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OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Detects Mysterious Plume Of Particles From Bennu Asteroid

OSIRIS-REx was in for some surprises as it orbited the asteroid Bennu. The small heavenly body doesn’t only have a more rugged terrain than anticipated, it is also throwing particle plumes.

Space March 20, 2019

OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Enters Bennu Asteroid Orbit Ahead Of Schedule

On Dec. 31, NASA reached another milestone after the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft successfully entered the orbit of Bennu 70 million miles away from Earth. The asteroid is now the smallest celestial body to be orbited by a spacecraft.

Space January 2, 2019

Traces Of Water Found On Asteroid Bennu Open Up New Exploration Possibilities

Latest images from OSIRIS-REx spectrometers confirmed preliminary projections of Bennu’s size, rotation rate, and shape. Traces of hydroxyls were also found on the asteroid’s surface, suggesting that it might have landed on water.

Space December 13, 2018

NASA OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft To Start Studying Bennu Asteroid After Reaching Goal

NASA will provide a live broadcast of OSIRIS-REx's arrival at Bennu, a near-Earth asteroid. The probe will survey the space rock and collect samples from its surface before it voyages back to Earth.

Space December 3, 2018

NASA Can Use Paint To Save Earth From Asteroid Impact

Painting the surface of asteroid Bennu may protect Earth from a potential impact by the year 2135. Here's how paint could prevent an asteroid collision.

Space March 23, 2018

NASA HAMMER Spacecraft May Save The World In The Future From An Incoming Asteroid

NASA is working on a spacecraft named HAMMER that may save the world from a possible asteroid crash. To change the path of the asteroid, HAMMER will either crash into it or nuke it.

Space March 11, 2018

NASA Probe OSIRIS-REx In Sleuth Role: To Hunt Asteroids Lurking In Earth’s Orbit

NASA’s robotic spacecraft Osiris-REx with the Bennu asteroid mission will be doing a cop’s job for 10 days from Feb. 9 by searching for asteroids that share an orbit with Earth.

Space February 4, 2017

Asteroid Bennu Is the Prime Space Rock For The Osiris-REx Mission; Here's Why, According To NASA

There are literally thousands of asteroids that NASA could have chosen for the Osiris-REx mission, but the agency picked Bennu. Here's why.

Space September 7, 2016

Asteroid-Sampling Osiris-REx Mission Set To Launch From Cape Canaveral Next Week

NASA announced on Thursday, Sept. 1, that it will push through with the scheduled launch of the OSIRIS-REx mission next week. The space probe is set to travel to a near-Earth asteroid in order to collect organic-rich samples.

Space September 3, 2016

Asteroid Bennu Might Hit Earth, But It Won't Destroy It

Asteroid Bennu has an exceptionally low chance of hitting the Earth, and even if it does, it will do far less damage than what most reports would have you believe.

Space August 2, 2016

NASA To Send OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft To Study Bennu Asteroid That Could Destroy Earth

The unmanned OSIRIS-REx will gather soil from the surface of the asteroid Bennu. Bennu is a NEO that may potentially hit and destroy Earth more than 100 years from now.

Space August 1, 2016

OSIRIS-REx Arrives At KSC Ahead Of Mission To Asteroid

The asteroid Bennu will soon be visited by the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx, which recently arrived at the Kennedy Space Center. How could this mission trigger a new gold rush in space?

Space May 22, 2016

Here Are The Types Of Artwork You Can Send To Asteroid Bennu

Not all of us can fly out to space but human talent can definitely reach greater heights. Here are the types of artworks you can send to Asteroid Bennu this September via NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft.

Space February 22, 2016

Tweet Your Art To NASA And OSIRIS-REx Will Carry It To An Asteroid

The asteroid Bennu will soon be visited by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft in an effort to understand the origins of the solar system and life on Earth. Now, NASA wants artists to send in artwork for the historic mission.

Space February 20, 2016

Canadian Laser Bound To Explore Near-Earth Asteroid

A team of Canadian scientists created a new device known as the OSIRIS-REx Laser Altimeter that is capable of producing 3D models of asteroid surfaces. The laser altimeter will be included in NASA's planned Osiris mission to the Bennu asteroid in 2016.

Space December 19, 2015

New Building Blocks Of Our Solar System Discovered

After studying rare meteorites on Earth, scientists discovered new building blocks of our solar system's birth, sulfide chondrules, that provide proof of a previously unknown region in the rotating gas disk known as the protoplanetary disk.

Space March 16, 2015

NASA clears spacecraft for 2018 trip to asteroid

The first asteroid sample mission in history is scheduled for launch in 2016. Now, the plan just needs a spaceship. Here's what's coming...

Space April 13, 2014

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