Teen Gets Hookworms From Being Buried In Beach Sands: What To Know About Hookworms

What are some important things to remember about preventing hookworm infections? It would be wise to not defecate outdoors and avoid walking barefoot on potentially contaminated soil.

Health July 28, 2018

Backyard Chickens Linked To Multistate Salmonella Outbreak: CDC

Since the year 2000, over 4,700 people have been infected with salmonella because of contact with backyard chickens. The current outbreak has so far affected 44 states.

Health July 29, 2018

New Jersey Woman Strangles Rabid Fox That Attacked And Bit Her

In an escape attempt, a New Jersey woman strangled the rabid fox that had already bitten her multiple times. In 2015 alone, there were over 5,500 rabies cases in the United States.

Health July 27, 2018

Giving Sleeping Pills To Dementia Patients With Insomnia May Raise Fracture Risk By 40 Percent

The so-called Z-drugs often prescribed for people with insomnia may increase the risk of fracture by 40 percent. Here are some alternatives to giving sleeping pills to dementia patients.

Health July 26, 2018

UNICEF: Every 3 Minutes, A Teenage Girl Is Infected With HIV

Majority of those who were infected HIV in 2017 are women, according to a new report by the UNICEF. It sheds a light on the global AIDS crisis, and how girls are bearing the brunt of the epidemic.

Health July 26, 2018

Parasite In Cat Poop May Give People Courage To Start Own Business

Students who tested positive for toxoplasma gondii, a mind-controlling parasite found in cat feces, were more likely to be a business major. People tested positive for the parasite are also 1.8 times more likely to have started their company.

Health July 26, 2018

Teen Infected With Hookworms After Friends Bury Him In Sands Of Florida Beach

Michael Dumas' friends buried him in the sand during a trip to a Florida Beach. The doctor said hookworms may have burrowed under his feet while he was buried.

Health July 25, 2018

FDA Just Approved A New Pill That Could Help With Endometriosis Pain

There is a new hope for women who are suffering greatly from the pain induced by endometriosis. The Food and Drug Administration just approved a new pill that could give relief to women who have this condition.

Health July 25, 2018

Meditation Changes The Brain In Different Ways In Veterans And Beginners

Researchers found that mindfulness meditation alters neural networks in long-time practitioners and new meditators differently. As one meditates more, the part of the brain that regulates emotions becomes more automatic.

Health July 25, 2018

Turmeric Eye Drops Could Cure Glaucoma In Its Early Stage

Eye doctors developed turmeric eye drops that can deliver high amounts of curcumin straight to the eyes. Curcumin has long been known minimize the loss of nerve cells and prevent glaucoma patients from going blind.

Health July 25, 2018

This Common Painkiller Can Triple The Side Effects Of Dementia

Findings of a new study revealed that an opioid-based painkiller prescribed to up to 15 percent of dementia patients can triple the harmful side effects of dementia. Patients who received this drug were also less active than their counterparts.

Health July 25, 2018

Woman's Pedicure Infection Nearly Led To Leg Amputation

A woman who had a pedicure at a salon contracted cellulitis, a bacterial infection that can rapidly become life-threatening. Doctors said she may have been infected after a minor cut by a callus cutter.

Health July 25, 2018

11 Babies Dead In Drug Trial That Gave Viagra To Pregnant Women

A Viagra drug trial involving pregnant women has gone wrong, resulting in the death of 11 babies due to lung problems. The erectile dysfunction drug was supposed to help promote better blood flow to underdeveloped placentas.

Health July 25, 2018

Eating Too Many Spicy Snacks Blamed For Teen's Gallbladder Removal

A 17-year-old girl had to undergo gallbladder removal surgery due to abdominal pain. The doctor said that her consumption of hot chips such as Hot Cheetos, Takis, and Hot Fries caused her stomach problems.

Health July 24, 2018

Climate Change And Mental Health: Rising Temperatures Increase Suicide Rates

Hotter temperature is correlated to increased incidents of suicide in the United States and Mexico. Researchers also found that hot weather is linked to increased use of depressive language on social media.

Health July 24, 2018

Liberian Woman Spreads Ebola To Family A Year After Infection

The woman may have spread the disease to her family when the virus reemerged during her pregnancy. Experts do not think she infected her husband through sexual contact.

Health July 24, 2018

Chinese Drug Company Falsified Records, Distributed Thousands Of Faulty Vaccines For Children

Two vaccines produced by Changchun Changsheng Bio-technology, one of China's largest vaccine manufacturers, have been found defective. Some of the vaccines are already on the market and have been administered to Chinese children.

Health July 24, 2018

Doctors Interrupt, Stop Listening To Their Patients 11 Seconds Into A Conversation

Doctors on average interrupt their patients 11 seconds after the latter start to speak. Specialists are less likely to give ample time to their patients. What are the factors that contribute to this kind of encounters?

Health July 23, 2018

Norovirus Sickens Nearly 100 People At Woods Pond Beach In Maine

If you have norovirus, perhaps it’s a good idea not to go to the beach. Otherwise, you might sicken everyone you come into contact with, just like what happened at this beach in Maine.

Health July 23, 2018

Ritz Cracker Products Recalled For Potential Salmonella Contamination

Mondelēz Global LLC, which produces Ritz Cracker products, issued a recall over fears an ingredient used in the snacks is contaminated with salmonella. Here are the products affected by the recall.

Health July 22, 2018

Dozens Of 'Zombie' Raccoons Found Dead In New York's Central Park: What's Happening?

Officials have found dozens of dead raccoons in New York's Central Park, killed by a viral outbreak that is causing the animals to exhibit zombie-like behavior. What is happening to the animals, and should people stay away from them?

Health July 23, 2018

Man Dies Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Eating Raw Oysters: Safety Reminders To Avoid Vibrio Infections From Oysters

What are some food safety tips to avoid getting infections from oysters? Contrary to some people's belief, even experienced oyster lovers cannot determine the presence of harmful bacteria just by seeing, smelling, or tasting an oyster.

Health July 21, 2018

Diet Soda Linked To Reduced Colon Cancer Death And Recurrence Risk: Study

A Yale study found that drinking artificially sweetened drinks can help reduce colon cancer death and recurrence by almost half. This is likely that the benefit is due to the replacement of sugar-sweetened drinks with artificially sweetened ones.

Health July 21, 2018

Living Near Green Public Spaces Can Reduce Depression By 70 Percent

Previously vacant lots that were cleaned and planted with grass and trees help reduce depression and make people happier. Here are other benefits of exposure to green space.

Health July 21, 2018

Experimental Blood Test Can Detect Early Stages Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Australian scientists developed a blood test that can detect melanoma early and can potentially save thousands of lives. What makes it different and more efficient than current tests for diagnosing skin cancer?

Health July 21, 2018

Complementary Therapies May Increase Risk Of Early Death In Cancer Patients

Patients with breast, prostate, lung or colorectal cancer who received complementary therapies are more likely to refuse standard treatment such as chemotherapy and surgery. They also have a higher risk of early death.

Health July 20, 2018

Salmonella Outbreak In 26 States Linked To Raw Turkey

A salmonella outbreak that sickened 90 people in 26 states has been linked to raw turkey. The CDC said that two of the infected patients live in homes where raw turkey were given as pet food.

Health July 20, 2018

Wild Parsnip Causes Serious Burns And Blisters On Vermont Woman's Legs

After the giant hogweed, there is another invasive plant that people might have to watch out for to avoid serious burns. A Vermont woman shares her experience with wild parsnip to warn the public of its potential dangers.

Health July 19, 2018

Man Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Eating Oyster At Florida Restaurant

A 71-year-old man died of an infection from the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria after eating oysters at a restaurant in Florida. What are the symptoms of this bacterial infection and how is it treated?

Health July 19, 2018

Omega 3, Fish Oil Supplements Useless For Heart Health, Says New Study

A new systematic review of previous omega 3 and fish oil trials found that they do very little to improve heart health. In fact, the chance of getting any meaningful impact from omega 3 consumption is one in 1,000.

Health July 19, 2018

40-Year Study Shows Conservatives More Likely To Live Meaningful Lives Than Liberals

A massive survey of 50,000 individuals showed that right-wingers were more likely to find meaning in their lives than those who leaned left. The data was gathered in 16 countries over a span of 40 years.

Health July 19, 2018

ADHD Symptoms In Teens Linked To How Often They Use Digital Media

A study revealed that teens who spend more time using digital media are more prone to developing ADHD symptoms. However, while the research found a plausible link, parents should not panic and cut off teenagers from technology.

Health July 18, 2018

Liver Cancer Death Rates In The US Are On The Rise

The number of people who’ve died from liver cancer has increased between 2000 and 2016, as per new data by the CDC. The reason for this might not be what you’re think of, though.

Health July 19, 2018

Teen With Peanut Allergy Dies After Chips Ahoy Cookie Packaging Mix-Up

Mom posted warning in her Facebook after her daughter with a peanut allergy died from accidentally eating Chips Ahoy Cookies with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The mom highlighted her daughter committed the mistake due to Chips Ahoy’s packaging.

Health July 17, 2018

World’s Oldest Bread Found In Jordan Suggests Hunter-Gatherers Baked Before Discovery Of Agriculture

The crumbs of the world’s oldest flat dough resembling the pita bread were found in an oven in a site located in the Black Desert in northeastern Jordan. The discovery suggested ancient people baked even before the peak of agriculture.

Health July 17, 2018

Vampire Horsefly Infestation Linked To Heatwave Raises Risk Of Potentially Deadly Insect Bites

Spikes in calls about insect bites coincided when the temperature peaked between June 24 and July 9. The Antibiotic Research UK said that the bite from the bloodsucking horseflies may lead to potentially deadly infections.

Health July 16, 2018

Alzheimer’s Risk Might Go Down With The Help Of Herpes Meds

A study published last month showed a link between herpes and dementia. Now, two professors have further analyzed other studies that show similar findings, and they suggest that Alzheimer’s could one day be prevented via antiviral treatment.

Health July 17, 2018

The North Korea Tuberculosis Problem Is Getting Worse, And The United States Is To Blame

The United States is championing international sanctions that are preventing medical supplies against tuberculosis from entering North Korea. Tuberculosis is under control in developed countries through vaccines and medicine, but the disease is getting worse in North Korea.

Health July 16, 2018

Largest Study Of Its Kind Shows Eating Fat Is The Only Cause Of Weight Gain

A new study found that fat alone causes the worst long-term weight gain. Even carbohydrates with 30 percent sugar and carbohydrates combined with fat were found to not have as much of an impact as fat alone.

Health July 16, 2018

FDA Warns About Dog Food That May Bring Heart Disease

The FDA warned pet owners about certain types of dog food that could make dogs at risk of a heart disease. The cases were particularly worrisome because they involved dog breeds that are not genetically prone to develop the disease.

Health July 15, 2018

Investigation On 500 Illnesses At Zip Line Destination Continues: Tennessee Department Of Health

What caused the outbreak of over 500 illnesses linked to a zip line destination in Tennessee? E. coli and norovirus are possible sources, but investigations are still ongoing to find the main source.

Health July 15, 2018

Invasive Weed Causes Teen To Suffer Third-Degree Burns: Safely Identify And Remove Giant Hogweed

How can one safely identify or remove a giant hogweed? The first step is always to wear protective gear that covers the skin and eyes.

Health July 15, 2018

McDonald’s Salad Pulled From 3,000 Stores Due To Possible Fecal Parasite

A multistate clyclospora outbreak was linked to consumption of McDonald’s salad. In response, the fast-food chain pulled out the said food item from its 3,000 stores to help contain the outbreak.

Health July 15, 2018

FDA Recalls Common High Blood Pressure Drug With Valsartan Due To Cancer-Causing Ingredient

FDA announced a voluntary recall of common heart drug with active ingredient valsartan. The announcement was made a week after 22 countries had conducted their separate recalls of the same valsartan products.

Health July 14, 2018

Multistate Bacteria Outbreak Linked To Fresh Crab Meat From Venezuela

The CDC, FDA, and several local health departments issued a warning against possibly contaminated fresh crab meat imported from Venezuela. There had been cases of people getting sick and hospitalized due to the product under investigation.

Health July 14, 2018

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