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Astronomers Use Hubble, Capture Best Possible View Of A Comet Disintegrating

Astronomers have captured the best possible view of a comet disintegrating. The comet, 332P, was making a trip around the sun millions of miles away from Earth during the disintegration.

Space September 16, 2016

Yale Hospital Receives Approval, Certification To Perform HIV-HIV Organ Transplants

HIV-HIV transplants are now approved at the Yale New Haven Hospital. With this, more of the life-saving procedure can be done, benefiting those with the disease and those without.

Public Health September 15, 2016

Higher Glucose Levels During Pregnancy Associated With Worse Maternal, Birth Outcomes

For mom and baby to stay happy, their health must be cared for. According to researchers, high glucose levels in pregnant women are associated with worse outcomes for both mother and child.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 15, 2016

Prostate Cancer Treatments Equally Effective, Says Study

In the U.S. alone, more than 180,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016. According to researchers, these men can choose among radiotherapy, surgery and active monitoring to treat the disease as they are equally effective.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 15, 2016

Indoor Dust Harbors Toxic Chemicals Linked To Infertility And Cancer

More and more people are adopting a healthy lifestyle by avoiding food and activities detrimental to their health. According to researchers, however, they should be protecting themselves from something more ubiquitous: indoor dust.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 14, 2016

People Use Same Sounds For Common Objects, Ideas No Matter The Language

How do the people of the world understand each other? It may be that different words with the same meaning use the same sounds, said researchers.

Life & Style September 14, 2016

NASA Launches Airborne Mission For Great Barrier Reef Study

NASA has teamed up with Australian researchers to study the Great Barrier Reef. The agency’s PRISM instrument has arrived in the country and is now ready for use.

Earth/Environment September 14, 2016

Blue Origin Announces Massive New Glenn Rocket: Is There Really A Market For Reusable Rockets?

Blue Origin is keen on being a big player in the aerospace industry, announcing the reusable rocket New Glenn to take on SpaceX's Falcon 9. Is Jeff Bezos right to invest in reusable rockets?

Space September 13, 2016

Why Do Some Women Suffer Sleep Difficulty? It Has To Do With Being A Woman, Says Study

Women suffer through more sleep problems than men and it’s not entirely clear why. Researchers, however, are saying the reason has to do with a woman’s biology.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 13, 2016

Researchers Question Prostate Cancer Screening Method: Goodbye, Rectal Exams?

Every year, numerous men are subjected to rectal exams in the name of prostate cancer screening. Now, researchers are saying that it may be time to say goodbye to the dreaded screening method.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 13, 2016

NASA Astronaut Talks Alien Life In Space: No Alien Life Discovered But Exoplanet Proxima B May Hold Clues

If anyone’s going to be talking about life in space, it has got to be an astronaut. And according to one of NASA’s own, there is life all over the universe.

Space September 12, 2016

Real-Life ‘Fault In Our Stars’: Couple With Cystic Fibrosis Fighting Odds To Be Together

Let a real-life 'Fault in Our Stars' couple show you how loving is done. They may be sick but the couple, who have cystic fibrosis, are fighting with all they’ve got to stay together.

Life & Style September 12, 2016

Possible Drug Target Discovered For Improving Social Interaction In People With Autism

People on the spectrum appear aloof and distant because they have trouble establishing and maintaining relationships. All that could change, however, as researchers identify a drug target that treatment can focus on to improve social interaction in individuals with ASD.

Medicine September 12, 2016

MIT, Georgia Tech Researchers Use Terahertz Imaging To Read Books Without Opening Them

Researchers from MIT and Georgia Tech have teamed up to create a terahertz imaging system. With the technology, it’s going to be possible to read a book without opening it.

Material Science September 10, 2016

California Medical Board Accuses ‘Alternate Vaccine Schedule’ Doctor Of Gross Negligence

The California Medical Board is accusing Dr. Robert Sears of gross negligence. According to the complaint, the ‘alternative vaccine schedule’ doctor put a patient in danger after deviating from standard practice.

Public Health September 10, 2016

Watch: Bacteria Evolves To Develop Antibiotic Resistance

Bacteria evolve, mutating to overcome challenges in their environment. For the first time, a large-scale look at how the process goes is provided by researchers, showing how antibiotic resistance develops.

Medicine September 9, 2016

New Electrical Stimulation Therapy Shows Promise Improving Hand Function In Stroke Patients

Stroke survivors typically experience weakness in one hand. Now, researchers are saying that a new electrical stimulation therapy can improve hand function for survivors at a rate better than what current stimulation techniques have to offer.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 9, 2016

Non-Steroidal Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease Treatment Also Effective Against Eye Inflammation

Corticosteroids have been the usual treatment of choice for eye inflammations. Now, researchers have found that non-steroidal medication adalimumab could also do the trick in treating uveitis.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 8, 2016

Cord-Blood Transplant Shows Potential As Leukemia Treatment

Researchers present cord-blood transplants as more than just a last resort for leukemia patients. According to them, the procedure can hold its own against matched bone marrow or stem cell transplants, especially in the case of minimal residual disease.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 8, 2016

Zika Virus May Be Spread From Infected Eyes, Suggests Study

Zika is spreading fast and researchers are scrambling to learn more about it. According to a new study, however, the virus can find its way to the eyes, making the windows to the soul a possible infection source.

Public Health September 8, 2016

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