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What’s The Blood Moon? Everything You Need To Know About 2018’s Biggest Eclipse Event

People alive today will witness the blood moon total lunar eclipse on July 27 to 28, the only thing of its kind in their lifetime. Here's when and how to see the lunar eclipse and what makes the blood moon so special.

June 29, 2018

NASA Warns Of Unsafe Eclipse Glasses: How To Tell You Have Bought One That Meets Viewing Standards

NASA warned of unsafe solar eclipse glasses, which can cause vision problems. Here are the things that people should look for when buying eclipse sunglasses for watching Aug. 21 eclipse.

Space July 23, 2017

Here Is The Reason Total Eclipse Happens Rarely

The Great American Eclipse happening in August has already caused a great hype across the continent. Find out what makes the celestial event so rare.

Feature | Science July 7, 2017

2 Million Free Eclipse Glasses To Be Distributed To US Skywatchers

Public libraries will be distributing more than 2 million pairs of free eclipse glasses for the Great American Eclipse that will sweep over the nation on Aug. 21. Get the details on this initiative and how to get solar viewing glasses for yourself.

Space June 27, 2017

Still Undiscovered, Giant Gas Planet With 50 Times Jupiter’s Mass Could Be Causing Mysterious Eclipses

PDS 110’s mysterious eclipses could be caused by an unknown exoplanet. The gas giant orbiting the star is most likely encircled by a ring of dust, as shown in an artistic rendition of the new planet.

Space June 2, 2017

US Postal Service To Issue Solar Eclipse Stamp That Changes Images When Touched

For the first time, the U.S. Postal Service used thermochromic ink on a stamp so the image changes once heated by the touch of the finger. Here's how to get the Total Eclipse of the Sun stamp.

Space May 29, 2017

Look Up, Skywatchers! Catch Lunar Eclipse, Meteor Shower And Other Celestial Events This February

The February sky will be ablaze with multiple celestial events, from eclipses to a rare light show. Here are some you may not want to miss.

Space February 4, 2017

Eclipse Analysis Points To Earth Spin Slowing Down Every Century

According to new research, the Earth's spin is slowing down. The study analyzed eclipses and suggested that various factors could also be responsible.

Earth/Environment December 8, 2016

Friday Night's Spectacular Harvest Moon May Be Eclipsed

Stargazers are in for a rare treat as a harvest moon will rise and shine on Friday night, Sept. 16. It's an extra-special phenomenon because it might be the last harvest eclipse moon until 2024.

Space September 16, 2016

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Rare Double Eclipse Of Sun By Moon And Earth

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory witnessed the Earth completely eclipse the sun just as the moon started to cross the face of the star. The observatory was able to capture the event known as ring of fire eclipse.

Space September 5, 2016

Jupiter Moon Io's Atmosphere Freezes And Collapses During Eclipses

A typical lunar eclipse on Earth offers viewers a spectacular treat, but on Jupiter's moons, the effect is different. A new study reveals how a Jupiter eclipse affects its volcanically active moon Io.

Space August 2, 2016

2,100-Year-Old Computer Used To Predict The Future: How Does The Antikythera Mechanism Work?

The 2,100-year-old Antikythera mechanism may have also been used for astrology and not just for tracking the sun, moon and the planets. How did this ancient device work?

Ancient June 16, 2016

'Lite' Lunar Eclipse To Occur On Wednesday

The world will witness a 'lite' lunar eclipse on Wednesday. The darkening of the sky will be more subtle than during total and partial eclipses, but a clear sky may improve the celestial show.

Space March 22, 2016

When Is The Next Total Solar Eclipse In The US? Mark This Date

Stargazers in the United States might not be able to see the solar eclipse on Wednesday, but two of the next celestial events are expected to be mostly visible in the country, according to NASA. Americans will get to see the moon make its transit between the Earth and the sun on Aug. 21, 2017 and April 8, 2024.

Space March 9, 2016

Southeast Asia To Witness Total Solar Eclipse On Tuesday: Here's How To Watch Online

Southeast Asia will witness the total solar eclipse on Tuesday. People all over the world, however, can also view the spectacular event online, thanks to websites providing live stream.

Space March 7, 2016

Astronomers Discover What Could Be Longest-Lasting Stellar Eclipse

People on Earth look forward to events like solar and lunar eclipses. These are nothing compared to what astronomers discovered: a stellar eclipse lasting for three and a half years.

Space February 22, 2016

Southeast Asia To See Total Solar Eclipse In March: NASA

Parts of Southeast Asia are in for a treat as a total solar eclipse is about to happen in March. Other regions in Asia and the Pacific will also experience partial solar eclipse.

Space February 17, 2016

Astronomy Enthusiasts Can Watch Out For Five Eclipses In 2016

Expect five lunar and solar eclipses in 2016, as well as another exciting total solar eclipse next year. But what are the defining features and differences among these spectacles in the sky?

Space January 25, 2016

Super Blood Moon Mistaken As Sign Of Apocalypse: Here Are Other Times The End Of The World Didn't Happen

The Super Blood Moon over the weekend did not herald the start of Armageddon. Here are other end-of-the world prophecies which did not come true.

Internet Culture September 28, 2015

Once In a Supermoon, Here's How Twitter Shared The Super Blood Moon Eclipse

The twitterverse shares the once in a blood moon celestrial event via social media.

Feature September 28, 2015

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse To Occur On Sept. 27: What Makes This Celestial Event Special?

The supermoon eclipse that will happen later this month will not occur again until 2033. Some already fear this rare celestial event marks the start of terrible things based on a passage from the Bible.

September 19, 2015

Century's Shortest Total Lunar Eclipse Coming Saturday: How To See This Very Rare Event

The shortest lunar eclipse of 2015 will be seen by Americans in the predawn sky on April 4. This is what you need to know about this upcoming celestial event.

April 3, 2015

Polar Bear Attacks Tourist In Tent In Norway

A tourist in Norway was attacked by a ploar bear. What happened?

March 19, 2015

Black Labrador 'Eclipse' Rides Seattle Buses to Dog Park

Eclipse loves her daily visits to the park, and she'll take the bus to get there -- whether her human companion is with her or not.

Internet Culture January 14, 2015

Partial solar eclipse will be visible on Thursday: Here's your guide to watching it safely

A partial solar eclipse will occur tomorrow at around 2:08 p.m. PST, when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. The eclipse will be visible in most parts of North America.

Geek October 22, 2014

Partial solar eclipse this week: Keep your eyes peeled if you live in North America

A partial solar eclipse will be visible from much of North America on October 23. This event could be just a warmup for the next eclipse in 2017.

Space October 20, 2014

Your guide to October's eclipses: When do they occur and why do they happen?

With a lunar eclipse looming just around the corner on Oct. 8, 2014, we're explaining exactly what an eclipse is, as well as how lunar and solar eclipses are different.

Geek October 6, 2014

Lunar and solar, October’s got both eclipses: Where/when to see all the celestial eye candy

Lots of events for sky watchers in October, astronomers say. The sun, moon, planets, meteors and even a comet will put on celestial shows, they say.

Space October 1, 2014

First solar eclipse of 2014 was amazing but could be enjoyed only by Australians and penguins [Video]

Total solar eclipse with "ring of fire" only completely visible in remote area of Antarctica. Australia gets a view, but only as a partial eclipse

Space April 30, 2014

Tuesday solar eclipse will be amazing but not everybody will get to enjoy

Dramatic solar eclipse creating a "ring of fire" early Tuesday morning. You'll get a great view only if you're a penguin; Antarctica is the only place this can be seen.

Space April 28, 2014

Blood moon: What has Christian apocalypse got to do with lunar eclipse?

A tetrad of four lunar eclipses started on April 15. Why are some people calling this the end of the world?

Space April 16, 2014

Blood moon Tuesday: Get ready for the spectacular celestial event of the year

A total lunar eclipse is coming on April 15. Will it be the first of a series of beautiful celestial events, or the end of the world?

Space April 14, 2014

Four lunar eclipses are coming this year, starting in April - Here's how to see the Moon disappear!

A lunar eclipse tetrad is due to take place, treating viewer across North America to four lunar eclipses in a little over a year.

Space March 30, 2014

Huge asteroid 163 Erigone to blot out bright star Regulus in Leo constellation: How to watch

A once-in-a-lifetime event will take place on Thursday - a huge asteroid, named 163 Erigone will blot out a bright star in Leo constellation. Here's what you need to do to see it happen, and contribute to science!

Space March 15, 2014

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