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Huawei P9 Flagship Will Rock A Leica Camera For Superior Smartphone Photography

Huawei is launching the P9 flagship with the camera technology of German company Leica. The Huawei-Leica partnership is aimed at improving the smartphone maker’s premium lineup of devices.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 3, 2016

FCC Says Netflix Throttling For AT&T And Verizon Customers Is Not Illegal: No Investigation Necessary

FCC will not hold Netflix liable for throttling the picture quality of AT&T and Verizon wireless subscribers. The agency said it has no plans to investigate the issue.

Internet April 2, 2016

HTC 10 Drops By FCC, Edging Closer To US Launch

HTC 10 has just received FCC approval in the United States, with two new models revealed with their respective model numbers. The company is expected to launch its next flagship on April 12.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 2, 2016

Future Microsoft Edge Browser Version Will Have Baked-In Ad Blocker

Microsoft is gearing up to launch an ad-blocking feature into the next edition of the Edge browser. Could this finally make Microsoft Edge desirable?

Apps/Software March 31, 2016

BlackBerry Priv Caught On Camera With Marshmallow On Board: Android 6.0 Update Imminent? [Video]

Wondering if the BlackBerry Priv will ever get a Marshmallow update? This video might answer your question, as it shows the handset smoothly running Android 6.0.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 31, 2016

Next 'Call Of Duty' Game Reportedly Getting 'Full On Sci-Fi,' Set In Space

The next iteration of the ‘Call of Duty’ game could just be a new adventure in space. The latest report claims that game developer Infinity Ward will even push the space concept by launching the game with a full sci-fi-designed game setting.

Video Games March 30, 2016

Google Seeps Through The Great Firewall Of China, But The Miracle Didn't Last Long

Google successfully bypassed the stringent Great Firewall of China but the momentous event didn't last long. Internet users from the mainland quickly turned in to local social media to share the news of the short-lived return of ‘free speech.’

Internet March 29, 2016

iPhone SE Review Roundup: The Early Verdicts Are In For Apple's Smallest Powerhouse

The new iPhone SE will be available to consumers on Thursday, while preorders for the device started last week. As eager Apple fans wait to get their hands on the SE, several reviewers already revealed their early verdicts on the device.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 29, 2016

Biker-Friendly Galaxy J3 Smartphone Will 'Change The Way You Ride:' Samsung India #TapKickVroom

Samsung India launched a new promotional ad for the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016), which claims to be a phone that is particularly designed for bikers. The new handset will be officially announced on March 31.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 29, 2016

Dell Reportedly In Final Stages Of Selling Its IT Business To NTT Data

Dell may soon make an official announcement on its proposed deal with NTT Data. The U.S.-based PC maker is selling its IT consulting division to the Japanese telecom company for $3.5 billion.

Deals March 28, 2016

Samsung's 2016 SUHD TVs Launching Globally With Quantum Dot Display And More Neat Tricks

Samsung is preparing to launch its latest 2016 lineup of SUHD TVs on a global scale. With display sizes that range from 49 to 88 inches, some of the TVs' features that users can expect include enhanced color accuracy by 25 percent and Quantum dot display.

Gadgets March 28, 2016

Xiaomi Launches Stunning 65-Inch Curved Mi TV 3S With 4K Samsung Display

The new 65-inch curved Mi TV 3S from Xiaomi boasts a 4K Samsung display in a razor-thin 0.23-inch metal build. With an unbelievable price tag of around $1,380, the curved TV is initially available in China.

FUTURE TECH March 27, 2016

Windows 10 Live Tiles About To Change: Microsoft Teases 'Two Highly Requested Surprises'

Microsoft is teasing some interesting new features headed to Windows 10 Live Tiles. Users can expect to find ‘two highly requested surprises’ for a more innovative computing experience.

Apps/Software March 26, 2016

Playboy Reportedly On The Market, Looking To Sell Its Business For North Of $500 Million

The iconic Playboy publication is reportedly up for sale. The news came just weeks following other previous announcements that revealed the sale of the Playboy mansion and the decision to publish its first non-nude magazine copy.

Business March 26, 2016

Verizon Adds Feature-Packed LG K4 LTE To Its Affordable Smartphone Lineup

Verizon is now offering the LG K4 LTE to consumers who are in the market for feature-packed devices that don’t come heavy on the pocket. The 4.5-inch device can be snagged at $5.00 a month for a two-year contract or at the retail price of $120.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 26, 2016

Warning: Nasty '.om' Malware Is Lurking And Spreading, So Pay Extra Attention To That URL

Internet users who think that a typo such as '.om' instead of '.com' in a URL is harmless should think again. Research shows that a number of huge Internet properties are being targeted by typosquatters in order to deliver malicious content.

Internet March 26, 2016

Google Maps For iOS Gets Dedicated Ride-Sharing Tab, Prices And Pickup Times For Non-Uber Services

Google Maps for iOS now has a bunch of new ride-sharing options that would cater to users outside the United States. Android users got the update last week.

Apps/Software March 25, 2016

Another Hospital Hit By Ransomware: Medical Data Held Hostage For Bitcoin In Kentucky

A Kentucky-based hospital became the latest victim of a ransomware attack after a number of files on its computer systems were infected by encryption. The perpetrators are reportedly asking for a total of four bitcoins, around $1,600, as the ransom amount.

Computers March 25, 2016

Google Maps Error Leads To Wrong House Demolished By Mistake

A tornado survivor who had just secured a rebuilding permit and was ready to start over was devastated to find her damaged house demolished by mistake. The demolition company cited Google Maps as the cause of error.

Apps/Software March 25, 2016

'Minecraft: Story Mode' Episode 5 Coming Soon, But That's Not All: Three More Episodes Confirmed

‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ Episode 5 will soon be available on PC, Windows 10, PlayStation, Xbox One, and more. Players can also expect to see three more episodes of the game to launch later this year.

Video Games March 24, 2016

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