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Low-Dose Aspirin Linked To Elevated Risk Of Bleeding In The Skull

Aspirin can do more harm than good in patients who do not have a history of heart disease. New research has found that this common medication could actually lead to bleeding in the skull.

Medicine May 14, 2019

New Guidelines No Longer Recommend Daily Low-Dose Aspirin To Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke

Doctors may still prescribe daily low-dose aspirin for some patients, but aspirin therapy is now a class 2b recommendation under the new guidelines. What will experts recommend for preventing heart attack and stroke?

Public Health March 17, 2019

Common Painkillers Such As Aspirin And Ibuprofen Can Improve Survival Rate Of Patients With Head And Neck Cancer

Painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen improved the survival rate of head and neck cancer patients with mutated PIK3CA gene. How do these drugs block tumor growth?

Medicine January 27, 2019

Landmark Australian Study Shows Aspirin Not Effective In Preventing Cardiovascular Problems In Elderly Patients

A study found that there is no benefit to be reaped from taking a low-dose aspirin every day. In fact, the practice might even increase the risk of hemorrhage in elderly people.

Medicine September 17, 2018

Doctors On The Fence About Aspirin Heart Benefits

New research proved that taking aspirin once a day cannot prevent heart diseases in relatively healthy people. The blood thinner can also pose a serious risk of bleeding in patients diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Medicine August 27, 2018

Can Aspirin Cure Alzheimer's Disease? Study Suggests Drug May Reduce Amyloid Plaques In Dementia Patients

Aspirin, an inexpensive drug for pain relief, holds promise for Alzheimer's disease patients. A study involving mice shows it can decrease amyloid plaques in the animals.

Neuroscience July 3, 2018

Aspirin Taken With Antacids Can Slow The Progression Of Esophageal Cancer

An aspirin-antacid combination therapy can reduce the risks of cancer for patients with Barrett’s esophagus. Most cases of esophageal cancer are preceded with Barrett’s esophagus.

Medicine June 6, 2018

Taking Aspirin Daily May Be Deadly For Elderly: Study

Long-term daily intake of aspirin may lead to internal bleeding for elderly patients aged 75 and above, a new study suggests. Researchers recommend prescribing proton pump inhibitors to offset the negative side effect.

Medicine June 14, 2017

Benefits vs Risks: Daily Aspirin Therapy For Heart Disease

One of the most commonly prescribed medicines of all time, low-dose aspirin therapy may have a lot of benefits, but it comes with serious side effects, too.

Public Health February 24, 2017

Atrial Fibrillation Patients With Stroke Risk Often Prescribed Wrong Medicine

Nearly 40 percent of patients with heart problem that can cause stroke are prescribed the wrong medicine. Why are atrial fibrillation patients treated with aspirin and not the recommended blood thinner?

Medicine June 20, 2016

Taking Low-Dose Aspirin Daily During Cancer Treatment May Boost Survival Rate By 20 Percent

Low-dose aspirin was found to reduce cancer death and spread by 20 percent if taken daily. Such is true when aspirin is combined with ongoing cancer treatment.

Life April 21, 2016

Aspirin May Be A Potential Bile Duct Cancer Treatment

As a drug, aspirin has many uses. Now, researchers are saying aspirin has potential as a treatment for bile duct cancer, a rare type of the disease.

Life April 20, 2016

USPSTF Recommends Daily Aspirin To Prevent Heart Disease And Colon Cancer

The use of low-dose aspirin each day could prevent heart attack and colon cancer, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force urges. The new recommendation has been tightened so it would apply only to people who may benefit more with the treatment.

April 13, 2016

Prolonged Aspirin Use May Slash Colon Cancer Risk

Daily intake of low-dose aspirin may reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. It may also help reduce the risk of gastrointestinal tumors.

Life March 4, 2016

Americans May Be Overdosing On Aspirin: Watch Out For These Mistakes When Taking OTC Pain Meds

A study found many Americans ignore recommended dosage on the labels of OTC pain medications, which could lead to an overdose and severe health conditions. Here are some warning signs and symptoms of OTC medicine overdose.

Life January 27, 2016

Aspirin May Decrease Deaths From Lethal Prostate Cancer

Researchers have found that men who take aspirin regularly significantly reduced their risk of dying from prostate cancer by nearly 40 percent. About one in seven men in the United States will be diagnosed with the disease.

Life January 6, 2016

Aspirin Component Shows Promise In Treating Alzheimer's, Parkinson's And Huntington's Disease

A new study found that a key component of aspirin may help treat Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's disease effectively. The ingredient was discovered to induce death of cells associated with the neurological diseases.

Life December 2, 2015

Fertility Experts Find Aspirin Can Boost Chances Of Women To Get Pregnant

New research suggests aspirin may boost fertility. Aspirin is associated with increased chances of pregnancy because of its anti-inflammatory effects.

Life October 24, 2015

Can Aspirin Stop Return Of Cancer? NHS-Funded Study To Examine Effect Of Drugs On 11,000 Patients

The NHS will team up with Cancer Research UK to investigate whether or not taking aspirin daily can prevent cancer relapse. If the result is positive, researchers say that it will be a huge help for cancer treatment.

Life October 23, 2015

Aspirin Can Double Life Expectancy Of Patients With Common Cancers

A Dutch study showed taking a low dose of the pain reliever daily can increase the life expectancy of patients with gastrointestinal tract cancers.

Life September 29, 2015

Aspirin Use May Help Prevent Stroke,Heart Attack, Or Colorectal Cancer For Certain Age Groups

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force released the latest recommendations on the use of aspirin to help protect 50- to 59-year-old individuals who have been identified as at an increased of developing heart attack, stroke and colon cancer.

Life September 15, 2015

FDA Gives AstraZeneca Brilinta Nod Of Approval For Longer-Term Use

Heart attack patients remain at risk beyond a year after the incident. FDA’s approval makes BRILINTA available as another treatment option to reduce rates of cardiovascular death.

Life September 6, 2015

Taking Aspirin And Other Painkillers Could Lower Colon Cancer Risk

Taking one to two pills of aspirin a day for at least five years could provide individuals with protection against bowel cancer, according to a new study conducted by the Danish Cancer Society Research Center in Denmark.

Life August 25, 2015

Aspirin Can Block Breast Cancer Growth And Might Be Key To Prevent Relapses

Aspirin could be the next big thing in treating cancer. The drug traditionally used for treating fever and pain was shown to stop the growth of breast tumors and prevent them from coming back.

Life June 15, 2015

Common Pain Reliever Ingredient Saves You From Headaches But Dampens Emotions

Say goodbye to pain with acetaminophen — and the ability to feel positive emotions as powerfully. A recent study has shed light on the previously unknown side effect of the popular over-the-counter drug ingredient.

Life April 15, 2015

NSAID Use May Up Risk Of Bleeding For Heart Attack Patients

Use of NSAIDs may increase the risk of bleeding in people who have had heart attacks and strokes, reveals a new study. Researchers suggest that doctors should inform heart attack survivors about the risk of NSAID before prescribing the same.

Life February 25, 2015

Resistance To Aspirin May Point To Increased Risks Of Severe Stroke

Researchers suggest that people resistant to aspirin are at elevated risk of getting a severe stroke. Doctors should prescribe an alternate anti-clotting drug for aspirin-resistant patients.

Life February 25, 2015

Taking Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attack or Stroke? You Might Not Need It

A new study reveals that taking aspirin to prevent against strokes or heart attacks may not be required. Nearly 1 in 10 people who take aspirin for this reason may be exposing themselves to more harm rather than good.

Life January 13, 2015

Aspirin Studies Show Conflicting Results Weighing Risks, Benefits. To Take or Not to Take?

All medications have their pros and cons. To take advantage of them, a balance between benefits and risks must be achieved. A study takes on aspirin to determine where it stands for heart health.

Life December 8, 2014

Aspirin a Day Fails to Keep Heart Attack Away, Large Japanese Trial Suggests

A large-scale Japanese trial shows aspirin may not be as effective in preventing heart attacks, but some doctors say the over-the-counter drug is still useful for a specific group of patients.

Life November 18, 2014

Aspirin may help lower risk of prostate cancer, experts say

Cancer experts suggest that a daily dose of aspirin may help lower the risk of prostate cancer. Aspirin is also believed to reduce the risk of developing other forms of cancers.

Life September 30, 2014

An aspirin a day may keep cancer away

A new UK study shows that taking a low dose of aspirin every day could cut the risk of cancer, as well as lessen chances of dying from the disease.

Internet Culture August 7, 2014

Is daily aspirin boon or bane? Study shows it may reduce risk of gut cancer

Scientists have associated daily aspirin use with a reduction in certain types of cancers and lowered risk for heart attacks.

Life August 7, 2014

Daily intake of low-dose aspirin may lower risk of pancreatic cancer

A new study has uncovered evidence that aspirin may reduce the risk for pancreatic cancer. However, doctors are not recommending that people take aspirin daily in the hopes of reducing cancer risks.

Life July 2, 2014

Low-dose aspirin use may decrease risk of pancreatic cancer

New study shows that aspirin use can help prevent pancreatic cancer. That should be good news for those hoping to avoid the deadly cancer.

Life June 26, 2014

Aspirin may help prevent heart attack... but not for everyone

An aspirin a day may keep some people from experiencing cardiac problems, but the drug is not for everyone. This is what makes the difference...

Life May 12, 2014

An aspirin a day prevents heart attack? Not for everyone, says FDA

Aspirin has been a secondary prevention for stroke and heart attack but FDA said evidence is not enough to consider it as a primary prevention. Bayer maintains that FDA approved aspirin to numerous cardiovascular indications and those who are in an aspirin regimen should consult with their healthcare provider.

Life May 6, 2014

An aspirin a day may not be so great for your health after all, says new FDA study

Preventative measure should be prescribed by a doctor and not done automatically, says federal agency report.

Life May 6, 2014

Aspirin intake may lower colon cancer risks but it all depends on your DNA

People with the gene that produces a particular type of enzyme known to keep colon cancer at bay may benefit far more from aspirin than those without the gene, a study shows. Aspirin inhibits the growth of prostaglandins, or the lipid linked to colon cancer.

Life April 25, 2014

Aspirin ups chances of pregnancy after miscarriage: Study

Women have had a single miscarriage or stillbirth recently may find that taking low dose aspirin can improve their chances of getting pregnant and giving birth.

Life April 10, 2014

An Aspirin a day may keep ovarian cancer at bay: Study

A new study suggests that an aspirin each day may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women.

Life February 10, 2014

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