency for fostering a culture of bullying and harassment.

Health December 14, 2018

Scientists Figure Out Simple Rules For CRISPR Genome Editing In Human Cells

A new set of rules that could predict the outcome of gene editing might pave the way for the wider use of CRISPR/Cas9 to treat diseases. According to scientists, after a thorough analysis, they found a pattern that foresees mutations.

Health December 14, 2018

Bobcat That Attacked People Killed By Authorities, Tests Positive For Rabies

A bobcat in Vermont was able to bite three people in Upper Valley before getting shot by authorities. Testing revealed that the creature was positive for rabies.

Health December 14, 2018

Obesity Rate Among Americans Rose In 2018, Exceeds 30 Percent Of Adults: Report

American adults have gotten bigger again this year. A new report shows that the American adults' obesity rate increased by 5 percent this year, leaving over 30 percent of American adults considered obese.

Health December 13, 2018

Heart Attack Risks Spike On Christmas Eve: Study

Research finds that Christmas and certain holidays up the risk for heart attacks. It is still uncertain what exactly causes the spike, whether it’s the stress, long-distance travel, or excessive food intake.

Health December 14, 2018

HIIT Exercise Can Help Reduce Risk Of Cognitive Dysfunction In Obese Patients

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is widely known to burn a lot of calories. However, a recent research from Florida Atlantic University indicated that it has another crucial health benefit: prevention of cognitive dysfunction in obese people.

Health December 13, 2018

Contaminated Stethoscopes May Be Spreading Infections, Says Study

Stethoscopes used in the intensive care unit have been found to be contaminated with bacteria, including Staphylococcus. Doctors and nurses are encouraged to disinfect their equipment regularly to prevent the spread of infection.

Health December 13, 2018

Problematic Medical Devices Force FDA To Change Rules

An explosive report forced the U.S. FDA to reconsider its application system for new medical devices. The overhaul was a response to thousands of injuries from medical devices based on older technology.

Health December 13, 2018

Tennessee Congressman-elect Mark Green Says Vaccines Cause Autism

Tennessee Congressman-elect Mark Green made headlines when he said that there was a link between autism and vaccines. The Republican even accused CDC of data fraudulence, challenging the health agency to be transparent with their research.

Health December 13, 2018

Fentanyl Surpasses Heroin As Deadliest Drug In The US

Fentanyl led the list of drugs related to overdose deaths in 2016. Moreover, fatalities linked to the synthetic opioid soared from 4 percent in 2011 to 29 percent in 2016.

Health December 12, 2018

Animal Bites Likely To Rise Due To Climate Change And Land Development

Researchers warned that animal-related injuries are likely to rise because of warming temperatures and human activities that reduce the amount of land that serves as a habitat for animals. Who are the people most likely to be injured by animal bites?

Health December 13, 2018

Criminalizing Sex Workers Ups Risk Of Violence And STDs

Criminalization of sex work and purchase of sex further make sex workers vulnerable to abuse, violence, and sexually transmitted infections and diseases. A research that gathered data from 33 countries found that criminalizing sex work causes more harm than good.

Health December 12, 2018

Breast Cancer Risk In Women May Increase After Childbirth

Women who have given birth were found to have increased risk of developing breast cancer up to 23 years after their most recent childbirth. Should mothers be alarmed of this risk?

Health December 12, 2018

1 In 7 Type 2 Diabetes Patients Needlessly Test Blood Sugar At Home

A study found that many people with type 2 diabetes were unnecessarily testing their blood sugar regularly in their homes. This meant a waste of time and money.

Health December 12, 2018

Drinking Orange Juice Can Cut Dementia Risk By As Much As 50 Percent Says Study

Men who drank orange juice every day for two decades are less likely to experience poor cognitive skills later in life. A healthy diet is also linked to a decreased risk of dementia.

Health December 11, 2018

CDC Issues Warning Against Eating Raw Cookie Dough

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a guideline to warn people about the dangers of handling raw cookie dough and cake batter. Eating raw flour and eggs could lead to serious E.coli or Salmonella infection.

Health December 10, 2018

Shy People Prone To Hangover Anxiety And Have Higher Risk Of Alcohol Dependence

People who drink to ease anxiety in public are likely to experience ‘hangxiety.’ Researchers found that anxiety levels significantly increase during a hangover for very shy people.

Health December 10, 2018

Heavy Screen Time May Cause Premature Changes In Brain Structure Among Kids: Study

MRI scans of children who spend more than seven hours a day watching interactive media showed significant changes in their brain structure. The American Academy for Pediatrics advised that children below 18 months should avoid screen time.

Health December 10, 2018

Internet Therapy Apps Effectively Reduce Depression, Psychologists Find

Psychologists found that internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy apps can effectively alleviate depression. Does this mean that people with mental health problems can forego antidepressants and face-to-face therapy?

Health December 9, 2018

Pennsylvania To Distribute Free Naloxone On Dec. 13 To Combat Opioid Overdoses

The government of Pennsylvania will be giving out free Naloxone in various locations in the state on Dec. 13. It is a part of the state’s efforts to combat the opioid crisis.

Health December 8, 2018

Scientists Turn Wasp Venom Into Potent Antibiotic Drug

Can wasp venom be the answer to the superbug problem? MIT researchers were able to turn the toxic peptides of wasp venoms into antibiotics that can clear an infection within a few days.

Health December 8, 2018

9 More Affected By Multistate E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine Lettuce: CDC

More people from both the United States and Canada have been affected by the ongoing multistate E. coli outbreak. Authorities are urging the public to refrain from buying unlabeled romaine lettuce products.

Health December 8, 2018

4,000 Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Workers To Go On Strike In California

Four thousand mental health workers are anticipated to participate in a five-day strike organized by the National Union of Healthcare Workers. What are they demanding from Kaiser Permanente?

Health December 8, 2018

Man Coughs Out Blood Clot Shaped Like His Lungs' Bronchial Tree

The blood clot that a man coughed out has gotten the attention of many, as it is an intact cast of his right bronchial tree. The branches of his bronchial tree can clearly be determined in the coughed-out blood clot.

Health December 7, 2018

Woman Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba After Using Tap Water In Neti Pot

A woman's death due to brain-eating amoeba is being linked to her use of a neti pot. Instead of using saline water or sterile water, she just used filtered tap water.

Health December 7, 2018

Australian Researchers Develop Test That Can Diagnose Cancer In 10 Minutes

Australian researchers revolutionize cancer diagnosis with a 10-minute test that can detect cancer with 90 percent accuracy. This test is an alternative method that can detect the presence of cancer in all body tissues.

Health December 7, 2018

Study That Criticized 'Joy Of Cooking' Taken Down

The 'Annals of Internal Medicine' journal issued a notice of retraction for another study co-authored by disgraced food researcher Brian Wansink. The study published in 2009 linked obesity to recent cookbooks.

Health December 7, 2018

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