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Octopuses Could Potentially Become The Next Lab Rats

The Marine Biological Laboratory is raising octopuses to be used during scientific experiments. According to scientists, while the sea creatures are alien-looking, they have genes that are similar to humans and other animals.

Animals June 5, 2019

Paper Suggests Octopuses Came From Space: Here's Why Octopuses Are So Fascinating

Is it possible that octopuses really originated from outer space? Many scientists disagree, but the creatures are so unique, intelligent, and complex that they're really out of this world.

Animals May 21, 2018

Hundreds Of Dying Octopus Mothers And Their Eggs Found In Deep Sea Volcano-Warmed Waters

Researchers found a group of mother octopuses and their eggs huddled in an underwater outcrop where warm water flows. Why were the cephalopods and their eggs in this potentially deadly area?

Animals April 19, 2018

Thank The Octopus For This Future Camouflage That Can Morph To Various 3D Shapes

Researchers have developed a stretchable material that mimics the ability of octopuses to inflate their papillae for camouflage. The technology could one day be used to develop sophisticated 'soft robots'.

Robotics October 15, 2017

Octlantis: Marine Biologists Discover Underwater City Of Gloomy Octopuses With Complex Social Behaviors

Up to 15 gloomy octopuses congregate in an underwater site in Jervis Bay, Australia. The cephalopods at Octlantis showed complex social behaviors and were observed communicating, mating and chasing away unwanted octopuses.

Animals September 19, 2017

What Makes The Octopus Intelligent? Answer Could Be Cephalopod's Ability To Rewrite RNA

The octopus has the unique ability to edit its own RNA. Can this explain why the cephalopod is intelligent enough to solve complex puzzles and escape from aquariums?

Animals April 9, 2017

Octopuses And Squids Can Rewrite Their Own Genes: How Is This Possible?

The California two-spot octopus is among the smart cephalopods that can edit their RNA codes to adapt to the environment. Just like other species of squids and cuttlefish, this octopus uses gene editing to change neural functions.

Animals April 7, 2017

Squids, Octopuses And Other Cephalopods Boom In The Oceans Amid Climate Change

Cephalopods are increasing in number amid climate change, a new study has found. The species, which include octopuses and squids, appear to benefit from the changing oceans, unlike other marine animals.

Animals May 24, 2016

Tiny Pink Octopus Looks Like Ghost From 'Pac-Man'

As this critter is pink, beady-eyed and gelatinous, calling it the 'adorable' octopus might so far be the best candidate for this cephalopod's name.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2015

Vampire Squid's Reproductive Cycles And Sluggish Lifestyle Key To Longevity

The vampire squid may live longer than the coastal squid and octopus, and this has something to do with their unique system of reproduction. The deep-sea cephalopod alternates between a reproductive and resting phase.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2015

Vampire Squid Have Weird Sex 10,000 Feet Beneath Surface Of Water

The mating habits of vampire squid have been detailed for the first time. Boy, are they having a lot of sex!

April 20, 2015

Octopus-inspired scientists develop camouflage material for military

A team of researchers have developed a new automatic camouflage technology, based on the incredible way octopi's skin reacts to light and the changes in its environment.

Science August 19, 2014

New camouflage material is inspired by octopus, squid and cuttlefish

Taking a cue from nature, scientists create a new form of camouflage that reacts to its surroundings without needing any external input, much like the skins of octopus and squid.

Internet Culture August 19, 2014

Scientists create camouflage system inspired by octopus, other cephalopods

Scientists create a camouflage device inspired by octopus and other cephalopods that can change colors. Currently, the device can only switch from black to white or vice-versa.

FUTURE TECH August 19, 2014

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