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Angry Birds Augmented Reality Game Coming To iOS: See The Compatible Devices

'Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs' is the latest output from Rovio, an AR game coming exclusively to Apple devices supporting ARKit. It launches later this Spring.

Video Games March 20, 2019

'Angry Birds 2' Mobile Game Gears Up For Super Bowl 2018

'Angry Birds 2' and 'Angry Birds Evolution' mobile games gear up for Super Bowl 2018. 'Angry Birds' fans and NFL fans get to customize their birds, join their favorite NFL team, and compete against other players.

Apps/Software January 24, 2018

'Angry Birds' Creator Rovio Confirms New Game Studio In London To Focus On MMOs

Rovio Entertainment has shared that it is going to open its fourth in-house studio in London. This time it will focus on the development of new massive multiplayer online games without relying on its famous 'Angry Birds' brand.

Video Games January 16, 2017

Google Play Store July 2016: The New Apps, Music, Movies And TV Shows Available To Download

New content coming to the Google Play Store in July includes the mobile game ‘Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius,’ the movies ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Batman v Superman’ and new music by Blink 182 and Jake Owen.

Internet July 1, 2016

'Angry Birds Action' For Android And iOS Strays From Familiar Model To Bring Fun In Another Dimension

Rovio announced the release of 'Angry Birds Action!' on mobile, ahead of the anticipated premiere of 'The Angry Birds Movie' in May. 'Angry Birds Action!' was inspired by the classic pinball combined with the original 'Angry Birds' gameplay.

Apps/Software April 30, 2016

UK Singer Charli XCX Joins 'Angry Birds' Movie Cast As Turquoise Bird

Charli XCX joined the incredible voice cast of the film adaptation to the popular mobile game. 'Angry Birds Movie' Producer John Cohen announced that British singer was cast as the orange beanie-wearing Willow.

Movies/TV Shows April 4, 2016

UN Appoints 'Angry Birds' Character Red Honorary Climate Change Ambassador

United Nations has appointed 'Angry Birds' character Red to be its newest ambassador. Part of Red's responsibilities is to do a virtual world tour in the hopes of inspiring people across the world to perform climate actions.

Earth/Environment March 19, 2016

Sony Drops Cool New 'Angry Birds Movie' Trailer: Why So Angry? [Video]

Sony Pictures released a new trailer for the 'Angry Birds Movie' and it looks fun. Will the film be as successful as the 2009 mobile game phenomenon?

Movies/TV Shows January 27, 2016

Experts Reveal Why 3D Video Games Are Better For The Brain

Playing certain 3D video games appear to help boost memory formation. Researchers explained why 'Super Mario 3-D World' helps improve players' memory recall.

Life December 11, 2015

Study Suggests Playing 3D Video Games Could Help Improve Memory

Like most research, studies on video games tend to be both good and bad. This one's good!

December 9, 2015

The First Trailer For 'The Angry Birds Movie' Is Here

Is the world ready for 'The Angry Birds Movie'? We're not quite feeling it after watching this trailer, but take a look and decide for yourself.

Movies/TV Shows September 23, 2015

The 'Angry Birds' Movie Will Finally Explain Why Those Birds Are So Angry

The upcoming 'Angry Birds' movie will be an origin story for how the birds and pigs seen in the game came into conflict.

Movies/TV Shows September 14, 2015

Angry Birds 2 Now Available For Android

Can Rovio’s sequel to its popularly addictive game prove that Angry Birds isn’t just a one-hit wonder?

Video Games July 31, 2015

Rovio Promises 'Angry Birds 2' Is 'Bigger, Badder, Birdier'

The second installment in the 'Angry Birds' phenomenal franchise will formally debut on July 28 in San Francisco and hit app stores on July 30.

Video Games July 16, 2015

Gaming On­-The-­Go: What Makes A Good Mobile Game?

There are tons of mobile games to download, but only a select few become widely popular and addicting to players. Here's a rundown of what makes a good mobile game.

Apps/Software July 9, 2015

Google Outs 17 New Watch Faces For Your Android Wear: Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, Terminator And More

Other new watch faces for the Android Wear include some that feature the Rubik's Cube, Bang & Olufsen, Moomins and the Gundam RXX-78-2.

Wearable Tech June 23, 2015

5 Must-Have Apps for the New Android Smartphone Owner

Smartphones are sure to sell like hotcakes this Christmas, with many people getting their first smartphone. With so many apps available, however, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which ones to download. So we're here to help.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 24, 2014

Hummingbirds aren't the only birds that know how to get aggressive: A look at angry birds

Birds can viciously defend their nests, including attacking humans, which can even result in fatalities.

Animals November 5, 2014

'Angry Birds' studio Rovio announces layoffs as profits continue to fall

It may have been a cultural phenomenon a few years ago, but since then, interest in 'Angry Birds' has faded quite a bit. Developer Rovio is hurting as a result, and is cutting over 16 percent of its staff.

Geek October 2, 2014

'Angry Birds' movie is really happening: Cast announcement and first image are proof

The 'Angry Birds' film is coming in 2016, and now we have our first look at the characters and cast that will be bringing the mobile game to life.

Movies/TV Shows October 1, 2014

Heads up gamers: Angry Birds Transformers landing in October

Rovio has announced release dates for the new Angry Birds Transformers game. It's coming to iOS on October 15 and Google Play on October 30.

Video Games September 25, 2014

CEO of 'Angry Birds' maker Rovio Mikael Hed stepping down

ROVIO CEO Mikael Hed is stepping down and will be replaced by Pekka Rantala. Pekka was a former Nokia employee and former CEO of Hartwall.

Business August 30, 2014

'Angry Birds' chief steps down amid game maker's struggles, profits decline

Rovio CEO says he is preparing to 'pass the hoodie' on to a new commander. Incoming CEO Pekka Rantala will be tasked with bolstering Rovio's profits.

Apps/Software August 29, 2014

'Angry Bird' creators ready to unwrap 'Best Friends' app

Upcoming puzzler 'Best Friends' can be just as big as 'Angry Birds,' according to ex-Rovio executives. Despite not having released 'Best Friends' yet, the executives plan to create a game trilogy with the new franchise.

Video Games August 12, 2014

Why playing on your smartphone at work might make you more productive

According to new research done by Kansas State University, smartphone breaks might benefit overall productivity at work. Moderation, though - short microbreaks are refreshing and up creativity, but don't waste too much time.

Internet Culture July 16, 2014

Using an Android tablet, kids with disabilities teach robots to play 'Angry Birds'

Researchers from Georgia Tech used a robot and Angry Birds on an Android tablet for the rehabilitation of developmentally challenged children.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 11, 2014

'Temple Run' now in the billion download club

'Temple Run' has reportedly crossed the 1 billion download marker. It took the company only two years to get that done.

Video Games June 4, 2014

Midnight Star maker gets $5 million in VC backing; beta to launch this summer

Industrial Toys has picked up a cool $5 million in funding to launch its star game Midnight Star. The game is a first-person shooter designed solely for the smartphone and tablet gamer.

Video Games April 1, 2014

Rovio brings Epic change to Angry Birds game: Turn-based RPG

Angry Birds is set to take on the turn based RPG genre with the upcoming game Angry Birds Epic. The turn based RPG will also feature a unique crafting system.

Video Games March 14, 2014

Angry hackers deface Angry Birds website following spying claims

Hackers have defaced the website of Angry Birds following news that the mobile app can be tapped by spy agencies to gather personal information of users.

Internet January 31, 2014

Rovio screams foul as NSA uses Angry Birds to spy on you

Nothing is safe from the NSA, not even Angry Birds.

Apps/Software January 28, 2014

Angry Birds takes to kart racing in new game Go!

The next Angry Birds game will have developer Rovio Entertainment trading slingshots for motor engines.

Video Games October 17, 2013

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