Animal Bites Likely To Rise Due To Climate Change And Land Development

Researchers warned that animal-related injuries are likely to rise because of warming temperatures and human activities that reduce the amount of land that serves as a habitat for animals. Who are the people most likely to be injured by animal bites?

Health December 13, 2018

Criminalizing Sex Workers Ups Risk Of Violence And STDs

Criminalization of sex work and purchase of sex further make sex workers vulnerable to abuse, violence, and sexually transmitted infections and diseases. A research that gathered data from 33 countries found that criminalizing sex work causes more harm than good.

Health December 12, 2018

Breast Cancer Risk In Women May Increase After Childbirth

Women who have given birth were found to have increased risk of developing breast cancer up to 23 years after their most recent childbirth. Should mothers be alarmed of this risk?

Health December 12, 2018

1 In 7 Type 2 Diabetes Patients Needlessly Test Blood Sugar At Home

A study found that many people with type 2 diabetes were unnecessarily testing their blood sugar regularly in their homes. This meant a waste of time and money.

Health December 12, 2018

Drinking Orange Juice Can Cut Dementia Risk By As Much As 50 Percent Says Study

Men who drank orange juice every day for two decades are less likely to experience poor cognitive skills later in life. A healthy diet is also linked to a decreased risk of dementia.

Health December 11, 2018

CDC Issues Warning Against Eating Raw Cookie Dough

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a guideline to warn people about the dangers of handling raw cookie dough and cake batter. Eating raw flour and eggs could lead to serious E.coli or Salmonella infection.

Health December 10, 2018

Shy People Prone To Hangover Anxiety And Have Higher Risk Of Alcohol Dependence

People who drink to ease anxiety in public are likely to experience ‘hangxiety.’ Researchers found that anxiety levels significantly increase during a hangover for very shy people.

Health December 10, 2018

Heavy Screen Time May Cause Premature Changes In Brain Structure Among Kids: Study

MRI scans of children who spend more than seven hours a day watching interactive media showed significant changes in their brain structure. The American Academy for Pediatrics advised that children below 18 months should avoid screen time.

Health December 10, 2018

Internet Therapy Apps Effectively Reduce Depression, Psychologists Find

Psychologists found that internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy apps can effectively alleviate depression. Does this mean that people with mental health problems can forego antidepressants and face-to-face therapy?

Health December 9, 2018

Pennsylvania To Distribute Free Naloxone On Dec. 13 To Combat Opioid Overdoses

The government of Pennsylvania will be giving out free Naloxone in various locations in the state on Dec. 13. It is a part of the state’s efforts to combat the opioid crisis.

Health December 8, 2018

Scientists Turn Wasp Venom Into Potent Antibiotic Drug

Can wasp venom be the answer to the superbug problem? MIT researchers were able to turn the toxic peptides of wasp venoms into antibiotics that can clear an infection within a few days.

Health December 8, 2018

9 More Affected By Multistate E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine Lettuce: CDC

More people from both the United States and Canada have been affected by the ongoing multistate E. coli outbreak. Authorities are urging the public to refrain from buying unlabeled romaine lettuce products.

Health December 8, 2018

4,000 Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Workers To Go On Strike In California

Four thousand mental health workers are anticipated to participate in a five-day strike organized by the National Union of Healthcare Workers. What are they demanding from Kaiser Permanente?

Health December 8, 2018

Man Coughs Out Blood Clot Shaped Like His Lungs' Bronchial Tree

The blood clot that a man coughed out has gotten the attention of many, as it is an intact cast of his right bronchial tree. The branches of his bronchial tree can clearly be determined in the coughed-out blood clot.

Health December 7, 2018

Woman Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba After Using Tap Water In Neti Pot

A woman's death due to brain-eating amoeba is being linked to her use of a neti pot. Instead of using saline water or sterile water, she just used filtered tap water.

Health December 7, 2018

Australian Researchers Develop Test That Can Diagnose Cancer In 10 Minutes

Australian researchers revolutionize cancer diagnosis with a 10-minute test that can detect cancer with 90 percent accuracy. This test is an alternative method that can detect the presence of cancer in all body tissues.

Health December 7, 2018

Study That Criticized 'Joy Of Cooking' Taken Down

The 'Annals of Internal Medicine' journal issued a notice of retraction for another study co-authored by disgraced food researcher Brian Wansink. The study published in 2009 linked obesity to recent cookbooks.

Health December 7, 2018

41 Percent Of American Adults Skipping Flu Vaccine This Year: Survey

Nearly half of American adults are planning to skip the flu vaccine this season, according to a survey. Are they putting other people at risk?

Health December 7, 2018

Sleeping Too Much Can Cause Heart Disease And Death, Says Study

Scientists warned that people who get too much sleep have a higher risk of experiencing a major cardiovascular event and dying. The recommended amount of sleep for adults is six to eight hours per night.

Health December 6, 2018

Miracle Baby In Brazil Born From Womb Belonging To Dead Donor

A woman who was born without uterus has given birth in a hospital in Brazil. Doctors revealed in a recently published paper that the woman received a transplanted uterus from a deceased donor.

Health December 5, 2018

Low Trust On Vaccines Puts More Children At Risk In The Philippines

At least 18 deaths were confirmed to be related to the measles outbreak in the southern Philippines. The lowering rates of vaccine coverage worldwide is alarming, but health experts said it is not surprising.

Health December 5, 2018

Neuro-Behavioral Study Explains Why Cute Images Compel Humans To Act Aggressively

A new study found that human beings are compelled to take care or something or someone they perceive as cute. It also explains why people cry when they feel happy or overwhelmed.

Health December 5, 2018

Chinese Scientist He Jiankui Who Claimed He Edited Babies' Genes Is Missing

The Chinese scientist who used CRISPR gene-editing tool to edit the DNA of twin babies is missing. Is he detained by China’s government? Pictured is He Jiankui at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong.

Health December 4, 2018

Researchers Looking Into Current Guidelines On Statin Usage

Should everyone take statin drugs? Researchers reviewed existing data from trials and surveys to weigh the side effects and benefits of the preventive drugs that claim to lower cholesterol.

Health December 4, 2018

OneBlood Launches Worldwide Search For Rare Blood That Can Save Life Of 2-Year-Old Cancer Patient Zainab Mughal

The non-profit blood donation organization OneBlood launched a campaign in a bid to find people who can donate blood to Zainab Mughal. The 2-year-old neuroblastoma patient has a rare blood type because of a genetic mutation.

Health December 4, 2018

Can Dogs Detect Cancer? Siberian Husky Sniffed Out Marine Veteran Stephanie Herfel's Ovarian Cancer 3 Times

Stephanie Herfel said that her Siberian husky named Sierra detected she had ovarian cancer three times. Do dogs have the ability to smell the unique odors of cancer?

Health December 4, 2018

Toddler's Photo Falling Asleep On A Swing Contained Clues She Has Cancer

Dave Fletcher took a photo of his daughter falling asleep at a playground. Several weeks later, he and his wife learned that the photo actually provided a clue that their 3-year-old daughter has cancer.

Health December 3, 2018

Dark Web Sellers In UK Delisting Fentanyl To Avoid Police Attention

Fentanyl will be more difficult to acquire even from dealers in the dark web. Major sellers have delisted the synthetic opioid because they do not want to risk getting caught by the cops.

Health December 3, 2018

Nurse Fined $500 Over Patient's Death After Outpatient Surgery

A Charleston nurse was fined $500 years after the death of a patient who had undergone outpatient knee surgery. The patient had not woken up on the afternoon after the surgery and died days later.

Health December 2, 2018

AIDS Patient Christopher Seerden Tried To Infect Cop With HIV By Biting Him In The Leg

Christopher Seerden asked a police officer if he wanted to have AIDS before biting him in the leg. Police later confirmed through medical records that indeed the 37-year-old HIV.

Health December 2, 2018

Harvard Professor Sets Off Social Media Wildfire After Saying Portion Of Fries Should Consist Of 6 Pieces

A nutritionist from Harvard recommended that a serving of French fries be reduced to only six pieces. Several studies have already revealed the unhealthy effects of the beloved snack, including obesity and diabetes.

Health December 1, 2018

First Death Of 2018-2019 Flu Season Confirmed By Los Angeles Authorities

The first flu death of the 2018-2019 flu season has been reported in Los Angeles. The person who died was an elderly resident with health conditions.

Health December 1, 2018

Marijuana More Potent When Vaped Than When Smoked: Study

Vaping marijuana has become an increasingly popular means of marijuana administration of late. Researchers found that vaping marijuana is actually more potent when vaped rather than smoked.

Health November 30, 2018

Malnutrition Still High, Affects Every Country: Global Nutrition Report

The global report on malnutrition shows that most countries are off-track in terms of meeting the nine targets against malnutrition. In fact, no country is on track to achieve the adult obesity targets for both men and women.

Health November 30, 2018

Nurse Accidentally Kills Patient After Administering High Dose Of Wrong Drug

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services slammed a Tennessee hospital after it had learned of a death stemming from a nurse's medication error. The hospital staff accidentally gave a high dosage of a non-relaxant drug instead of an anti-anxiety medicine to a patient.

Health November 30, 2018

Measles Cases Increase By 31 Percent In 2017, Parents Partly To Blame

In 2017, 173,330 cases of measles were recorded, a 31-percent increase from 2016. Health organizations partially pointed at parental neglect as a reason for the uptick.

Health November 30, 2018

FDA Recalls More Valsartan Blood Pressure Drugs Over Cancer Concerns

More valsartan blood pressure drugs were recalled due to the presence of NDEA, a chemical used as fuel. Teva Pharmaceuticals issued a voluntary recall of two of its valsartan combination drugs for fear it might cause cancer.

Health December 1, 2018

Snoring Linked To Greater Risk Of Heart Disease In Women

Women who have obstructive sleep apnea, a severe sleep disorder, have a greater risk of heart disease compared to men. A new research also revealed that many people who snore might not know they have OSA.

Health November 30, 2018

China Halts Work Of Scientist He Jiankui Who Claimed He Used CRISPR To Edit Babies' Genes

China on Thursday ordered to stop the work that led to the birth of gene-edited twins. Chinese Vice Minister of Science and Technology Xu Nanping described the work as illegal and unacceptable.

Health November 30, 2018

26-Year-Old Face Transplant Recipient's New Face Revealed 2 Years After Injury

Cameron Underwood was 24 years old when he was injured from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Just two years after the injury, he is now the recipient of a landmark face transplant.

Health November 30, 2018

CDC Warns Of Tick Species Spreading In Several States, Poses Possible Disease Threat

Asian longhorned ticks are already spreading in several states in the country. It all began with the discovery of the ticks on a sheep in New Jersey in 2017.

Health November 30, 2018

International Report Says Climate Change Causing Cascading Health Issues

Climate change poses a serious health risk to the public, said 150 experts from the United States. The increasingly warming global temperature could bring extreme weather, food and water crisis, and diseases.

Health November 29, 2018

Study Finds Link Between School Enrollment Month And ADHD Occurrence

A new study found that more children who are the youngest in their kindergarten classes are diagnosed with ADHD. The study used data of over 400,000 children in states where the cut-off of enrollment is Sept. 1.

Health November 30, 2018

US Life Expectancy Drops Due To Rise In Drug Overdose Deaths

Americans born in 2017 are expected to reach 78.6 years, which is 1.2 months lesser in life expectancy for the third consecutive year. Last year's number of drug overdose deaths also increased from 2016.

Health November 29, 2018

Missouri Nurse Fired From Job For Refusing To Get Flu Shot

A nurse was terminated by the Mercy Hospital South in St. Louis because of her refusal to get flu shot. She cited religion as a reason for her decision not to be vaccinated.

Health November 29, 2018

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