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Penis Extensions Are Ineffective, Risky, And Wrong On Every Level: Study

A study in London reiterated that penis extension and penis enlargement procedures mostly don't work and are ineffective. Researchers said such procedures carry risks such as penile deformity and erectile dysfunction.

Medicine May 12, 2019

Viagra-like Erectile Dysfunction Drug May Be Effective For Heart Failure Treatment

A Viagra-like erectile dysfunction drug may be effective in treating the damage caused by heart failure, a new study revealed. Researchers tested out the Viagra-like drug on sheep and got promising results.

Medicine May 2, 2019

Man Who Took Excessive Erectile Dysfunction Drug Suffered Vision Problems

A man who is in his mid-50s complained of several eye problems after drinking a bottle of liquid sildenafil, an erectile dysfunction medicine. Doctors said the patient saw 'doughnut-shaped' spots in both his eyes.

Medicine January 12, 2019

Confusion In Handwritten Prescription Causes Woman To Use Erectile Dysfunction Cream For Dry Eye

A woman who bought a lubricant for her dry eye ended up being given an erectile dysfunction cream. This resulted to an ocular chemical injury, no thanks to the mix up in the prescription.

Medicine January 9, 2019

Erectile Dysfunction Likely To Affect Men Predisposed To Type 2 Diabetes

The study, which involved more than 220,000 men, provided evidence strong enough to suggest a causal link between type 2 diabetes and erectile dysfunction. What practices can influence men's risk for both conditions?

Public Health December 21, 2018

Researchers Identify Gene That Could Be Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction

A new study has identified the gene that might have been causing erectile dysfunction in men. Researchers hope that their findings will lead to better options for prevention and treatment.

Public Health October 11, 2018

Man Took Too Much Viagra That He Started Seeing Red... Permanently

A 31-year-old man started seeing red through his eyes, with flashes of light, after drinking too much of the liquid version of Viagra. The flashes went away, but the red tint to his vision has remained for over a year.

Medicine October 4, 2018

Researchers Studying The Penis Found That Erectile Dysfunction Can Lead To Heart Disease

A new study revealed a link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. Men ages 60 to 70 with ED were twice as likely to suffer from heart complications.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 11, 2018

Man Sues CVS After An Employee Reveals Viagra Prescription To His Wife

A man from Long Island, New York is suing CVS after an employee told his wife about his Viagra prescription. The man claims that by doing this, it has caused their marriage to 'break down.'

Medicine June 4, 2018

Viagra 20 Years Later: Here's Why Young, Healthy Men Use The Blue Pill

Twenty years since Viagra became available in the market, the erectile dysfunction medication has evolved into a recreational drug. It is now frequently taken by younger men who are reliant on it for sexual dependence.

Medicine March 28, 2018

Daily Dose Of Erectile Dysfunction Drug Viagra May Help Prevent Cancer

Viagra commonly prescribed to treat erectile problems in men holds potential as a cancer prevention drug. Giving a small, daily dose of the drug to mice genetically predetermined to develop colorectal cancer appears to reduce risk for the disease.

Medicine March 24, 2018

Men Who Take High Doses Of Ibuprofen May Experience Infertility And Erectile Dysfunction

Men who take high doses of ibuprofen may experience infertility and erectile dysfunction, among other health issues, according to a study. Scientists warned against taking the common painkiller drug for months beyond what is necessary.

Medicine January 9, 2018

Viagra For Free: Villagers Claim Men And Dogs Get Arousing Effects From Fumes Of Factory Producing Erectile Dysfunction Drug

Residents of a small village claimed that fumes from a factory that produces the impotence drug Viagra have an arousing effect on men and their dogs. Here's Pfizer's response to the tale of "Viagra in the air."

Medicine December 5, 2017

Stem Cell Therapy Addresses Impotence, Helps Men Get Sexual Function Back

Researchers have successfully employed stem cell therapy in treating people who suffer from erectile dysfunction. A Phase-2 trial will follow, investigating the effectiveness of this new treatment.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 28, 2017

Baldness Or Bedroom Boredom: Hair Loss Drug Finasteride Linked To Long-Term Erectile Dysfunction

Would you rather go bald? Latest study suggests that finasteride, a popular hair loss treatment drug for men, can lead to long-term sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction.

Medicine March 11, 2017

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Such As Viagra May Give Longer Life To Heart Attack Patients: Study

Latest Swedish study suggests that a class of erectile dysfunction drugs may be beneficial for heart attack patients. Can ED drugs such as Viagra actually be helpful for heart disease?

Medicine March 10, 2017

Researchers Develop Heat-Activated Penile Implant That Can Restore Sexual Function In ED Sufferers

A newly developed penile implant offers better relief for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The device works by expanding the size of the penis using a heat-activated exoskeleton made from nitinol.

Biotech December 30, 2016

Study Finds No Link Between Erectile Dysfunction Drugs And Prostate Cancer Risk

Can erectile dysfunction drugs lower cancer risk? Prostate cancer diagnosis is nearly the same for men who were prescribed PDE-5is and those who did not take these medicines.

Medicine August 2, 2016

Flavonoid-Rich Red Wine, Citrus Fruits And Berries Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction In Middle-Aged Men

Flavonoid-rich foods like citrus fruits, berries and red wine could reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. Eating foods rich in flavonoid could prevent the disease for as much as brisk walking for up to five hours per week could.

Life January 15, 2016

Lamar Odom Collapse Linked To Herbal Viagra Pills: What To Know About This Sexual Enhancement Supplement

Lamar Odom remains comatose at a Las Vegas hospital while the spotlight is once again on the male sexual enhancer 'herbal Viagra'. Many of these supplements are neither FDA-approved nor always reveal their complete ingredient list.

Life October 16, 2015

Hair Regrowth Drug Use Could Lead To Prostate Enlargement

Drugs used for treating alopecia, or male pattern hair loss, as well as those prescribed for benign prostate enlargement (BPH) could have unwanted sexual side effects such as erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

Life August 26, 2015

Viagra Lifestyle May Up Skin Cancer Risk

Latest research shows that the lifestyles of those taking erectile dysfunction drugs may have a hand in increasing their risks for skin cancer, disproving an earlier study.

Life June 24, 2015

Couple Of Cups Of Coffee A Day May Keep Erectile Dysfunction Away

Men who drink two or three cups of coffee daily less prone to having issues with ED, study finds. Beneficial effects are seen in men with ED linked to obesity or high blood pressure but not in those with diabetes and ED, researchers say.

Life May 25, 2015

Coffee Could Reduce Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction - Talk About A Pick-Me-Up!

Erectile dysfunction can be reduced by consuming caffeine, a new study shows. Could coffee act as nature's Viagra?

Life May 20, 2015

Queen Elizabeth II Knights 'Father of Viagra' Dr. Simon Campbell

The new year is off to a good start for Simon Campbell, as the 'Father of Viagra' receives knighthood for his work on the little blue pill.

Society January 4, 2015

Viagra not just for erectile dysfunction, blue pill might protect your heart, says experts

Viagra can also help men to get protection from heart conditions as well. The current study involved only men but researchers want to conduct further study on both men and women.

Life October 21, 2014

New Viagra ad taps women to convince men to buy the blue pill

Pfizer launches a new Viagra advert featuring a woman talking about Viagra. The drug maker has lost its market share to rivals who offer erectile dysfunction drugs at a cheaper price.

Life October 1, 2014

Drugmakers looking to sell Cialis over-the-counter

The erectile dysfunction drug Cialis could be heading to a counter near you. It may mean the end of it as a prescription-only offering.

Life May 29, 2014

Erectile dysfunction drug Cialis may soon be made available OTC

Eli Lilly and Sanofi want to make Cialis available over the counter. Men with impotency problem may soon be able to have easier access to treatment.

Life May 29, 2014

Viagra, Cialis may help boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Viagra, Cialis are often prescribed to men with erectile dysfunction but researchers found the drugs can potentially help patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a hereditary condition that weakens the muscles and ups the patient's risks for early death.

Life May 9, 2014

Hello statins, goodbye erectile dysfunction and bad cholestrol? Study says yes!

Statin may be primarily used for reducing bad cholesterol levels in the blood but a new study suggests it has another versatile effect beneficial for men. Find out the hard truth.

Life March 31, 2014

Penis pumps are major drain on Medicare

The U.S. government has overspent on penis pumps, according to the review conducted by the Office of the Inspector General.

Life January 14, 2014

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