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Cisco Warns The World Of Super Dangerous VPN Bug: Here's What It Does

Cisco released a security advisory for a dangerous VPN bug discovered by NCC Group. The vulnerability found in the WebVPN feature of the company's Adaptive Security Appliance software may be exploited by hackers to take full control of systems.

Security January 31, 2018

Here's What You Need To Know About The Ransomware Bad Rabbit

As the third major ransomware outbreak of the year, Bad Rabbit has infected organizations across Russia and other countries in Eastern Europe, demanding 0.05 Bitcoin or about $285 to decrypt locked-up files.

Security October 26, 2017

Cisco To Acquire AppDynamics For $3.7 Billion: Software Maker Snapped Up Right Before IPO

Cisco has agreed to purchase software maker AppDynamics for $3.7 billion. The acquisition comes right before AppDynamics was supposed to go public in the first tech IPO for the year.

Business Tech January 25, 2017

Cisco, Fortinet Confirm 'NSA Hack' Vulnerabilities Exposed By 'Shadow Brokers'

Cisco and Fortinet acknowledged that the data leaked recently by the hacking organization the Shadow Brokers is legitimate. The firewalls from the two firms were compromised some years ago, but fixes were recently deployed.

Security August 18, 2016

Cisco To Let Go Of 5,500 Workers Amid Cost-Cutting, Shift Of Focus To Software

Cisco has announced plans to cut 5,500 employees, equivalent to 7 percent of the company's workforce, beginning this summer. The networking firm is looking to slash costs and will reinvest the savings into businesses that it expects to flourish.

Business Tech August 17, 2016

IBM And Cisco Partner Up To Develop Watson-Powered Apps: Slack And Microsoft In The Crosshairs?

IBM and Cisco are combining their enterprise-related applications to produce highly efficient programs for the work sector. These app collaborations are expected to improve workflows found in an office setting to boost productivity.

Business Tech July 2, 2016

Cisco Plans To Acquire Jasper Technologies For $1.4 Billion: Why This Is Good News For Enterprise IoT

Cisco Systems announced its plan to acquire cloud-based IoT service platform Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion. The deal is expected to close by Q3 2016.

Deals February 4, 2016

Cisco Launches New Tools To Help Businesses Deal With Shadow IT

Cisco has launched the Cloud Consumption service, which will help organizations better deal with shadow IT. Shadow IT refers to the use of applications unauthorized by a company.

Business January 14, 2016

iOS 9 Prevents Some Users From Accessing The Web Through VPNs: Here’s How To Fix It

Cisco reported that the newly-released iOS 9 has a connectivity bug that affects SSL VPN clients. DNS resolution failures prevent users from connecting to their VPNs.

Apps/Software September 24, 2015

Tech Industry Heavyweights Amazon, Cisco, Google, Netflix Join Hands To Reformat Video Content Online

The Alliance for Open Media project is committed to developing next-generation video formats, codec and technologies 'in the public interest.'

Internet September 3, 2015

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Other Tech Giants Form Alliance To Create New Video Format

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Amazon, Cisco, Intel and Netflix have formed the Alliance for Open Media, which will look to develop a new open source format for videos.

Internet September 2, 2015

Apple And Cisco Team Up To Bring More iDevices To The Workplace

Two of Silicon Valley’s biggest players are teaming up in a partnership that takes its aim at the lucrative $3 trillion enterprise technology market.

Business September 1, 2015

Beware Of Phony Email Offering Windows 10: Your PC Might Get Hijacked For Ransom Instead

As Microsoft rolls out the much-awaited Windows 10 OS, hackers are taking advantage of the public frenzy by sending out ransomware emails to unsuspecting users who are eager to get the free upgrade.

Apps/Software August 3, 2015

Cisco Ups Cloud Security Game With $635 Million Purchase Of OpenDNS

Cisco announces plan to acquire cloud-based security company OpenDNS for $635 million. The move, which is scheduled to close in the first quarter of 2016, is the company’s latest attempt to enhance its security business.

Business July 1, 2015

Cisco Rolls Out Patches For Virtual Appliances With Default SSH Keys Vulnerabilities

Cisco has made available patches for three virtual products that shipped with default Secure Shell (SSH) encryption key vulnerabilities. The three products are Cisco's ESav, WSav and SMAv.

Apps/Software June 30, 2015

Cisco Report Hints At Upcoming Mobile Data Explosion In India

The latest forecast from Cisco says that India will earn massive growth on its annual Internet Protocol traffic from 2014 up to 2019. The company attributes the growth to increasing access to mobile devices and demand for video content services.

Internet June 1, 2015

Cisco Making Preparations For Tackling IoT With Tropo Purchase

Cisco has acquired Tropo, which provides cloud-based API platforms. Thanks to the acquisition, Cisco will be able to offer a 'collaboration platform-as-a-service.'

Deals May 9, 2015

Meet Rombertik, A Deadly Virus That Will Self-Destruct And Destroy Your Computer Once You Detect It

The Rombertik virus self-destructs your computer once you detect the malware. The virus erases the partition sector of the hard drive and forces a machine restart when it senses detection.

Apps/Software May 8, 2015

President Obama Announces $100 Million TechHire Program To Curb Unemployment In America

In an attempt to curb the unemployment rate in America, President Obama unveiled his $100 million TechHire initiative.

Society March 10, 2015

Apple, Facebook, Google, And Other Tech Titans Ask Supreme Court For Marriage Equality

More than 300 firms, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, file an amicus brief stating the business case for allowing same-sex marriage.

Legal March 6, 2015

Cisco: Mobile Data Boom Looms With 10-Fold Spike In 5 Years

Cisco is forecasting a 10-fold increase in mobile data over a five-year period. By 2019 the world will use as much mobile data each month as it did during the entire year of 2014.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 3, 2015

CEO Larry Ellison on New Oracle Hardware Strategy: 'The way to compete is to have the lowest price'

Increasing competition is forcing Oracle to shed off its brand image as a provider of expensive servers.

January 23, 2015

RPX Buys Nortel Patent Portfolio from Rockstar for $900 Million: Patent War No More?

The smartphone patent wars are drawing to a close. Is this the start of a more mature industry that focuses on competing in the market and not in the courtroom?

Deals December 24, 2014

Cisco Unveils Big Data Software to Boost Internet of Things Strategy

Cisco has developed a new program of analyzing a flood of data in support of the Internet of Things. It is designed to cater to a range of markets, from retail and telecommunications to events and mobility.

Internet December 13, 2014

EMC seeks majority hold of joint Cisco venture, earnings are mixed bag

EMC's third-quarter earnings were up year-over-year, but results are not stellar. Meanwhile, the storage company is aiming to grab majority control of VCE, a joint venture created with Cisco.

Business October 22, 2014

Cisco undergoing limited structuring, will lay off 6,000 workers

Cisco will be laying off 8 percent of its global employee head count as the company continues to struggle in emerging markets and sales.

Business August 14, 2014

Cisco report reveals top security weak spots, Java tops the list

A new study by Cisco reveals cybersecurity work has a long way to go in terms of getting better. The report shows numerous weaknesses that need addressing in the enterprise.

Internet August 5, 2014

Cisco, Microsoft team up to drive data center tech

A year after working together to push the deployment of cloud services, Microsoft and Cisco have formed a new partnership to strengthen the integration of hardware and software at data centers. The pair will invest hardware, software, marketing and engineering over the course of the three-year deal.

Deals July 15, 2014

Facebook builds its own open switch. Take that, Cisco

Facebook has developed its own open switch technology. It is, in many ways, a direct competitor to Cisco and its massive networking capacity.

Apps/Software June 20, 2014

Facebook unveils open-source networking switch. Sucker punches Cisco?

Facebook is trying to redefine networking with a new open-source switch that functions pretty much like a server that more engineers can work with, while Cisco, Dell and other bigwigs try to catch up.

Business June 20, 2014

Apple to shake up smart home market? iPhone could become your life's remote control

The smart home space that Apple is looking to make a play in is one of the larger components of the IoT. You can expect all the major players to grab for a piece of this pie as the category evolves.

Gadgets May 28, 2014

Internet of Things future? All your 'things' connected by 2025, Pew says

The Internet of Things (IoT) takes complete hold of our lives by 2025, study says.

Gadgets May 14, 2014

Cisco bets $150 mn on Internet of Things startups but what is it really?

Cisco is hoping that another $150 million for Internet of Things will help startups. But many wonder if it is too much.

Business May 8, 2014

Google uses Chromebox for Meetings to disrupt video conferencing hardware industry

Google has rolled out Chromebox for Meetings for $999 in the U.S. and it is set to hit other countries within the next few months, a move that may kill its rivals, such as Cisco and Polycom, in the video conferencing hardware business.

Gadgets February 8, 2014

Cisco bets big on Internet of Everything

Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers pushed for the "Internet of Everything" at the recently concluded International CES in Las Vegas.

Internet January 13, 2014

Cisco challenge to Microsoft-Skype deal falls flat in Europe

The EU has ruled in favor of the Microsoft-Skype deal, despite reservations from Cisco.

Legal December 12, 2013

Cisco Q1 fiscal 2014 earnings up but gloomy outllook prompts share plunge

Cisco announced its Q1 results for fiscal 2014 postings profits, but the company's gloomy outlook prompted its share to drop.

Money November 15, 2013

Cisco, Facebook to work with businesses to expand free Wi-Fi use

Cisco Systems Inc and Facebook Inc said on Wednesday they will work with big businesses such as hotels and retailers to provide free wireless Internet access to consumers who sign in using a Facebook log-in.

Business October 3, 2013

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