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Girls Do 160 Million More Hours Of Household Chores Than Boys: Gender Disparities Start Young, Says UNICEF Report

Female children do 160 million more hours of housework everyday than males in their age group, reported UNICEF. ahead of the International Day of the Girl. Household chores include fetching water and collecting firewood.

Life & Style October 11, 2016

Here Are All The New Emojis Released For iOS 10: Rainbow Flag, Genders, Sports And More

Some of the new emojis released with the launch of iOS 10 include the fist bump and rainbow flag, along with more options to promote gender equality and diversity.

Apps/Software September 14, 2016

Apple’s iOS 10 Update Will Feature 100 New Emojis With Focus On Female Athletes And Professionals

Apple’s fall software update for iPhones and iPads iOS 10 will include more than 100 new emojis, including more representations for females and redesigns of existing characters.

Apps/Software August 1, 2016

Google’s New Working Women Emojis Are Approved: Android Users Can Soon Use The Female Coder, Scientist, Mechanic And More

Unicode approved 11 new emojis proposed by Google that feature more diverse professions for men and women in all skin tones.

Apps/Software July 15, 2016

No Longer The Happier Sex: Equality Makes Women As Unhappy As Men

An annual survey found that women are no longer the happier sex. Despite today's bigger and equal opportunities for women, figures showed that today's women are just as unhappy as men.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 9, 2016

Facebook Messenger To Roll Out New Emojis That Include Female Characters And Different Skin Colors

Facebook will begin to roll out its new diverse emojis worldwide that include female characters in various roles and careers, different skin tones and red hair.

Internet June 1, 2016

Obama Administration Takes Step To Protect Rights Of Transgender Patients

The Obama administration took steps to protect the rights of transgender patients in the country. Among the inclusions in the final rule is banning of health insurance discrimination among people with different age, sex, disability or ethnicity.

Public Health May 14, 2016

Controversial 'Rust' Gender Update Yields Unexpected Surprise In Sales And Player Counts

Survival hit 'Rust' added playable women characters, and it caused quite a stir in the game community. This gender update, however, surprisingly increased the sales and player counts of 'Rust,' despite the negative comments from male players who refuse to play as female characters.

Video Games April 25, 2016

Women Still Earn Less Money Than Men, Research On Gender Pay Gap Reveals

The gender pay gap still exists, and a large part of it is not caused by workplace discrimination, a new report by Glassdoor revealed. It is possible that the distribution of women and men per occupation is at play.

Society March 26, 2016

New Study Reveals Women Are Better Coders Than Men But This Is What Will Shock You

It turns out, women coders are more appreciated than their male counterparts. Well, that's when people didn’t know that the coding was done by a woman.

Society February 14, 2016

Google Doodle Honors Beatrice Tinsley: How This Astronomer Overcame Sexism And Reached For The Stars

Google paid tribute to one of astronomy's lesser-known geniuses, Beatrice Tinsley. Find out why Tinsley deserved some love and acknowledgment not only from the scientific community but from everyone, especially women experiencing sexism at the workplace.

Internet Culture January 27, 2016

Harassment, Discrimination And Other Issues Women In Tech Face Exposed By 'Elephant In The Valley'

A survey of women working in Silicon Valley companies for at least 10 years reveals that discrimination and sexual harassment is more prevalent in the workplace. Check out the results of the survey and see if you have experienced or witnessed similar issues.

Society January 12, 2016

Good News For Women! Still Outnumbered In The Business World But Earning More Than Men In Corporate Finance

A recent study finds that female CFOs earned higher than male CFOs in the past year. Find out what makes the result welcome news.

Society December 19, 2015

Men With Moustaches Outnumber Women In Medical Leadership Professions

A study on the number of top leadership positions in the medical profession showed that females still hold significantly fewer positions than males. Find out what moustaches have to do with the research and why it matters.

Society December 18, 2015

The Top Places To Work If You Are LGBT

A new report by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation says that more businesses are respecting the LGBT community by providing equality in the workplace. The Corporate Equality Index for 2016 is now out and the list for all companies who got the perfect score listed.

Business November 21, 2015

Facebook Troll Poses As Target And Shuts Down Complaints About Gender-Neutral Kids' Labels

The Internet's new hero is this Facebook troll who took on Target's critics one snarky response at a time.

Internet Culture August 15, 2015

Social Media Uproar Pushes Target To Remove Gender Labels In Children's Toys, Bedding, Books And More

Retail company Target is currently removing gender labels in some store sections such as toys, home and entertainment due to customers' frustrations.

Internet Culture August 12, 2015

Male Gamers Who Lose Constantly Are The Most Sexist: Study

Researchers found that male gamers who often lose in matches were more likely to blurt negative comments about the opposite sex. The sexist behaviors exhibited by the poor-performing male participants may signify that they are literally and figuratively 'losers.'

Life July 22, 2015

Gender Equality Existed Among Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers: New Study Sheds Light On Our Evolutionary Past

Gender equality was key in our evolution, according to a new study form the University College London. If women didn't have a say in prehistoric society, hunter-gatherer groups would have been made up of a lot of related guys with a few wives on the fringes.

Animals May 18, 2015

Gender Equality In Prehistoric Societies? That Could Have Been The Case For Hunter-Gatherers, Study Concludes

Men and women appear to exert equal influence in making important decisions among modern hunter-gatherer societies. What could this tell us about ancient human development?

Society May 15, 2015

Navy Secretary Aiming To Create More Opportunities For Women

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus is set to announce several new initiatives. Some are specifically geared toward supporting and improving the presence of women in the Navy, like outfitting all personnel in the same sets of uniforms.

May 14, 2015

Cate Blanchett Speaks About Past Relationships With Women

Cate Blanchett opens up about being with women in the past and the need for more gynocentric movies in Hollywood. Her new film, "Carol," will premiere at Cannes on May 17.

Movies/TV Shows May 14, 2015

Ellen Pao Discrimination Case: Jury Starts Deliberation

The jury is set to answer the question of whether or not Ellen Pao was fired due to discrimination or poor performance.

Feature March 26, 2015

New Facebook Gender Update Lets Users Identify Themselves As They Wish

Facebook will now let users identify their gender freely by providing them with a fill-in-the blank option box.

Internet Culture February 27, 2015

Young Girl Writes To DC In Support Of More Female Superheroes, So DC Turned Her Into One

Rowan Hansen , 11-year-old girl and comic fan, wrote to DC asking for more female superheroes. This was DC's response.

Movies/TV Shows February 20, 2015

Girls Outperform Boys Academically Worldwide, Even In Math And Science

A new study by the Universities of Missouri and Glasgow proves that girls do better academically than boys in 70 percent of countries worldwide, even in subjects related to mathematics and science.

Internet Culture January 27, 2015

In Light Of #GamerGate, Sweden Takes Steps To Promote Gender Equality In Video Games

Many academics and representatives of Sweden's gaming industry are joining together to not only promote gender equality in video games, but to also label video games that promote gender equality.

Geek November 14, 2014

Watch little girls drop the F-word for gender equality

It's a commonly-held belief that little girls aren't supposed to say bad words. However, these young women want to remind us that there are worse words out there that don't begin with the letter 'F.'

Internet Culture October 22, 2014

Lego builds a kit starring three female scientists, including a paleontologist

A prototype for Lego's latest kit featured three female scientists. It may have had a lot to do with a seven-year-old's complaint.

Arts & Culture August 4, 2014

A 'male-only' e-Sports tournament is now open to all

After receiving feedback from concerned fans, the International e-Sports Federation has decided to open all previously 'male-only' tournaments to women.

Geek July 3, 2014

Campaign against female genital mutilation goes full swing. What next?

Female genital mutilation has already been outlawed in many countries but remains prevalent. A survivor launched a petition at asking the Obama administration to commission a report on female circumcision in the U.S.

Life May 14, 2014

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