Appendicitis Treatment Apparently Does Not Need Surgery, Only Antibiotics

A new study from Finland confirmed the effectiveness of antibiotics as an alternative method of treating appendicitis. This method of treating appendicitis without surgery is continuing to gain more traction, but further studies are still needed.

Health September 26, 2018

Tall People More Likely To Develop Varicose Veins: Stanford Study

A new study found a link between height and a higher risk of getting varicose veins. Scientists said that this is the largest study conducted on the disease, with over 400,000 data analyzed.

Health September 27, 2018

Two Paralyzed Patients Able To Walk Again Thanks To Spine Implant

A medical technique created by the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center at the University of Louisville has helped two paralyzed patients to walk on their own again. The method combines a spinal cord implant with intensive training.

Health September 25, 2018

MitraClip Heart Device Reduces Deaths Among Patients With Damaged Heart Valves

Researchers claimed that patients saw drastically improved symptoms after they had used the MitraClip during a two-year clinical trial. Fewer patients needed to be hospitalized because of severe heart failure.

Health September 25, 2018

New Poll Shows Sleeping Problems Are Becoming More Common In Teens

A recent poll revealed that a significant number of teenagers are having trouble sleeping due to various reasons including social media use or school activities. Teens need nine hours of sleep every night, according to experts.

Health September 24, 2018

$31 Million Awarded To Boy Left Disfigured After Botched Circumcision

A young boy was just 18 days old when a botched circumcision left him with a permanent disfigurement. A jury has now awarded his family with $31 million in damages.

Health September 24, 2018

Finger Tuberculosis: Woman's Swollen Pinky Finger A Rare Manifestation Of Tuberculosis

Why was a woman's pinky swollen, even with no apparent trauma to the finger? As it turned out, her swollen pinky finger was a rare sign of tuberculosis.

Health September 23, 2018

Mom Of Three's Ovarian Cyst Massive At 20 Pounds, Had It Finally Removed After 5 Years

A mother's ovarian cyst grew so large it made her appear as though she was pregnant. She lived in pain for five years but doctors were finally able to remove it last week.

Health September 23, 2018

Number Of Alzheimer's Cases Could Double By 2060, Says CDC Study

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia will double by 2060. The study also predicted an increase in cases within the Hispanic community.

Health September 23, 2018

Southern California Logs 87 Consecutive Days Of Smog, The Longest In Decades

How bad has the air pollution in Southern California become? These past few months logged the longest consecutive days of smog in the last 20 years.

Health September 22, 2018

Outbreak Of Rare Eye Infection That Can Cause Blindness Found Among Contact Lens Wearers

A rare eye infection that can cause blindness has been identified in contact lens users in the United Kingdom. What is Acanthamoeba keratitis, and can it be prevented?

Health September 22, 2018

Alcohol Use Responsible For 3 Million Deaths Each Year: WHO Report

According to WHO's latest report, 3 million deaths worldwide can be attributed to harmful alcohol use. Apart from the health consequences, it also brings social and economic costs to both the individual and the society.

Health September 22, 2018

Flea And Tick Medicine Can Cause Nerve Related Side Effects, Says FDA

The FDA issued a warning against a type of anti-flea and tick medicines that might cause adverse neurological issues. Dogs and cats that have taken these veterinary products experienced muscle tremors and seizures.

Health September 21, 2018

Pet Store Puppies Spread Drug-Resistant Diarrhea To Over 100 People: CDC

Did puppies cause an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant diarrhea? The illnesses began in 2016 with over a hundred people falling ill with diarrhea, 29 of whom were pet store employees.

Health September 21, 2018

How To Keep You Family Safe From West Nile Virus

The CDC has issued a guideline to help prevent the spread of West Nile Virus. A thousand people across the United States have been infected since the summer season started.

Health September 21, 2018

New Research Challenges Myers-Briggs Personality Types With 4 New Personality Groupings

A group of researchers identified four distinct personality types from over 1.5 million volunteers who took online quizzes in a major new study. The four personality types include average, reserved, role-model, and self-centered.

Health September 20, 2018

How To Keep Yourself Healthy During A Ketogenic Diet

Diet fads come and go, but some leave a lasting impact. Recommended by prominent people in the entertainment industry such as Halle Berry, the ketogenic diet has catapulted into one of the most famous ways to lose weight.

Health September 20, 2018

Over 2 Million Middle And High School Students In The US Have Vaped Marijuana, According To Study

A new study found that vaping marijuana is prevalent among children in middle school and high school in the United States. Up to 2 million children across the country have admitted to using e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana at least once.

Health September 19, 2018

Common Household Cleaners Can Make Your Children Fatter: Study

A study found that those common cleaning products such as home disinfectants can affect a child's gut microbiome and increase the risk of obesity later in life. However, ecologically friendly products have opposite results.

Health September 18, 2018

Landmark Australian Study Shows Aspirin Not Effective In Preventing Cardiovascular Problems In Elderly Patients

A study found that there is no benefit to be reaped from taking a low-dose aspirin every day. In fact, the practice might even increase the risk of hemorrhage in elderly people.

Health September 17, 2018

How To Stay Alchohol-Free This Coming 'Sober October'

For 'Sober October,' people are encouraged to quit drinking for 31 days for charity and to reduce health risks associated with alcohol. Here are three ways to help make abstaining for one whole month easier.

Health September 18, 2018

Pins And Needles Found In Strawberries In Australia: Manhunt Launched For Culprit

Strawberry lovers, beware: pins and needles have been found inside the fruits in Queensland, Australia. Authorities have launched the manhunt for the culprit behind the dangerous scheme, while the public is urged to slice strawberries before eating them.

Health September 17, 2018

Man Dies From Shark Attack In Cape Cod, First In Over 80 Years In Massachusetts

Arthur Medici, a 26-year-old, died from a shark attack in Cape Cod's Newcomb Hollow Beach. The incident, the first death due to a shark attack in over 80 years in the state, was believed to be due to mistaken identity.

Health September 16, 2018

Extraordinary Case: 4 People Get Cancer From Donated Organs

Can cancer be transmitted to people through organ donation? Four people who received organs from a single donor eventually developed breast cancer long after the transplantation.

Health September 16, 2018

Marshmallow Test Pioneer Walter Mischel Passes Away At 88

Walter Mischel, known for the Marshmallow Test, died in his home in Manhattan this week. The psychologist and author published an infamous study on delayed gratification and its correlation to success later in life.

Health September 15, 2018

San Diego Authorities Warn Of Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine After Three Deaths In Beach Areas

Three deaths and two overdoses were reported in San Diego this past week because of fentanyl-laced cocaine. Authorities believe more of the drug is still being sold by drug dealers in San Diego.

Health September 16, 2018

Man Severely Injured In Hunting Accident Is World's Oldest Face Transplant Recipient

A 64-year-old man is the world's oldest face transplant recipient after his successful surgery in Canada. Now four months after his surgery, the man is said to be doing well.

Health September 15, 2018

FDA Findings Show Yet Another Impurity In Heart Drug Valsartan

The FDA has found NDEA, another known carcinogen, in some batches of valsartan drugs used for treating heart conditions and high blood pressure. The drugs have been added to the recalled list.

Health September 15, 2018

BPA-Free Plastic May Not Be Safer After All

BPA-free plastic products were supposed to be safer compared to those that contained the infamous ingredient. However, researchers accidentally discovered that BPA alternatives are still as dangerous, resulting to chromosomal abnormalities in exposed mice.

Health September 15, 2018

Mom Admits To Stealing Terminally Ill Daughter's Pain Medications, Charged With Felony

A mom admitted to stealing her own terminally ill daughter's pain medications and to having an opioid addiction. Addiction can cause people to do risky things to seek out the source of their addiction.

Health September 14, 2018

Americans Getting Fatter: Obesity Rates Over 35 Percent In 7 States

The State of Obesity 2018 report revealed that Americans are getting fatter. Seven states had obesity rates of more than 35 percent in 2017, compared to five in 2016 and none in 2012.

Health September 13, 2018

Europeans Are Living Longer But Certain Health Issues Can Reverse The Trend, Says WHO

Europeans can expect to live up to 77 years thanks to the ongoing health initiative overseen by the World Health Organization. However, certain lifestyle factors like drinking and smoking are prohibiting progress.

Health September 13, 2018

State Of Emergency Declared In Zimbabwe Due To Cholera Outbreak

Zimbabwe declared a state of emergency after a recent cholera outbreak had killed 20 people in the capital city of Harare. An additional 2,000 people have been infected by the bacterial disease.

Health September 13, 2018

UCLA's Michael Grunstein Awarded Prestigious 2018 Lasker Price For Research In Genetics

Michael Grunstein is being recognized by the Lasker Foundation for his work on the histone protein and its role in gene expression. He shares the award with C. Davis Allis.

Health September 13, 2018

How Do You Spot Prostate Cancer Early On?

Thousands of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, but the disease is curable especially if detected early. Men aged 55 and older should watch out for these symptoms.

Health September 13, 2018

One-Third Of All Opioid Prescriptions Lack Proper Reason, Says Study

Doctors and clinics might have contributed to the worsening opioid crisis across the United States. A study found that an alarming number of patients were given an opioid prescription to treat pain not related to cancer.

Health September 11, 2018

New Blood Test Will Determine Your Body Clock: Here's Why You Need To Know

Scientists have developed TimeSignature, a new blood test that will determine a person's body clock, or circadian rhythms. This is important because biological clocks regulate various processes beyond just sleepiness and hunger.

Health September 11, 2018

Is Alzheimer's An Infectious Disease? 'Germ' Theory Of Alzheimer's Regaining Momentum

Leslie Norins wanted to prove that Alzheimer's is caused by a germ. Earlier this year, he launched a challenge for the scientific community to find the virus or bacteria that causes dementia in millions of people around the world.

Health September 12, 2018

Flu Vaccines Recommended Ahead Of Flu Season: Is It Time To Vaccinate?

Is it too early to get the yearly vaccination against the flu? October is the recommended vaccination time, but some members of the community are recommended to get it earlier.

Health September 9, 2018

Doctors Remove 61-Pound Uterine Tumor From Woman Already Struggling To Breathe

Doctors in Singapore successfully removed a woman's 'giant' uterine tumor. The tumor was so massive it was already causing the patient breathing and movement problems.

Health September 9, 2018

News Anchor Who Reported On Opioid Abuse Loses Daughter To Fentanyl Overdose

A journalist who has been covering the opioid crisis in the United States for 10 years lost her daughter to fentanyl overdose. Angela Kennecke hopes that her family's tragedy could save the lives of people addicted to the drug.

Health September 9, 2018

Chronic Nail-Biter Has Thumb Amputated Due To Rare Cancer

A young woman's thumb had to be amputated as a result of a rare cancer diagnosis. The chronic nail-biter kept her blackened thumb from family and friends for years after she bit the entire nail off.

Health September 8, 2018

Selfie Savior: Strange-Looking Selfies Alert Woman Of Stroke Symptoms

A woman was alerted to her own stroke symptoms thanks to the selfies that she took. What are some of the signs and symptoms of stroke?

Health September 8, 2018

Marijuana Use Becoming More Prevalent With Baby Boomers

More baby boomers aged 50 and above have started using marijuana for various reasons, including medicinal purposes. Researchers attribute the increase to the changing attitude toward pot across the country.

Health September 7, 2018

Effects Of Probiotics Vary Greatly, May Impair Natural Gut Microbiome: Studies

Do generic probiotics really affect people's gut microbiomes? Two new studies reveal that the effects of probiotics vary greatly, and may even impair natural microbiome establishment after antibiotics.

Health September 7, 2018

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