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Man Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Eating Oyster At Florida Restaurant

A 71-year-old man died of an infection from the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria after eating oysters at a restaurant in Florida. What are the symptoms of this bacterial infection and how is it treated?

Public Health July 19, 2018

New Jersey Waters Possibly Have Flesh-Eating Bacteria: Man To Lose Four Limbs After Infection

A 60-year-old father was infected with flesh-eating bacteria after crabbing in brackish water in New Jersey. The man has since been admitted at a hospital and in danger of having legs amputated.

Public Health July 10, 2018

Dying Man's Unbearable Odor Which Caused Plane To Make An Emergency Landing Was Due To Severe Infection

A Russian man died from a flesh-eating infection he contracted while on vacation with his wife. Prior to his death, the man's odor was so unbearable, it caused the plane he was aboard to make an emergency landing.

Public Health June 28, 2018

Indianapolis Woman Dies From Misdiagnosed Necrotizing Fasciitis: What Are The Symptoms Of Flesh-Eating Disease?

Carol Martin may have been saved if her condition was diagnosed correctly. Symptoms of the flesh-eating disease can be confusing because they appear to be like any other illness or injury. When should you see a doctor?

Public Health May 13, 2018

Woman Dies After Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria During Vacation: How To Protect Yourself From Necrotizing Fasciitis

Carol Martin may have contracted flesh-eating bacteria from a hot tub during her vacation. Experts advise ways to avoid contracting necrotizing fasciitis particularly when using hot tubs and swimming pools.

Public Health May 12, 2018

Woman Dies Allegedly From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Being Undiagnosed In First 2 Doctor Visits

A woman who contracted flesh-eating bacteria allegedly from a vacation in Florida has died. She only underwent biopsy on her third doctor visit and a surgery 2 months before her death.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 11, 2018

Flesh-Eating Disease Usually Found In Africa Now An Epidemic In Australia

Scientists in Australia voiced out their concerns amid the growing and worsening flesh-eating disease in Victoria. The cases of infections at present were also more severe and contagious than before.

Public Health April 17, 2018

Houston Daycare Teacher Remains Positive After Losing Foot To Flesh-Eating Bacteria

A Houston daycare teacher is already using a walker and ready to recover after his ordeal with flesh-eating bacteria. In order to save his life, surgeons had to remove his foot.

Public Health March 4, 2018

Boy Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Bike Accident: How To Avoid Necrotizing Fasciitis Infection

An 8-year old boy died after bacteria entered his body through a wound. Wounds and blisters can put anyone at risk of contracting necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh-eating disease and here are some precautions to avoid infection.

Public Health January 28, 2018

8-Year-Old Boy Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Falling Off A Bike

There’s another death from the scary flesh-eating disease. An 8-year-old Oregon boy contracted necrotizing fasciitis and was declared dead within days after crashing his bike.

Public Health January 27, 2018

Woman With Flu Symptoms Diagnosed With Flesh-Eating Disease

A woman initially diagnosed with the flu contracted a rare flesh-eating disease called necrotizing fasciitis. Here's what you need to know about this rare bacterial infection.

Public Health January 23, 2018

Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Japan Mysteriously Spreading: Over 500 People Infected This Year

A potentially fatal flesh-eating bacteria is mysteriously spreading in Japan, with more than 500 people infected this year. The number of cases this year is the highest since 1999.

Public Health December 27, 2017

New Mom Loses Limbs From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Giving Birth, Sues Hospital

A new mother in Canada is suing a hospital and five doctors for negligence for their contributions to her ordeal with flesh-eating bacteria. Lawyer says her ordeal could have possibly been prevented had she been assessed properly at the hospital.

Public Health October 14, 2017

Woman Dies Of Flesh Eating Bacteria Contracted From Hurricane Harvey Floodwaters

An elderly woman in Houston, Texas, died of flesh-eating bacteria after she fell into contaminated floodwaters. This is the second case of flesh-eating infection related to Hurricane Harvey. What are the symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis?

Public Health September 28, 2017

Australian Teen Attacked By Marine Flesh Eater: What Are Those Mysterious Sea Critters?

What seemed like an ordinary trip to the beach ended up as a medical emergency for 16-year-old Sam Kanizay of Australia. What caused his wound that led to profuse bleeding and lots of skin marks: sea lice or sea fleas?

Animals August 8, 2017

4-Year-Old Boy Contracted Flesh-Eating Disease After He Bumped His Head

Four-year-old Rhys Pritchard sustained a small cut above his eye after bumping his head. The problem went worse when he started to show symptoms of necrotising fasciitis, more commonly known as flesh-eating disease.

Public Health July 24, 2017

Man Recovers After Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria On Hike

A Florida man finally recovers after battling flesh-eating bacteria contracted from a hike in New Hampshire. Health experts say blaming Mount Garfield is an inaccurate assumption.

Public Health July 23, 2017

Woman Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria While Fishing In Gulf Of Mexico

A woman from Mississippi contracted a flesh-eating bacteria after her hand was pricked by a live shrimp in a bait bucket during a fishing trip in Alabama. Her doctors describe her ordeal and survival as a miracle.

Public Health July 7, 2017

Newly Tattooed Man Dies From Infection: How Soon Can You Go Swimming After Getting Inked?

Can you swim after getting a tattoo? Here's the answer plus safe tattoo care and healing tips, following the case of a 31-year-old man who died after contracting flesh-eating bacteria upon swimming with his new body art.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 5, 2017

Man Dies After Flesh-Eating Bacteria Infected His New Tattoo: Safety Precautions To Remember After Getting Inked

A 31-year-old man lost his life to a bacterial infection after he took a swim in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after getting a tattoo. Here are some safety precautions that you can follow if you're planning to get a tattoo.

Public Health June 3, 2017

Man Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Getting New Crucifix And Praying Hands Tattoos

A man who decided to go swimming five days after getting inked with new tattoos contracted flesh-eating bacteria vibrio vulnificus. What made the man vulnerable to the deadly infection?

Public Health June 1, 2017

Vibrio Vulnificus Flesh-Eating Bacteria: Signs, Symptoms And Everything You Need To Know

Vibrio vulnificus, a flesh-eating bacteria, may cause potentially fatal septic shock and skin lesions in infected individuals. People with a compromised immune system are at increased risk of fatality.

Public Health October 25, 2016

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus Kills Man In 4 Days

A man died after contracting a flesh eating bacteria. Vibrio lurking in the waters of Assawoman Bay infected the man through a wound in his body.

Public Health October 23, 2016

Second In Two Weeks: Another Texas Man Infected With Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Barely two weeks after the right leg of Brian Parrott from Houston was amputated, a man from Buda in Texas fights for his life after contracting flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus at the beach.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2016

Man's Leg Amputated After Brush With Flesh-Eating Bacteria At Texas Beach

Flesh-eating bacteria or the Vibrio vulnificus infection ruined the family vacation of a 50-year-old man from Texas and left him fighting for his life. Doctors had to amputate the patient's right leg this week.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 22, 2016

Louisiana Woman Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria While Surf Fishing In Gulf Of Mexico

A woman in New Orleans contracted flesh-eating bacteria while surf fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. The microbe can infect the body by entering through open wounds or through ingestion of raw oysters that have already been contaminated.

Public Health June 1, 2016

Man Who Caught Rare So-Called 'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria While Swimming In Gulf Passes Away

A man from Florida died after contracting the flesh-eating bacteria while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the fourth case of mortality this year involving the fatal Vibrio vulnificus bacteria.

Life June 26, 2015

Mom From Atlanta Fighting For Life Against Flesh-Eating Bacteria

The life of a mom in Atlanta is currently in danger after she contracted flesh-eating bacteria from an unknown source. The doctors are now looking at amputating her limbs.

Life June 16, 2015

'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria Vibrio vulnificus Has Hit Florida Beaches - But Don't Panic

Florida health officials have issued a warning about potentially deadly bacteria growing in warm ocean waters. People with cuts, scrapes or open wounds are cautioned to stay out of the water.

Life June 15, 2015

Flesh-eating Bacteria Returns To Florida Beaches As Weather Warms

A species of bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus is infecting people in Florida as temperatures rise in the Sunshine State. How serious is the danger from the flesh-eating bacteria?

Life June 11, 2015

Mississippi Man Loses Leg After Getting Infected By Flesh-Eating Bacteria

An Ocean Springs man is struggling to stay alive after a weekend fishing trip led to an amputated leg. An infectious disease specialist warned fishermen along Gulf waters to be very cautious especially those with open wounds.

Life April 23, 2015

Flesh-eating bacteria kills teen following routine dental procedure

Deadly infection in wake of routine dental surgery to extract his wisdom teeth kills Maine teenager. The 18-year-old was said to be a victim of 'flesh eating bacteria.'

Life June 23, 2014

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