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Ancient DNA Reveals Gene Pool Of Men In Spain Was Nearly Wiped Out During The Bronze Age

The modern-day Iberia that is known today as Spain and Portugal is a melting pot of cultures. Thousands of years ago, the local men of the ancient Iberian Peninsula were mysteriously driven out of the genetic pool.

Ancient March 17, 2019

New Genetic Analysis May Have Finally Revealed Identity Of Jack The Ripper

Researchers in the United Kingdom claim to have found new evidence that could finally reveal Jack the Ripper's true identity. The study involved DNA testing of semen sample retrieved from one of the crime scenes in 1888.

March 16, 2019

DNA Evidence Helps Solve 31-Year-Old Double Murder Case: How Does Genetic Sleuthing Work?

A cold case was finally solved when investigators used a public genealogy database to track down the person responsible for double murder in 1987. Could this method also result in privacy breaches?

Feature | Science May 25, 2018

Scientists Confirm Adolf Hitler Died In 1945: Study Of Hitler’s Teeth Suggests Probable Causes Of Death

French researchers were hopeful that they could finally put an end to numerous conspiracy theories regarding the real cause of Adolf Hitler’s death. The team was given the special privilege to examine fragments of Hitler’s teeth.

Feature | Science May 21, 2018

New Study Suggests Leprosy Began To Spread From Europe To The World

Scientists have turned to ancient DNA to retrace the history and origins of leprosy. In the biggest study to date, they found that both humans and squirrels may have played a role in the transmission of the disease in Europe.

Ancient May 11, 2018

DNA Shotgun Sequencing Of Ancient Poop With Parasite Eggs Reveals Diets Of Northern European And Middle Eastern Ancestors

An analysis of ancient fecal matters revealed what kind of parasitic worms had infected the Northern European and Middle Eastern ancient people. The analysis also revealed the type of food and lifestyle they had during their period.

Ancient April 26, 2018

Up To 40 Percent Of Direct-To-Consumer DNA Tests Are Wrong

Direct-to-consumer DNA testing kits shouldn’t be treated as diagnostic tools. A new study claims to have found that these kits have a 40 percent false positive rate, indicating the importance of having raw DNA data properly analyzed by labs.

Public Health April 2, 2018

DNA Test Shows 'Two Brothers' Egyptian Mummies Had The Same Mother But Different Fathers

Findings of DNA analyses confirmed earlier suspicions about the 'Two brothers' Egyptian mummies housed at the Manchester Museum. TestS revealed they were just half brothers.

Ancient January 19, 2018

Hair DNA Offers Strong Clues On 50,000-Year Aboriginal Presence In Australia

DNA from Aboriginal people reveals that modern Aboriginal Australians descended from a certain group populating the same regions for up to 50,000 years. These new findings confirm the longstanding connection of Aboriginal people to the country.

Ancient March 9, 2017

Human Skeleton Found In 2100-Year-Old Antikythera Shipwreck

Human skeletal remains were found in the Antikythera shipwreck. DNA from the bones may help shed light on the lives of people who were aboard the ill-fated ancient ship.

Ancient September 19, 2016

DNA Analysis Of Ancient Phoenician From Carthage Reveals European Ancestry

Using DNA analysis, researchers have found that an ancient Phoenician found in Carthage has European lineage. The Phoenician civilization introduced the first alphabetic writing used today.

Ancient May 28, 2016

DNA Analysis Of Ice Age Human Bones Unveils Complex Patterns Of Migration: Why This Is Important

The analysis of the DNA of human bones from 51 prehistoric people goes beyond explaining the complexity of migrations back then. It also shows how European population has evolved through time.

Ancient May 5, 2016

The Biomeme System Turns Any iPhone Into A Mobile DNA Lab

The company Biomeme developed a mobile genetic diagnostic platform that features hardware used with an iPhone, software, DNA test kits and an app to provide results on the field in under an hour.

Biotech April 27, 2016

DNA-Matched Workout Thrice More Effective Than Regular Training

A new study reveals perhaps the solution to not giving up gym. The answer is right in a person’s DNA.

Life April 20, 2016

Newly Discovered Set Of Genes Responsible For Stroke And Dementia

Researchers find a new set of genes linked to stroke, dementia and depression. This includes a new gene called FOXF2, which is associated with increased risk of a common type of stroke due to small vessel disease.

Life April 10, 2016

DNA Profiling Of Trees Helps Convict Timber Thieves In US Landmark Case

The U.S. government was able to convict timber thieves in a landmark case using DNA profiling. By tracing the DNA profiles of the wood products and stumps of trees, experts were able to identify which were illegally harvested.

Earth/Environment March 9, 2016

Extinct Sub-Species Of Zebra Revived By Scientists In South Africa

Scientists from South Africa were able to recreate an extinct subspecies of zebra called quagga. By analyzing preserved DNA samples of the animal, the researchers were able to breed the animal closer to how it originally looked many years ago.

Animals February 13, 2016

DNA Analysis Of Ancient Skeletons Reveals First Londoners Were Multi-Ethnic Mix

Londoners who first resided in the city even before the invasion of the Romans were a multi-ethnic mix, a new DNA study revealed. Researchers at the Museum of London analyzed four ancient skeletal remains and discovered rich histories behind the bones.

Animals November 25, 2015

DNA Analysis Reveals 10 Percent Of Vegetarian Hot Dogs Contain Meat

A DNA analysis of vegetarian hot dogs revealed 10 percent of their ingredients contain meat. Researchers say the findings are troubling especially for vegetarians who abstain from meat for various reasons.

Life October 29, 2015

DNA Study Of Ancient Alaskan Babies Shows Progress Of Native Americans Into The Continent

DNA lineages of today's Native Americans developed during the long stay of first Americans on the Bering land bridge, researchers say. The first Americans settled there for thousands of years before migrating south, they say.

October 27, 2015

Hotdogs May Have Undisclosed Ingredients: Clear Labs Finds Mystery Meat, Human DNA In Sampled Brands

Hot dogs and sausages may contain undisclosed ingredients. Genomic analysis reveals that some brands even contain unwanted meat and human DNA.

Life October 25, 2015

Shroud Of Turin Possibly Created In India But Contains DNA From Plants All Over The World: Study

New DNA analysis revealed that the Shroud of Turin popularly believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ may have originated in India. The cloth also contains genes from plants of different geographic origins.

Animals October 21, 2015

DNA Analysis Sheds Light On Mystery Behind Basque People

DNA analysis of ancient skeletons sheds light on the early history of the Basque people. The findings also overturn the theory that this group of people was isolated for 10,000 years.

Life September 8, 2015

DNA Analysis Of Cape Parrot Shows It's A New Species

According to researchers, the Cape Parrot should be considered a species of its own, especially now that DNA analysis has confirmed that it is different from its closest relatives.

Earth/Environment August 13, 2015

Latest DNA Analysis Confirms Link Between Kennewick Man And Native Americans

The ancestry of the Kennewick has been stirring debate over who should be its caretakers. Now, DNA analysis suggests the ancient man is more closely related to Native Americans than any other population.

Animals June 20, 2015

FBI Hair Analysis Is Flawed And Agents Overstated Findings In Court For 20 Years: Report

A review of more than 200 cases revealed that erroneous forensic hair matches—and FBI examiners giving flawed testimonies—may have led to the conviction of innocent individuals. Some of whom received the death penalty.

Internet Culture April 21, 2015

Latest DNA Analysis Indicates 9,500-year-old Kennewick Man Could Be Native American

Further tests will be needed to come up with a more extensive profile but, for now, the Kennewick Man has been categorized as Native American.

Animals January 21, 2015

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