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Florida Woman Nichole Tillman Suffers Serious Injury After She Was Attacked By Alligator In Lake

A large alligator more than 8 feet long attacked a woman swimming in Florida on Saturday, May 25. While the injuries are not life-threatening, officials say that she suffered severe wounds from the gator attack.

Animals May 27, 2019

Zookeeper In Kansas Hospitalized After Tiger Attack

A zookeeper was hospitalized after an attack by the facility's 7-year-old Sumatran tiger. Authorities say there is no cause for concern for the safety of their guests.

Animals April 20, 2019

Jaguar Attacks Woman Who Took A Selfie Beyond Zoo Enclosure

An Arizona woman was taken to the hospital after she had been attacked by a jaguar at a local zoo. The victim had reportedly climbed over the fence of an enclosure to take a photo with the wild animal.

Viral March 11, 2019

Man Shoots Own Pit Bull To Protect Children In Park

A man decided to shoot his own pit bull after it had attacked another dog. According to the Connecticut police, the man said he feared his dog might attack three children in the park.

Animals December 26, 2018

Chinese Tourist Dies After Being Bitten By A Hippo

A Chinese tourist died after being attacked by a hippo while taking photos on the edge of Lake Naivasha outside Nairobi, Kenya. Another colleague also obtained injuries from the attack but managed to survive.

Animals August 14, 2018

46-Year-Old Grandmother Strangles Rabid Bobcat With Her Bare Hands After It Attacked Her

A grandmother from Athens, Georgia strangled a rabid bobcat with her bare hands outside of her home. The woman stated that the animal tried to attack her after she took a picture of it on her cellphone.

Public Health June 15, 2018

Wild Otter On The Loose Attacks Woman Kayaker From Florida

A 77-year old woman from Florida was viciously attacked by a wild river otter while she was kayaking down the Braden river. Warnings were posted after several attacks.

Animals March 8, 2018

80-Year-Old Woman Gets Attacked By Rabid Bobcat, Needed Up To 60 Body Stitches

80-year-old Elsie Dabrowski from Sunapee, New Hampshire, has suffered bobcat mauling in her own garden. Know what to do and how to stay safe from animal attacks, particularly with rabid ones.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2017

15 Great White Sharks Spotted Swimming Near Beachgoers Off California Coast

Orange County officers advised beachgoers to calmly head to shore after spotting a number of great white sharks in the surf line. Watch the video footage taken from a helicopter.

Animals May 12, 2017

Missing Indonesian Man Found Inside A 20-Foot Reticulated Python

A young Indonesian farmer who had gone missing a day before fell victim to a reticulated python. West Sulawesi locals retrieved the man’s lifeless body from inside the enormous snake, discovered nearby his palm plantation.

Animals March 29, 2017

Caught On Video: Coyote Follows Doctor Into His South Carolina Office

Surveillance video has caught a coyote following a doctor in his workplace in South Carolina. The doctor has come out of it unscathed, but are coyote attacks and appearance in an urban area fairly common?

Animals February 22, 2017

WATCH: Man Punches Kangaroo To Save His Dog [Video]

Internet users were outraged after a video of a zookeeper punching a kangaroo in the face suddenly went viral. The man on the clip said that he was just trying to save his dog from the wild animal.

Viral December 8, 2016

Shark Attack: North Carolina Boy Bitten By Shark While Surfing At Atlantic Beach

A young boy who was surfing at a beach in North Carolina was attacked by a shark Saturday, June 25. Rescuers said the victim sustained multiple deep wounds on his left foot, though none of them were life-threatening.

Animals June 28, 2016

How To Talk To Kids About Animal Attacks

How should parents teach kids about animal behavior and potential dangers in light of the recent tragic events involving children and wildlife creatures? Here are some tips to approach the matter.

Animals June 17, 2016

Footage Shows Gorilla Dragging 4-Year-Old Boy Who Fell Into Enclosure [Video]

A video shows a 400-pound gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden dragging a 4-year-old boy across the animal's enclosed habitat. The toddler manages to climb through a barrier and fall roughly 15 feet into a moat.

Animals May 30, 2016

Aerial Video Shows Group Of False Killer Whales Hunting Down A Lone Shark

A drone hobbyist in Australia was able to capture a pod of false killer whales hunting down a small shark. Experts said these massive marine mammals are difficult to spot despite existing in large numbers in the high seas.

Animals May 11, 2016

Florida Zoo Reopens After Fatal Attack Of Malayan Tiger

A lead zookeeper was fatally attacked by an endangered Malayan tiger in a Florida zoo. After being closed over the weekend, the Palm Beach Zoo has reopened on April 18.

Society April 19, 2016

Risky Human Behavior Outdoors Triggers Carnivore Attacks: Study

A new study attributes at least half of documented large carnivore attacks since the 1950s to inappropriate human behavior. Coyote and polar bear attacks are also noted to be on the rise.

Animals February 5, 2016

Mountain Lion Discovered With A Full Set Of Teeth And Whiskers On Top Of Its Head

A mountain lion growing a set of fully developed teeth and whiskers out of its forehead was discovered in Preston, Idaho. A hunter legally killed the lion after it attacked a dog.

Earth/Environment January 11, 2016

Bison Attacks Tourist At Yellowstone: Here Are Other Animals At Yellowstone You Need To Watch Out For

Yellowstone National Park has more than just Bison to watch out for. Here are some safety tips to remember.

Feature June 3, 2015

Cute Gray Seals Discovered Killing Porpoises on Purpose: What Could That Be?

Porpoises are being attacked by gray seals once deemed harmless to the species. What is driving this unusual behavior?

Earth/Environment November 28, 2014

Mountain lion attacks 6-year-old hiker in Silicon Valley

A mountain lion attacked a 6-year-old child that was hiking with his family in a trail near Cupertino, California on Sunday afternoon. Authorities are currently searching for the mountain lion.

Society September 8, 2014

Caught on Camera: Giant Pacific octopus tries to snatch camera from scuba divers for disturbing its privacy

Two divers dove into the water to film a giant Pacific octopus. They weren't prepared for what happened next...

Animals February 18, 2014

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