Dozens Of Unvaccinated Students And Staff Pulled From School Because Of Chickenpox Outbreak

Because of a chickenpox outbreak, 38 students have been requested to stay out of class for several weeks. Unvaccinated staff members were also advised to stay away.

Health October 21, 2018

Study Puts Spain In Top Spot When It Comes To Life Expectancy

An average citizen in Spain can expect to live up to the age of 85.8 years old, according to a new study that predicted life expectancy around the world by 2040. The United States, meanwhile, was overtaken by China.

Health October 20, 2018

Tuberculosis Affecting The World Today Was Spread By European Colonizers Says Study

A study found that the emergence of the most widespread strain of tuberculosis coincided with the arrival of European explorers. It suggested that the introduction of Lineage 4 TB in Asia, Africa, and the Americas was caused by colonizers.

Health October 20, 2018

Sedentary Lifestyle Worse For Health And Mortality Than Smoking, Heart Disease, And Diabetes: Study

A new study links cardiac fitness to a person's chances of living a long life. Researchers surmise that not exercising is essentially worse for health and mortality than risk factors such as smoking and heart disease.

Health October 20, 2018

Moving Location Of Fruit And Vegetables Can Lead To 15 Percent Sales Increase

A new research by Warwick Medical School/the University of Warwick suggests that a simple 'nudge' can lead to healthier diets for young adults.

Health October 16, 2018

Simple Stickers May Save Lives Of Patients, Athletes And Lower Medical Costs

Purdue University researchers have created wearable electronic devices that someone can easily attach to their skin. They can be used to monitor physical activity and alert a wearer about possible health risks in real time.

Health October 16, 2018

FDA Warns Vape Company Over Vape Liquids With Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The FDA issued a warning to an e-cigarette company regarding their products containing prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction. The products are considered misbranded under federal law.

Health October 15, 2018

Flu Vaccination Very Important For Pregnant Women Says CDC

The CDC has published a report that revealed that pregnant women are 40 percent more at risk of hospitalization if they do not get their flu shot. Public health officials recommend that everyone gets vaccinated this month.

Health October 15, 2018

Breast Cancer Patients Face Shortage Of Specialist Nurses

The Breast Cancer Care charity found that there is a significant lack of specialist nurses in the United Kingdom to care for patients suffering from terminal cancer. The government promised access to dedicated nurses to everyone who needs them.

Health October 15, 2018

Nearly 800 Dietary Supplements Tainted With Unapproved Ingredients Such As Viagra And Steroids

Nearly 800 dietary supplements were found to be tainted with hidden drug ingredients. Less than half of said products were recalled, and some are still available in the market.

Health October 13, 2018

Worldwide C-Section Births Rapidly On The Rise, Experts Call For Reduction

Worldwide rates for c-section births are on the rise, and experts are concerned. What are the possible risks of c-section births for mothers and their children?

Health October 13, 2018

CDC Says Number Of Unvaccinated Children Growing Alarmingly

A new report from the CDC revealed that more young children have not received their recommended vaccines. In the past year, an estimated 100,000 children have no vaccines at all to protect them from 14 preventable but deadly diseases.

Health October 13, 2018

Cases Of Rare Polio-like Illness Recorded Around United States

Cases of a very rare polio-like illness have been reported in patients in various states. Although cases are on the rise, it is still considererd a very rare condition.

Health October 12, 2018

Eczema Drug Helps Regrow Hair In Patients With Alopecia

An eczema drug has caused a 13-year-old with alopecia to grow hair on her scalp for the first time since she was a toddler. A new study hopes this could lead to clinical trials that could prove whether or not the drug can counter alopecia.

Health October 11, 2018

Researchers Identify Gene That Could Be Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction

A new study has identified the gene that might have been causing erectile dysfunction in men. Researchers hope that their findings will lead to better options for prevention and treatment.

Health October 11, 2018

Starbucks Indonesia Shows Off Pink-Themed Drinks For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Starbucks Indonesia launched three special pink drinks to raise awareness for breast cancer. Portion of the proceeds of the sales of the drinks will be donated to the nonprofit organization Lovepink Indonesia.

Health October 10, 2018

Seasonal Affective Disorder Study Might Explain Why Some People Are Resistant To Depression

A new research found that people who are likely to have seasonal affective disorder but are resilient to the condition can regulate their cerebral serotonin transporter. Researchers hope that this would lead to the treatment of the mental health issue.

Health October 9, 2018

Study Shows 'Higher Levels Of PTSD' Affecting More Veterans

Researchers from the UK found that the rate of probable PTSD among military personnel increased in the past two years. The increase was mostly noticed among ex-servicing military personnel deplyed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Health October 9, 2018

Therapy Dogs Can Transmit Superbugs To Young Patients, But It Can Be Prevented: Study

Therapy dogs are there to help the patients, but evidently, they can inadvertently pass them superbugs as well. A simple antibiotic wash can help prevent the therapy dogs from spreading MRSA to young patients.

Health October 7, 2018

Vitamin D Supplements Give Little To No Improvement To Bone Health Says Study

According to researchers, vitamin D supplements do not give special health benefits to people who are not deficient. In a review of previous trials, they found that supplements do not improve bone health nor prevent fractures and falls.

Health October 7, 2018

FDA Expands Usage Of HPV Vaccine To Adults Aged 27 To 45

The FDA has approved the HPV vaccine Gardasil to be administered to men and women aged 27 to 45. The vaccine can protect individuals from nine types of HPV that cause certain cancers such as cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal.

Health October 7, 2018

Los Angeles Hit With Flea-Borne Typhus Outbreak, Some Parts At Epidemic Levels

Los Angeles County has been hit by a series of flea-borne typhus illnesses, with cases in Pasadena reaching epidemic levels. What can be done to prevent flea-borne typhus?

Health October 7, 2018

Study Warns Of Marijuana Effects On Teen Brains

Researchers found a link between marijuana use and poor cognitive skills in teenagers. A new study warned that using the recreational drug might cause teenagers, whose brains are still growing, to perform badly in school.

Health October 6, 2018

DARPA Program Aims To Protect Crops With 'Insect Allies,' Critics Warn Of Its Bioweapon Potential

Critics of DARPA's Insect Allies note how the program might be used as a bioweapon. In response, Insect Allies program manager notes that the program meets the raised standard for security and gene editing.

Health October 5, 2018

Want To Lower Your Risk Of Breast Cancer? Avoid Processed Meat, Says Study

Researchers reviewed previous studies linking processed and red meat to cancer. They confirmed that eating bacon, ham, sausages, and other similar types of food increase the risk of breast cancer.

Health October 4, 2018

Sexual Assault And Harassment Can Have Long-Term Adverse Effects On Women's Health

A study found a link between a woman's experience of sexual harassment and sexual assault to the risk of hypertension, depression, and anxiety. The report came in the wake of the #MeToo movement that rocked Hollywood in the past year.

Health October 4, 2018

Man Took Too Much Viagra That He Started Seeing Red... Permanently

A 31-year-old man started seeing red through his eyes, with flashes of light, after drinking too much of the liquid version of Viagra. The flashes went away, but the red tint to his vision has remained for over a year.

Health October 4, 2018

A Third Of All Males And Half Of All Females Will Suffer From A Stroke, Parkinson's, Or Dementia: Study

A new study found that women have a higher risk of being diagnosed with stroke, dementia, or Parkinson's in their lifetime. Researchers observed more than 12,000 people over the course of 26 years to examine their risk of neurological diseases.

Health October 4, 2018

Number Of Yemen Cholera Cases Increasing At Alarming Pace, According To WHO Report

The World Health Organization reported that the cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen continues to worsen. In September, an average of 10,000 new suspected cases of cholera was recorded every week.

Health October 3, 2018

Artificial Sweeteners Can Kill Good Bacteria In Your Gut, Says Study

A new study claimed that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, and saccharine can disrupt the good bacteria in the gut. After exposing to concentrated artificial sweetener, bioluminescent bacteria used in the study turned toxic.

Health October 3, 2018

Risky Behavior In Teens May Be Caused By Lack Of Sleep

Researchers found a correlation between not getting enough sleep and the odds of risky behavior in a new study focused on teenagers. Adolescents need eight to 10 hours of sleep every night, according to experts.

Health October 3, 2018

How To Avoid Getting UTI? Drink More Water, Study Confirms

Women who often get urinary tract infections should drink more water, according to new research. The study is the first randomized, clinical trial that studied the common recommendation of drinking water to avoid UTI.

Health October 2, 2018

Surfer Dies After Ingesting 'Brain-eating Amoeba' In Texas Resort

Fabrizio Stabile died after dipping in a wave pool in Waco, Texas. He tested for Naegleria fowleri, a rare and dangerous amoeba typically found in freshwaters such as lakes and rivers.

Health October 2, 2018

WHO Says Ebola May Spread From Congo To Neighboring Uganda

Because of internal conflicts, WHO reassessed the alert level for the risk of Ebola outbreak in Congo as "very high." Health workers fear that the disease might also spill into Uganda and other neighboring countries.

Health September 30, 2018

Boy Thought To Be 'Nonverbal' Gets To Speak After Dentist Discovers And Corrects His Tongue-Tie

A 'nonverbal' young boy's speech difficulty was initially believed to be a result of a genetic disorder. A single visit to the dentist fixed his tongue-tie and changed his life.

Health September 29, 2018

Disease Outbreak At Alabama Prison Leaves One Inmate Dead

One inmate has died after developing meningitis as a result of a disease outbreak at an Alabama prison. Two others had to be hospitalized, and authorities are already conducting an investigation.

Health September 29, 2018

First Human Case Of Rat Hepatitis E Detected In Hong Kong Man

A 56-year-old man from Hong Kong has the world's first case of rat Hepatitis E in humans. How did the man contract the rat disease?

Health September 29, 2018

UN Leaders Pledge To End TB For Good

The United Nations announced the effort to eliminate tuberculosis, which kills over 1 million people, worldwide. The UN General Assembly committed to provide 40 million people with the care they need within five years.

Health September 29, 2018

Ford Delves Into Science Of Memory During Testimony And Experts Mostly Agree With Statements

Christine Blasey Ford gave a lesson on memory when she gave a testimony in front of the Senate committee on Thursday. She accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault that took place when they were both teenagers.

Health September 28, 2018

Use Of Birth Control Pills Linked To Reduced Ovarian Cancer Risk: Study

A new study finds that the use of birth control pills can actually reduce ovarian cancer risks. Such pills evidently prevented 21 percent of ovarian cancers among the participants.

Health September 28, 2018

Mediterranean Diet Good For Preventing Depression: Study

How far do the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet go? A new study finds that the diet is also beneficial in preventing depression.

Health September 28, 2018

CDC Report Shows Over 80,000 Flu-Related Deaths In US Last Winter

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that 80,000 people died of flu between 2017 and 2018. For the upcoming flu season, public health officials are stressing the importance of getting vaccinated.

Health September 28, 2018

Want Your Kids To Have Better Cognition? Limit Their Screen Time, Says Study

A new study found that children who get limited access to television, smartphones/tablets, and computers every day perform better in cognitive tests. Health officials said that children's screentime should only be limited to two hours a day.

Health September 28, 2018

Number Of Babies Born With Syphilis Peaks At 20 Year High

The CDC has revealed that the number of cases of syphilis in the United States has more than doubled since 2013. Public health officials report that mothers are also passing the STD to their babies during pregnancy and delivery.

Health September 28, 2018

Experimental GSK Vaccine Shows Promising Results In Tuberculosis Prevention

GSK revealed that the clinical trial of M72/AS01E, a vaccine against pulmonary tuberculosis disease, has reduced new cases in volunteers from Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa. The pharmaceutical company boasted 54 percent efficacy after two years of testing.

Health September 27, 2018

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