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Recent Study Strengthens Suspected Link Between Gut Microbiome And Depression

Researchers found that people who do not have a certain strain of bacteria typically found in the gut are more likely to experience depression. The findings are part of a larger study that links gut microbiome to mental health.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 5, 2019

Living In America Changes Gut Bacteria Composition For Immigrants

There is an obesity epidemic in immigrants moving to the United States and their changing gut microbiome might be the one to blame. New research revealed that diversity in gut microbiome gets more westernized in immigrants from developing countries.

Public Health November 2, 2018

Parkinson's Disease May Have Roots In Appendix Says Study

Could the appendix be the cause of Parkinson's? A new study revealed that people who had appendectomy early in life have reduced risks of getting the neurodegenerative disease.

Public Health November 1, 2018

Certain Vegetables Might Reduce The Risk Of Colon Cancer: Study

Everyone always says that vegetables are good for you, but they never tell exactly which ones. Now, researchers have figured out which types of vegetables are beneficial for gut health, potentially preventing colon cancer.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 16, 2018

Ketchup Packet Found In Intestine Of Woman Who Complained Of Crohn's Symptoms

Ingested Heinz ketchup package left in a woman’s stomach mimics symptoms of Chron’s disease. The woman thought she had an intestinal bowel disorder but it turned packets of ketchup in her gut is causing her stomach pain.

Feature | Health January 4, 2018

Sugar In Leafy Greens Good For Gut Health

Leafy greens contain sugar that helps improve gut health. The sugar molecule found by researchers particularly boost good bacteria thus limiting bad bacteria from harming the gut.

Life February 17, 2016

Gut Infection May Cause Malnutrition And Vaccine Failure

Malnourishment in children may not be curbed by merely giving food. Researchers found that gut infection may cause malnutrition and vaccination failure.

Life December 16, 2015

Vultures Can Feast on Decaying Meat and Other Animals Cannot. Here's Why

Scavenging is serious business and vultures have just the stomach for it. Gross doesn't even begin to describe the birds’ eating habits but vultures actually contribute to human well-being as a result.

Life November 27, 2014

Meet crAssphage, virus living in the gut of millions of humans

It was found out only recently that millions of people around the world may be keeping a newly discovered virus in their guts. The “accidentally” discovered virus has been identified as crAssphage.

Life July 28, 2014

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