Air Pollution Can Cause Cognitive Impairment In Brains Of The Elderly

Scientists have found a link to air pollution and cognitive impairment in a recent study. Experts in China tested thousands of people over four years to find out if the poor air quality can affect brain function.

Health September 3, 2018

Dog Gene Editing Study Could Lead To Future Treatment For Human Muscular Dystrophy

Scientists were able to make improvements to four dogs that were suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Scientists used CRISPR gene-editing to restore dystrophin into the muscle and heart cells.

Health September 3, 2018

New Experimental Drug More Potent Than Morphine Minus The Addictive Side Effects

An experimental drug can cure chronic pain, but without activating the part of the brain that makes the patient dependent or addicted to opioid. A study claimed that AT-121 might help the increasing opioid crisis in the United States.

Health September 1, 2018

Texas Hospital Fires Nurse For Anti-Vaccine Post On Social Media

A nurse at the Texas Children's Hospital was fired after posing anti-vaccine opinions on social media. The nurse even reportedly considered infecting her own child with measles.

Health August 31, 2018

Age Limit Removed In New Expert Recommendations For Children's Car Seats

The current guideline for using children's rear-facing car seats recommends usage until the child is 2 years old. Experts now suggest using the seat as long as the child's height and weight are within the seat's limits.

Health August 31, 2018

Clinical Trials Of Multiple Sclerosis Drug Shows It Can Reduce Rate Of Brain Shrinkage

A clinical trial in the United States found that the experimental drug ibudilast can slow down brain atrophy in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. The treatment went into Phase 2 testing and succeeded in a study sponsored by the NIH.

Health September 1, 2018

Study Sheds Light On How Compound Found In Marijuana Helps Fight Psychosis

A new study by researchers from the King’s College of London shed light on how Cannabidiol, a compound found in marijuana can help treat psychosis. The research was published in the Journal of American Medical Association Psychiatry.

Health August 31, 2018

Weight Loss Researchers Will Pay You $300 To Eat Avocados Every Day

Researchers across four universities are willing to pay $300 for test subjects to eat one avocado every day for six months. The study looks to determine whether avocados, containing the highest fat content of any fruit, help with weight loss.

Health August 30, 2018

Man Loses Left Arm To Amputation After Painful Infection From Eating Sushi

A 71-year-old man from South Korea saw large blisters appear and quickly spread on his left-hand hours after eating sushi. The man suffered a vibrio vulnificus infection, and had his forearm amputated.

Health August 30, 2018

Ketamine May Be Good For Treating Depressions Due To Opioid-Like Characteristics

Scientists warned against the regular use of ketamine, a party drug, for treatment of severe depression. A new study claimed that the known anesthetic activates the opioid system to alleviate symptoms rapidly.

Health August 29, 2018

China Refuses To Share Bird Flu Virus Samples, Placing Thousands Of Lives In Danger

Medical experts around the globe share viral samples with one another to develop treatments and vaccines that will prevent outbreaks of pandemics. However, China has refused to share bird flu samples with the United States for over a year.

Health August 29, 2018

Meet The Rosehip Neuron: A Newly Identified Type Of Brain Cell In Humans

The rosehip neuron was found in the human brain but was absent in the brains of laboratory mice. The discovery might shed light on what makes the human brain special.

Health August 29, 2018

THC In Marijuana Can Linger In Breast Milk Close To A Week After Use

A research found that marijuana can seep into breast milk up to six days after the mother used the recreational drug. The American Academy of Pediatrics warned breastfeeding women to stay away from inhaling pot in the meantime.

Health August 29, 2018

Doctors On The Fence About Aspirin Heart Benefits

New research proved that taking aspirin once a day cannot prevent heart diseases in relatively healthy people. The blood thinner can also pose a serious risk of bleeding in patients diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Health August 27, 2018

How Long Do Hangovers Last? Apparently, Longer Than You Think

Hangovers last longer than most people think, according to researchers from the University of Bath. Even if there is little to no alcohol left in a person's bloodstream, there remain negative cognitive effects such as impaired psychomotor speed and memory.

Health August 27, 2018

Pharmacist Admits To Filling Fake Opioid Prescriptions For Sexual Favors

A pharmacist in Maryland admitted to filling out fake opioid prescriptions for three women in exchange for sexual favors. When one woman rejected his advances, he called the doctors to report the fraud.

Health August 26, 2018

African Swine Fever Hits Europe After Multiple China Outbreaks

After four outbreaks in China this month, African swine fever has now reached Europe. It is said to have contaminated a farm in Romania with over 130,000 pigs.

Health August 26, 2018

Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Back On CDC Approved List

The CDC has finally approved the nasal spray version of the influenza vaccine in time for flu season this year. People aged 2 years and older can get vaccinated.

Health August 26, 2018

Probiotic Cocktail: Research Finds Baby Poop A Good Source Of Beneficial Probiotics

Researchers found that a cocktail derived from baby poop can aid the production of short-chain fatty acids and therefore promote good gut health. Is baby poop the new probiotic trend?

Health August 25, 2018

E-Cigarette Companies Warned In May No Longer Selling In 'Kid-Friendly' Packaging: FDA

E-cigarette companies that were sent warning letters have already complied to the FDA and FTC's push. They no longer sell e-liquids that closely resemble the packaging for kid-friendly products.

Health August 25, 2018

Constipated Man Gets Emergency Surgery After Feces-Filled Colon Rips

A 24-year-old man nearly dies after his colon ripped from being so full of feces. Doctors had to perform emergency surgery, for his kidneys were already beginning to shut down.

Health August 25, 2018

Global Study Confirms There Is No Such Thing As Safe Alcohol

A new study revealed that alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of death around the world. Even moderate drinking of any kind of liquor, including beer or wine, increases the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Health August 24, 2018

In The US, Cancers Related To HPV Are On The Rise

A report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that cases of HPV-related cancers are rising in the country. Despite this, the vaccine which can prevent the virus is still underused.

Health August 24, 2018

Nationwide Recall Issued For 32 Children's Medicines For Possible 'Microbial Contamination'

King Bio issued a nationwide recall of over 30 types of its products over a potential microbial contamination. No illnesses have been reported, but the recall was set in place 'out of an abundance of caution.'

Health August 24, 2018

Woman Contracts First Case Of Flesh-Eating STD In UK

A woman's case of the flesh-eating STD is reportedly the first case of the disease in the UK. What are some important things to know about donovanosis?

Health August 24, 2018

Man Bitten By Shark Develops Flesh-Eating Bacteria

A man suffered from unbearable pains due to flesh-eating bacteria just a week after being treated for a shark bite. He now warns people to take caution when it comes to swimming in potentially bacteria-infected waters.

Health August 24, 2018

Chagas Disease Caused By 'Kissing Bug' Spreading Around The World, Warn Doctors

The American Heart Association published a statement warning about the Chagas disease, an infection spread by the kissing bug. The infection has been spreading in the United States and about 300,000 people have already been diagnosed.

Health August 24, 2018

A Certain Type Of Gut Bacteria Might Be Able To Convert Your Blood Type

Researchers led by Stephen Withers from the University of British Columbia have found a way to revolutionize blood transfusion. The team discovered that an enzyme found in the human gut can transform blood types.

Health August 23, 2018

If You Can't Keep Focus, Don't Worry: The Human Brain Works That Way

Researchers have discovered that the brain is designed to be distracted, and is constantly looking for something else to focus on. Brain rhythms, first detected almost a century ago, were described as an evolutionary advantage.

Health August 23, 2018

Device That Stimulates Nerves Could Help Improve Quality Of Life For Depressed Individuals

Researchers found that, although it does not alleviate depression symptoms, nerve stimulators can vastly improve the patient's quality of life. A new study claims that the device has seen better responses from treatment-resistant patients.

Health August 23, 2018

Coconut Oil Not Healthy For You: Harvard Professor Says It's 'Pure Poison'

A 50-minute German lecture focused on the claim that coconut oil is not healthy has gone viral. Harvard professor Karin Michels described coconut oil as 'pure poison,' and that it 'is one of the worst foods you can eat.'

Health August 22, 2018

E-Cigarettes Not Safe: Vaping May Damage DNA, Lead To Cancer

Another study, carried out by the University of Minnesota's Masonic Cancer Center, revealed that e-cigarettes are not safe. Vaping increases the levels of formaldehyde, acrolein and methylglyoxal, which are compounds that damage DNA, in the person's saliva.

Health August 21, 2018

First Case Of West Nile Virus In Arlington Confirmed

A resident of Arlington County has been diagnosed with West Nile, a virus commonly spread through mosquito bites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the virus has been reported in humans in 30 states.

Health August 20, 2018

11-Year-Old Boy Dying From Leukemia Asks People To Send Him Racing Stickers For His Casket

Caleb Hammond, an 11-year-old boy suffering from leukemia, was taken home from the hospital as he was no longer responding to cancer treatment. The young racing fan has a modest request for stickers, which will be used to decorate his casket.

Health August 20, 2018

Football Fan Day Canceled Over Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease Outbreak

According to West Virginia University authorities, five football players were found to have a hand, foot, and mouth disease. As a result, a scheduled Fan Day has been canceled for the safety of all involved.

Health August 19, 2018

Exposure To This Pesticide During Pregnancy Might Lead To Autism

A new study found that exposure to DDT in pregnant women can increase the risk of developing autism in children. The infamous agent was already banned in many countries during the 1960s.

Health August 18, 2018

FDA Approves Device For OCD Treatment

Transcranial magnetic stimulation was previously approved by the FDA as a means to treat depression and headaches. Now, the FDA just approved a TMS device to help patients with OCD.

Health August 18, 2018

Low- And High- Carbohydrate Diets Linked To Greater Death Risk: 25-Year Study

How does a low-calorie diet fare when it comes to mortality risk? Not too well, but it may depend on the type of protein and fat one consumes.

Health August 18, 2018

How Common Are Phantom Smells, Or Smelling Things That Aren’t There?

If you smell rotten eggs, garbage, or spoiled food even when they aren’t there, you might be experiencing what’s called as phantom smells. This shouldn’t be ignored, according to a new study.

Health August 17, 2018

FDA Warns Veterinarians Of Pet Owners Potentially Using Animals To Get Opioid Prescription

The FDA is fighting on all fronts when it comes to the opioid epidemic. Veterinarians are called to partner with the agency in fighting the public health crisis.

Health August 16, 2018

Surgeon Sued For Wrongfully Removing Woman's Kidney In Botched Surgery

A surgeon allegedly removed a woman's healthy kidney during a surgery to remove her adrenal gland. She now suffers from kidney disease and is said to have depression and mental distress.

Health August 16, 2018

Certain Vegetables Might Reduce The Risk Of Colon Cancer: Study

Everyone always says that vegetables are good for you, but they never tell exactly which ones. Now, researchers have figured out which types of vegetables are beneficial for gut health, potentially preventing colon cancer.

Health August 16, 2018

Sleep Deprivation Kills Social Life By Triggering Feelings Of Loneliness And Isolation

Researchers have linked sleep deprivation with feelings of loneliness and isolation, as people without enough sleep avoid social interactions. Apparently, sleep deprivation has negative effects on a person's physical, mental, and social state.

Health August 16, 2018

21-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Recipient Of Face Transplant In The US

Katie Stubblefield became the youngest person to receive a full face transplant in the United States. Hers was the first total face transplant at Cleveland Clinic and the 40th all over the world.

Health August 15, 2018

Elephants' Cancer Resistance Due To 'Zombie' Gene: Can Humans Benefit From It?

Elephants have more cells than humans due to their size, which means that they should have a higher risk of cell mutations that lead to cancer. However, elephants rarely suffer the dreaded disease due to a newly discovered 'zombie' gene.

Health August 15, 2018

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