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World’s Tiniest Surviving Baby ‘Saybie’ Weighed As Much As An Apple At Birth

Baby Saybie was born at just 245 grams, which is roughly the size of an apple, thus, making her the smallest newborn ever to survive. In mid-May, she was finally released from the hospital.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 31, 2019

Improper Use Of Car Seats For Sleeping Babies Is Dangerous: Study

A new study warns against the improper use of car seats for sleeping babies because it could increase the risk for early death. What must parents do to keep their babies safe?

Public Health May 23, 2019

Breast Milk Promotes Brain Growth In Premature Babies

Premature babies can significantly benefit from their mother's milk. Breastfeeding can boost levels of chemicals that are crucial for preemies' brain growth and development.

Public Health April 29, 2019

WHO Says Children Below 2 Should Not Have Sedentary Screen Time

WHO released a new guideline, saying that children under 2 should not have any screen time. The panel said childhood health is best achieved through physical activity and good sleep.

Public Health April 25, 2019

Fisher-Price Issues Recall Of Millions Of Rock 'N Play Baby Sleepers

With over 30 infant deaths linked to its popular Rock n' Play sleeper, Fisher-Price conducted a voluntary recall of the product. The Consumer Product Safety Commission also advised parents to immediately stop using the product.

Public Health April 14, 2019

Babies Can Differentiate Between Friends And Strangers By Listening To Sound Of Laughter

Researchers from UCLA and New York University had one more important note to parents. Babies as young as 5 months old can differentiate co-laughter between friends and strangers.

Medicine March 12, 2019

Rice University Professor Michael Deem Under Investigation For Role In Birth Of Gene-Edited Babies

Rice University has launched an investigation to see if one of its professors had a hand in the controversial project that led to the birth of the world's first gene-edited babies. Who is Michael Deem?

Biotech November 28, 2018

Pressuring Picky Eaters May Actually Be Useless, Says New Study

Most parents have trouble forcing their children to eat certain types of food. However, a new study says that picky eaters shouldn’t be pressured to eat what they don’t want.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 1, 2018

11 Babies Dead In Drug Trial That Gave Viagra To Pregnant Women

A Viagra drug trial involving pregnant women has gone wrong, resulting in the death of 11 babies due to lung problems. The erectile dysfunction drug was supposed to help promote better blood flow to underdeveloped placentas.

Medicine July 25, 2018

4-Month-Old Baby Dies From Meningitis, Family Urges People To Get Vaccinated

A 4-month-old baby boy died 24 hours after contracting meningitis. Doctors informed the parents that the infant most likely contracted the virus from an unvaccinated person.

Public Health July 12, 2018

The Real Reason Why Americans Are Having Fewer Babies

A new comprehensive survey shows that parents don’t want to have more children right now because it’s too expensive to have a kid. There’s also the fact that women now have more freedom to choose not to have a child.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 7, 2018

Mom Gives 1-Year-Old Baby Painful Bleach Baths Because Of A Rare Skin Condition

Alicia Barber gives her 1-year-old baby Jamison Stam bleach baths because he has a rare skin disease called harlequin ichthyosis. She is trying to raise money to go to a national conference for the disease.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 21, 2018

Here's How To Keep Babies And Toddlers Safe In The Sun For Summer

Parents looking forward to summer adventures with their toddlers or babies should remember to always protect their kids from the sun. Here are some tips, including the preferred fluid for hydration and sunscreen use.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 13, 2018

41-Year-Old Woman Reunited With Her Birth Mother Who Was Forced To Abort Her

A 41-year-old woman recalled how she reunited with her birth mother who believed she was dead. The woman claims that her birth mother was forced to have an abortion by her grandmother.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 5, 2018

FDA Warns Danger Of Teething Products With Benzocaine: Here Are Safer Remedies For Babies

Teething remedies that contain the numbing ingredient benzocaine may cause potentially deadly side effects. Here are safer remedies that can help ease and even prevent baby's pain and discomfort.

Public Health May 24, 2018

FDA Warns Parents About The Dangers Of Using Teething Medicines On Babies, Wants Them Discontinued

The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents to stop using teething medicines on infants. Health officials claim that an ingredient in these products could lead to dangerous side effects for babies.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 24, 2018

Australian Blood Donor Who Saved 2.4 Million Babies Gives Blood For The Last Time

An Australian man who has donated his rare blood for over 60 years has given his last blood donation. The 81-year-old man has been hailed a 'hero' and may have helped prevent the deaths of 2.4 million babies.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 11, 2018

Baby Falls Off Bed, Suffers Brain Damage: Mother Warns Parents On Seriousness of Head Injuries

Infant boy Colton Ferguson fell of a bed and hit his head, suffering a fractured skull and brain damage. Colton's mother, Paige, is now urging parents to take head injuries seriously, as their family faces the grueling ordeal.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 8, 2018

Brain-Imaging Device Adds To Evidence That Babies Have Basic ‘Theory Of Mind’

Researchers from the University of Illinois found that babies’ brains registered the same activity similar to that of adults by using a brain-imaging device. The result suggested that infants possessed at least the basic of 'theory of mind.'

Neuroscience May 8, 2018

Meat-Based Diet Can Lead To Growth In Infants, New Study Suggests

A new study suggests that giving infants meat-based foods can be beneficial to their growth. The study was conducted over a seven-month period on infants aged 5 to 12 months old.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 5, 2018

Babies Given Antibiotics And Antacids Are More Likely To Develop Allergies

A new study discovered that babies who are given antibiotics and antacids are more likely to develop allergies as they grow up. The results of the research provide evidence on the the importance and delicate balance of the gut microbiome.

Medicine April 3, 2018

Florida Woman’s Excruciating Stomach Pain Due To Bad Chinese Food Found To Be A Surprise Pregnancy

A Pensacola woman, presumably suffering from food poisoning, gave birth to a surprise baby Sunday morning aboard an ambulance. Baby Oliver James was delivered 37 weeks and is included in the list of rare cases of unknown pregnancies.

Feature | Health April 2, 2018

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Linked To Rare Genetic Mutation

DNA samples of four children with unexplained death showed a rare mutation in the SCN4A gene, which plays a role in muscle control. Can treatments for disorders caused by this mutation reduce risks of cot death?

Public Health March 28, 2018

Babies Are Able To Think Logically Before They Can Even Learn To Speak, New Study Claims

Babies might actually be smarter than you think. According to a new study, they are capable of logical reasoning well before they develop speech and language abilities.

Neuroscience March 16, 2018

Babies Who Look Like Their Father Are Healthier At First Birthday

Babies in single-mother families who look like their father are likely to spend more time with their dad than those who do not resemble their father and they are also healthier by their first birthday. Here's why.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 7, 2018

Babies Also Get Strokes, But They Recover Language Skills In Opposite Side Of The Brain

Babies who had perinatal stroke can grow up able to comprehend and produce language normally. Researchers found that after their left side of their brain is damaged, these individuals used the right side of their brain for language.

Neuroscience February 19, 2018

Gerber Chooses Toddler With Down Syndrome To Be Its 2018 Spokesbaby

Lucas Warren, the new face of baby food company Gerber, is about to change how the world views disabilities. All he needs to do is flash his charming smile.

Public Health February 10, 2018

1 In 20 US Kids May Have Fetal Alcohol Disorders

Up to one in 20 children in the United States may be affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, which is caused by prenatal drinking. What is the safe amount of alcohol to drink during pregnancy?

Public Health February 7, 2018

Robot Baby Experiment Reveals How Filthy Crawling On The Floor Is For Babies

A study showed that infants crawling on floors can inhale millions of microbes. However, exposure to biological particles can protect babies from asthma and allergies.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 13, 2018

Want Your Baby To Sleep Longer? Make The Infant Sleep In Their Own Room

A new study recommended that parents do not share their beds with babies. The researchers advised parents to stop sharing the bed after the baby was six months to reduce the infant’s poor sleep.

Public Health June 7, 2017

Fruit Juice In Kids Under Age 1 Gets The Thumbs Down From Pediatricians  

New AAP guidelines have warned that fruit juice offers no nutritional benefit to babies under age 1 and should not be part of their diet. Learn more about the new recommendations on fruit juice in children.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 22, 2017

Speech Delay In Babies And Toddlers May Be Blamed On Mobile Devices Like Smartphones And iPads

Many babies and toddlers start to use mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads before they can talk. A new study revealed these children are at risk for delay in expressive language

Public Health May 5, 2017

Was Baby Dexter Born Holding Mom's Birth Control Device?

The photo of one-week-old baby Dexter Tyler went viral and showed off the newborn minutes after his birth, holding his mother’s IUD. Lucy Hellein, Dexter’s mother, conceived him despite having an IUD fitted in her uterus.

Life & Style May 4, 2017

Computer Algorithm Can Predict Babies Likely To Develop Autism

An algorithm that takes into account measurements from brain scans of babies as young as 6 months old can predict who among the infants will develop autism. The research could pave way for early diagnosis and early intervention.

Neuroscience February 16, 2017

Premature Babies Face Higher Risk For Mental Health Problems Later In Life

Babies born with low birth weight such as those who were born prematurely have increased odds of suffering from mental health problems as children, teenagers and adults. What are the risk factors for giving birth to low birth weight babies?

Public Health February 14, 2017

Grandma Charged After Baby Overdoses On Methadone

A grandmother in Maryland has been charged with child abuse and other raps when her 1-year-old grandson was rushed to the hospital for signs of poisoning. The incident was deemed a case of methadone overdose.

Medicine February 13, 2017

Wearable Smartphone Baby Monitors May Cause More Harm Than Good, Pediatricians Warn

Pediatricians warned parents about the dangers of using wearable smartphone baby monitors. How can these devices that supposedly track vitals such as oxygen levels harm babies?

Public Health January 25, 2017

New Guidelines Recommend Best Time To Introduce Peanuts To Babies To Prevent Food Allergy

An expert panel wrote new guidelines that recommend the best time to feed peanut-based food to children. When should parents give babies peanut-containing food to prevent food allergy?

Public Health January 6, 2017

Babies Exposed To Stimuli Get Brain Boost: Study

A brain activity study reveals that babies who are exposed to stimulation early in life have faster brain development than others. This happens due to the fact that their brain is very flexible and can easily adapt to what is happening around it.

Neuroscience January 5, 2017

Parents, Beware: Long Periods Of Sleep In Car Seats Dangerous For Babies

Researchers at Bristol University are advising parents not to put their babies' lives at risk by letting their children sleep in car seats for long. Babies sleeping in car seats face breathing risks that could lead to other fatal consequences.

Public Health November 14, 2016

Babies Born Addicted To Opioid Drugs Double In The US

The number of babies born suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome due to exposure to drugs their mothers used during pregnancy increased in the U.S. These infants may experience seizures, rapid breathing, tremor and excessive crying.

Public Health September 27, 2016

Feeding Babies Eggs, Peanuts Early May Prevent Food Allergies From Developing Later On

Babies are prone to allergic reactions because their immune system is still developing. Researchers, however, found that feeding babies eggs and peanuts early may reduce the risks of developing allergies to these food later on in life.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 22, 2016

Is It Safe To Get A MRI When Pregnant? Study Says No Increased Risk In First Trimester

Researchers found that there are no increased health risks for the mother or baby when women are given a standard MRI in the first trimester; however, MRIs with contrast may increase the risk for stillbirths and other complications.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 7, 2016

Cesarean Birth Linked To Higher Obesity Risk In Childhood

Children born via cesarean delivery are at increased risk of becoming obese compared with their peers born vaginally. The difference in risk is more pronounced among siblings.

Public Health September 7, 2016

Baby Simulator Program Designed To Prevent Teen Pregnancy Does Opposite Effect: Study

Across 89 countries, most teenage girls are enrolled in 'baby simulator' programs that aim to prevent teen pregnancy. However, a new study suggests these programs may be causing the opposite effect.

Public Health August 26, 2016

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