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Oldest Human Footprint In The Americas Discovered In Chile

Scientists have uncovered the oldest footprint ever found of a human in the Americas. The footprint, dated to more than 15,000 years ago, confirms Chile as an important hotspot for early humans.

Ancient April 29, 2019

Researchers Get To The Bottom Of Easter Island Mystery

A new study found that the locations of the megalithic platforms or ahu at Eastern Island in Chile are tied to the community's basic needs for survival. Whenever there are giant statues in an area, there are massive amounts of freshwater.

Ancient January 11, 2019

Giant Predatory Lizard Thrived In Antarctica Toward The End Of The Dinosaur Era

Giant predatory sea lizards known as Kaikaifilu thrived in Antarctica some 66 million years ago. According to paleontologists, these Mosasaurs had an average length of 10 meters and reigned as the largest marine predator during the terminal phase of the dinosaur age.

Ancient November 9, 2016

Pokédex Update: Scientist Names New Bee Species In Chile After Charizard

If you discovered a new species, what would you call it? One scientist lets the Pokémon fan in him come out, naming one of the bees he discovered in Chile after Charizard.

Animals July 7, 2016

Chile Gives Away Electricity For Free Because It Produces Too Much

Thanks to a booming mining industry and economic growth, Chile is facing such an overwhelming surge in its solar energy industry that it has given away free electricity. The country continues to struggle toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy source.

Energy June 6, 2016

Toxic Red Tide Outbreak Hits Chilean Waters, Stirs Fishermen To Unrest

The ongoing red tide along the southern coast of Chile has caused a significant blow to the local fishing industry. Many of the affected fishermen have now taken to the streets to demand support from the Chilean government.

Earth/Environment May 19, 2016

Chile Reports First Case Of Sexually Transmitted Zika

Chile reports the country's first case of Zika transmitted through sexual intercourse. The recent case, in a woman, was said to be acquired from her partner, who was infected by the virus while in Haiti.

Life March 29, 2016

Latin America's Largest Medical Marijuana Farm To Help Treat 4,000 Patients Across Chile

Chile inaugurated the largest medical marijuana farm in Latin America. The project is said to help treat about 4,000 patients suffering from symptoms, which medical marijuana may effectively alleviate.

Life January 20, 2016

This Is Where The World's Purest Water Can Be Found

Based on a scientific study, Puerto William's fresh water is the purest in the world. Scientists analyzed water samples from different fresh water sources in the area.

Animals December 29, 2015

Chile's Atacama Desert Is Covered In Gorgeous Pink Flowers Following Rainy Year

The driest place on Earth, which holds the world record of 173 months without rainfall, is now teeming with pink flowers. A year's worth of massive rainfall transformed Chile's Atacama Desert into a flowery oasis.

Earth/Environment October 31, 2015

US, Chile Pledge To Fight Illegal Fishing And Create Marine Sanctuaries To Protect The World’s Oceans

Leaders of U.S. and Chile announced their plans of fighting illegal fishing and creating new marine sanctuaries to help protect oceans. The new initiatives are said to be the nations' contributions to address the issues surrounding the world's oceans.

Earth/Environment October 6, 2015

20,000 Residents Flee As Small Tsunami Waves Hit Japanese Coastal Areas

A tsunami advisory has been issued for the entire east coast of Japan. Some 20,000 residents have been evacuated to higher ground.

Society September 18, 2015

Chilean Island's Ups And Downs Could Help Scientists Learn More About Mega-Earthquakes

A new study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey suggests that two massive earthquakes in Chile were powerful enough to cause the Isla Santa María to rise by 6.5 to 10 feet.

Animals June 23, 2015

Astronomers Spot Butterfly Nebula Undergoing Metamorphosis As Red Giant Star Enters Final Stages Of Life

A new set of telescopic images captures the birth of butterfly nebula alongside a dying red giant star. Seeing a combination of images exhibiting metamorphosis and the final stages of life was a first for astronomers.

Space June 11, 2015

Chile Volcano Calbuco Belches Massive Clouds Of Ash And Gas And Triggers Panic

The Calbuco volcano is spewing ash and dust high into the atmosphere, threatening residents, aircraft and the environment. How could this volcano help offset global warming?

Animals May 1, 2015

Volcano Eruption In Chile Has Devastating Effects On Fish And Livestock

Industry officials in Chile warn about the widespread and long-lasting effects of the Calbuco volcanic eruption last week on the cattle and salmon production in the country.

Earth/Environment April 29, 2015

Dino Fossil Is So Odd It's Dubbed 'The Platypus Of Dinosaurs'

A dinosaur fossil found in Chile was cousin to some of the most fearsome prehistoric meat eaters, but it was a vegetarian, paleontologists say. The fossil displays a mixed bag of anatomical features, they report.

Animals April 27, 2015

Violent Eruption Of Calbuco Volcano In Videos: Will There Be A Third Eruption?

The Calbuco volcano in Chile has already erupted twice after being silent for half a century. Experts warned of a possible third eruption that may be more aggressive.

Animals April 24, 2015

Chile's Chinchorro Mummies Turning Into Black Ooze: Blame It On Climate Change

The Chinchorro mummies have stayed well preserved for thousands of years, but Chile's warming climate threatens the remains, causing them to turn black and become gelatinous.

Animals March 10, 2015

Volcano Villarrica In Southern Chile Erupts, Forcing More Than 3,000 To Evacuate

Volcano Villarrica has erupted in Chile, forcing the evacuation of over 3,000 residents and tourists. How dangerous is the eruption to the area?

March 3, 2015

Amazing Photo Of Comet Lovejoy Accidentally Taken By 570-MP Dark Energy Camera

Comet Lovejoy has been photographed like never before. How did this happen by accident?

Space March 1, 2015

Extremely Large Telescope, aka World's Largest Telescope Construction Gets Under Way

The Extremely Large Telescope is now under construction, which will provide astronomers with the largest eye on the sky ever developed.

Space December 5, 2014

Chile may be on brink of mega earthquake

Northern Chile should be expecting a massive earthquake, scientists warn in a new research study published today.

Earth/Environment August 13, 2014

Chilean earthquake in 2010 triggered icequakes in Antarctica

Icequakes in Antarctica may have been triggered by a 2010 earthquake in Chile.

Animals August 12, 2014

Antarctic ‘icequakes’ were magnified by Chilean earthquake 3,000 miles away

A new research study done at the Georgia Institute of Technology uncovers a connection between a 2010 Chilean earthquake and "icequakes" in Antarctica, 3,000 miles away.

Animals August 11, 2014

We now understand cosmic dust better. Thanks to a supernova

Scientists now understand cosmic dust better than before. Astronomers have observed a supernova code named SN2010jl from a Very Large Telescope (VLT) in northern Chile.

Space July 11, 2014

Chile mountaintop blasted to prepare home for world's largest telescope

The top of the Cerra Armazones Mountain in Chile was blasted by the European Southern Observatory to make way for the European Extremely Large Telescope, expected to be complete in 10 years.

Space June 22, 2014

E-ELT telescope project starts with a great big bang on a mountaintop

The construction of the new E-ELT telescope started out with a bang on top of Cerro Armazones, a mountain in Chile.

Space June 20, 2014

Incan woman mummy murder mystery solved: She was bludgeoned to death and sacrificed

An Incan woman died hundreds of years ago, and her body was mummified in the desert. A new analysis now reveals more about her life, and her tragic death.

Animals February 27, 2014

Mystery behind ancient whale graveyard discovery in Chilean highway finally solved

Scientists have found a mass graveyard for whales and other marine animals in the middle of a Chilean desert. They were amazed by the discovery and now have solved the mystery behind the mass die-offs.

Earth/Environment February 26, 2014

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