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Deezer For Apple Watch Officially Hits The Scene, Available Now With Some Cool Features In Tow

Apple Watch users can now access their Deezer playlists on their wearable. The app is available to both iPhone users using iOS 8.2 or higher and to those who use their devices in Offline Mode.

Apps/Software March 17, 2016

Apple, Google, Ikea And More Facing EU Tax Probe

Apple, Google, Ikea and other companies are facing a probe by European regulators on whether they are receiving favorable tax deals in their European operations. All companies have previously said they recognize and comply with the tax rules in Europe.

Legal March 17, 2016

Uber For Food Launches Standalone UberEATS App And It's Expanding To A Dozen More Cities

UberEATS, Uber’s standalone app that offers food delivery, is now available on iOS and Android. Users can now use the app to order from their favorite local restaurants whatever time of the day and whatever day of the week.

Apps/Software March 16, 2016

Dropbox Breaks Free From Amazon Cloud, Moving To Its Own Super Servers Infrastructure

Dropbox announced it is now storing and serving more than 90 percent of its users’ data on a custom-built infrastructure. The move came following the continuing growth in the number of its users and customers.

Internet March 16, 2016

LG K8 And K5 Officially Launching This Week As Budget Mid-Rangers To Expand Affordable K Series

LG just expanded the K lineup with the launch of its K8 and K5 midrange handsets. While both devices will be available in CIS and Latin America, the K8 will also launch in Asia, Africa and the Middle East while the K5 will land in Europe.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 15, 2016

Apple, Watch Out! Huawei May Soon Rule Chinese Market

Huawei inches itself closer to Apple as the growth of the Chinese OEM continues to gain momentum. With 24.3 percent market share in China, Huawei may soon become the dominant player in a market that’s highly valuable to Apple.

Business March 13, 2016

Google's DeepMind AlphaGo AI Beats Lee Sedol In Third Match, 3-0: Human vs. Machine Challenge Gets Tougher

AlphaGo won the third game in a row against Lee Sedol in a five-match challenge that makes Google’s DeepMind AI the first to beat a 9-dan professional player in a duel of ‘Go.’ The last two remaining games will continue as scheduled to determine the final score.

Computers March 13, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Gets 20 Percent Discount In India, But It's Still Expensive

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 now retails with a discounted price tag in India. Sold exclusively through Amazon, the Surface Pro 3 dropped to 58,990 rupees, which is 20 percent off the original price of 73,990 rupees.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 12, 2016

YouTube Gaming Expands To More Markets, Improves iOS And Android Mobile Apps

The YouTube Gaming mobile app adds four new countries to its current roster of markets for both iOS and Android users. Fans can also expect a lineup of new features aimed at enhancing their browsing and viewing experience.

Apps/Software March 12, 2016

Android SwiftKey Keyboard Gets Neat New Update With SwiftKey Stats: Here's The Deal

SwiftKey Stats is now available on the regular SwiftKey for Android app. The new feature promises to learn more about the users’ typing habits which the app generates and presents in colorful graphs and charts.

Apps/Software March 12, 2016

'Hitman' Still On Track For PS4, Xbox One And PC Launch, But Disc Release Delayed Until 2017

The anticipated release of ‘Hitman’ disc version is reportedly delayed until early 2017. Square Enix explained the delay is meant to deliver the best disc gaming version of the title to loyal fans.

Video Games March 11, 2016

Bosch Joins Internet Of Things Race With New IoT Cloud Service

Bosch joins the cloud computing bandwagon by becoming a full service provider for connectivity and the Internet of Things. The company aims to have all of its electronics IoT- enabled through IoT Cloud by the year 2020.

FUTURE TECH March 11, 2016

Waze 4.0 Hits Android, Sporting A Fresh New Look: Live Now On Google Play [Video]

Waze 4.0 is now available for Android users. The newly-released version delivers a brand new look, enhanced driving experience, a faster way to share ETA, easy access to frequent destinations and a whole lot more.

Apps/Software March 11, 2016

Chrome For Android Gets Neat New Update With Version 49: What Does It Bring?

Google launched the new Chrome for Android version 49, which promises to bring enhanced background sync, nearby smart beacons notification, new APIs and more. The latest update is expected to be available in less than a day at Google Play.

Apps/Software March 11, 2016

YouTube Co-Founder Steve Chen Launches 'Nom' Live-Streaming Platform For Food Videos And Cooking Shows

New live-streaming site Nom features food videos that cater to foodies, recipe buffs and cooking fans. Users can also run their own live cooking shows and share their personal gourmet experiences through the site.

Internet March 11, 2016

Kim Kardashian's Mobile Game 'Hollywood' Rakes In $80 Million, So Maybe That Can Help Kanye

Mobile game ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ earned $80 million in revenue in 2015. Famous celebrity and game inspiration Kim Kardashian turned to Twitter to announce the game’s phenomenal success.

Video Games March 11, 2016

Sorry, Guys: Xiaomi Mi 5 Is Not Headed To Europe Just Yet, That Polish Listing Is Fake

Xiaomi denies the current rumor that it is launching the Mi 5 flagship in Europe. According to the company, the announcement found on a Xiaomi site in Poland is not authentic.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 10, 2016

NYC Equipping High-End MTA Buses With Charger Ports And Wi-Fi For Modern Public Transportation

NYC is adding more than 2,000 buses to its current fleet by the year 2020. The new buses will come equipped with free Wi-Fi and USB charging ports, along with digital screens for providing users with valuable information.

FUTURE TECH March 10, 2016

Skype Is Ditching Its Smart TV Apps Because People Prefer Mobile Even In The Living Room

Skype announced that it's killing its Smart TV app. Starting June, the app will stop getting support and updates, and TV manufacturers may remove Skype from some or all of their TV models.

Apps/Software March 9, 2016

Blizzard Officially Confirms 'Overwatch' Release Date And Open Beta Early Access In Early May

Blizzard confirms that ‘Overwatch’ will be released on May 24, while the game’s open beta will run from May 5 to 9. Those who preorder the title will have early beta access on May 3.

Video Games March 9, 2016

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