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Senator Wants Investigation On New Jersey Hospital Where 11 Children Died

State Senator Richard Codey penned a letter to urge to the state attorney general to open an investigation on the adenovirus outbreak that killed 11 children in a hospital in New Jersey. He demanded accountability for the tragic deaths.

Public Health March 30, 2019

University Students Fear Dorm Mold Might Be Connected To Freshman's Adenovirus Death

Is the death of a university freshman linked to the mold problem at the students' dorm? Some students are speaking about the problem that began last August.

Public Health November 24, 2018

University Freshman Dies Of Adenovirus, Five More Cases Confirmed

A university freshman lost her life from adenovirus-related illness, while five more students are confirmed to be sick from it. The student who died may have been more susceptible to the virus because of her Crohn's disease.

Public Health November 23, 2018

8th Child Dies At New Jersey Facility, Alleged 'Filthy Conditions' Blamed For Virus Outbreak

New Jersey authorities announced the eighth death related to an adenovirus outbreak at a New Jersey rehabilitation center. Investigations are ongoing amid the questions and allegations.

Public Health October 28, 2018

6 Children Dead, 12 Other Ill Amid Adenovirus Outbreak At New Jersey Rehabilitation Facility

Of the 18 children affected by an adenovirus outbreak in New Jersey, six have already died. With their immune systems already compromised, they were more susceptible to contracting illnesses.

Public Health October 24, 2018

Children's Hospital Sued Over Newborn's Death Amid Virus Outbreak In Facility

The parents of a premature infant that died in 2016 are suing the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. According to the lawsuit, their child died because of the virus outbreak that occured among 23 babies at the time.

Medicine September 2, 2018

People Power: Drug company gives in to pressure, will provide $50K antiviral drug to dying kid

Chimerix, which earlier refused to give its experimental drug to a seven year old cancer survivor battling with adenovirus infection has announced on Tuesday it has finally decided to donate the drug to the dying kid.

Life March 13, 2014

Chimerix backtracks, gives cancer-stricken boy access to experimental drugs

Josh Hardy, who at just seven years old is a four-time cancer survivor, became well-known as his family petitioned for pharmaceutical company Chimerix to donate experimental drugs to him on compassionate grounds. The company initially refused, saying brincidofovir was too risky, but has now reneged on their earlier decision.

Life March 12, 2014

Pharma co. Chimerix receives flak for refusing to treat dying kid with experimental drug

A drug company has been receiving unwanted attention after it refused to donate a potentially lifesaving but still experimental drug to a seven-year old cancer survivor.

Life March 11, 2014

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