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Lobsters Are Not Immortal, They Actually Die An Exhausting Death

A Twitter thread had gotten viral for explaining why lobsters are not immortal despite having the ability to live for hundreds of years. The thread discussed how the species actually died of exhaustion performing a process called ‘molting.’

Animals June 25, 2018

500-Million-Year-Old Predator Baby Had Face Claws And Radiating Teeth

Paleontologists discovered the fossil of a baby sea creature that was born to kill. The predator baby had serrated teeth around a circular mouth and a face with claws.

Animals June 13, 2018

Marbled Crayfish That Can Clone Themselves Originated From One Mutant Ancestor

The marbled crayfish did not exist 25 years ago, but it now numbers in millions. Genome sequencing revealed that the species descended from a single mutant crayfish with an extra DNA.

Animals February 6, 2018

Do Lobsters Feel Pain? Here’s What Science Has To Say

Can lobsters feel pain the same way humans and other animals can? Scientists have tried to answer this question for quite some time now but have reached different conclusions. Here's what they have to say about it.

Animals January 15, 2018

Switzerland Bans Boiling Of Lobsters, Other Crustaceans Alive

Improvement of animal rights laws prompted the Swiss government to ban the boiling of live lobsters, a common culinary practice in restaurants. The new law sparked a debate on whether crustaceans can feel or sense pain.

Animals January 13, 2018

Fossilized Poop Of Plant-Eating Dinosaurs Reveals They Sometimes Ate Crabs

Researchers found traces of crustacean within the 75-million-year-old fossilized feces of a megaherbivore. The fossilized feces contains excellent insight regarding the life and possibly more diverse diets of the hadrosaurs.

Animals September 22, 2017

'Ghost' Lobster Caught By Fisherman From Ocean Off Maine

Maine lobsterman Alex Todd caught a translucent white lobster in a trap. Experts said that the weird-looking crustacean is not an albino. It has a genetic condition called Leucism.

Animals September 4, 2017

New Spider-Like Crab Species Discovered In India: Climbs Up And Lives On Trees

Scientists finally confirm that an elusive crustacean first spotted in 2014 is a new crab species that lives in trees, but it’s not like other tree-dwelling crabs.

Animals April 9, 2017

Fossil Remains Of 430-Million-Year-Old Crustacean Named After Sir David Attenborough

A 430-million-year-old crustacean’s fossil remains have been named to honor the famous British naturalist Sir David Attenborough. The fossil remains may help shed light on the history of the crustacean family.

Ancient March 23, 2017

High Levels Of Toxic Chemicals Contaminate Marine Animals In Deepest Ocean Trenches

PCB, a toxic chemical banned in the 1970s, was found in crustaceans living in the Mariana Trench. The level of contamination in these marine animals is 50 times higher compared with that of crabs in one of China's most polluted rivers.

Earth/Environment February 14, 2017

Discovery Of Preserved Brains Of Prehistoric Arthropod Shows Neural Tissue Can Fossilize

The remains of an ancient marine arthropod unearthed in China showed evidence of fossilized brains. Researchers replicated the process through which the neural tissue has fossilized.

Animals November 10, 2015

New York Restaurant Spares Life Of 95-Year-Old Lobster

A Long Island restaurant received a 23-pound, 95-year-old lobster this week as part of a regular shipment of shellfish. The owner does not plan to cook or sell the lobster but will donate it to the Long Island Aquarium.

Society July 18, 2015

Yum And Wow: Fisherman Catches Very Rare Golden Lobster In Scotland

A rare golden lobster was caught by a Scottish fisherman about half a mile from Barns Ness Lighthouse in Dunbar. Experts say that the chances of finding such an oddly colored crustacean are one in 5 million.

Earth/Environment July 9, 2015

WISSARD Scientists Discover 'Lost World' of Mysterious Fish, Crustaceans and Jellyfish Beneath Antarctic Ice Shelf

A rich marine ecosystem has been discovered deep beneath the ice of Antarctica. What do we know so far about the lifeforms found there?

January 25, 2015

Newly Discovered 'Stargazing' Shrimp Always Looks to the Heavens

Stargazing shrimp have been discovered, looking like aliens underwater - how could they be looking everywhere at once?

Animals November 21, 2014

The shrimp you eat might not be what you think it is

According to a new study by Oceana, 30 percent of shrimp sold is mislabeled, which can have harmful effects on our health, environment and economy.

Internet Culture October 30, 2014

Extremely rare albino lobsters caught by Maine fishermen

Only one albino lobster exists in every 100 million but two lobstermen managed to caught two of these off the coast of Maine. in just one week.

Earth/Environment September 7, 2014

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