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DNA Evidence Clears Accused Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo Of 1975 Murder

The accused Golden State Killer is cleared of involvement in a 1975 murder case. DNA profile from a sample taken from Donna Jo Richmond's body does not match Joseph DeAngelo's genetic profile.

Feature | Science January 10, 2019

Vermont Fertility Doctor John Coates III Accused Of Using Own Sperm To Impregnate Woman More Than 40 Years Ago

A couple filed a lawsuit against a fertility doctor over allegations that he used his own sperm instead of that of an unnamed donor to impregnate a client more than 40 years ago.

Feature | Health December 30, 2018

Up To 40 Percent Of Direct-To-Consumer DNA Tests Are Wrong

Direct-to-consumer DNA testing kits shouldn’t be treated as diagnostic tools. A new study claims to have found that these kits have a 40 percent false positive rate, indicating the importance of having raw DNA data properly analyzed by labs.

Public Health April 2, 2018

23andMe Genetic Testing Kit Gets FDA Approval: Things To Know Before Using DNA Test For Disease Risk

23andMe genetic tests can predict risk for only 10 diseases or health conditions. Here are other things consumers should know before using and spending money on this DNA testing kit.

Public Health April 8, 2017

Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Need Genetic Testing: Why?

Men with metastatic prostate cancer should consider getting genetic testing. Results may benefit not just them but also their family members.

Medicine July 7, 2016

Genetic Testing To Spot Potentials In Sports Virtually Meaningless: Experts

An international panel of experts said genetic tests that spot athletic potential are virtually meaningless. The group explained that there is not enough scientific evidence to support the testing.

Society November 18, 2015

Genetic Test Can Identify Women Who Could Skip Chemotherapy And Overcome Breast Cancer Just With Drugs

A test of breast cancer tumors can reliably identify those that are less aggressive and susceptible to hormone-based drug therapy, researchers find. It could allow many women and their doctors the option of skipping chemotherapy, they say.

Life September 29, 2015

23andMe To Use Data From Genetic Testing For Drug Discovery

Genetic-testing startup wants to leverage its vast database of genetic information to enter drug research arena. Company officials say they can "push the limits" in pharmaceutical research.

Life March 12, 2015

Bigfoot DNA fails to confirm mythical creature's existence

Genetic analysis of hair samples purported to be from Bigfoot or yetis comes up with lots of DNA. Unfortunately, it's all from known, modern-day animals like bears or wolves.

Animals July 2, 2014

FDA says yes to HPV test as pap smear alternative

Genetic test as stand-alone cervical cancer screening test get FDA approval. Test approved as alternative to the long-standing Pap smear.

Life April 29, 2014

New cfDNA test more effective in determining Down Syndrome in fetus, than standard serum screening

A new genetic test that analyzes the free DNA floating in a pregnant woman's blood was proven to be more effective at predicting chromosomal disorders compared with standard screening tests, due to its much smaller incidence of false-positive results. This is significant for women who may no longer have to undergo invasive testing just to confirm the positive results of standard tests.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 28, 2014

Gene testing may help women beat breast cancer, say breakthrough study

Researchers in France are studying the applications of gene testing in creating tailor-made breast cancer treatments.

Life February 9, 2014

23andMe bows to FDA pressure, says will stop issuing health reports

23andMe has stopped issuing health reports to customers while the company's products are being reviewed by the FDA.

Life December 8, 2013

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